8-25: In the Freeze Zone

When his teammates get captured by Freezard, Carter must rescue them.

Last time on Power Rangers: After Olympius tried to destroy them, Loki and Vypra revived Diabolico to start their plan to destroy the demon prince.


Hot and Cold

The episode opens with a morphed Chad doing a hologram-like program out in the desert as he tries out one of the new Thermo Blasters against illusionary Olympius and Batlings in an Old West style street.  His teammates, Angela, and a pair of technicians were watching on as he eventually triumphs.  After the test is done, apparently Chad demorphed.  I wonder if he was simply the last one to test out his Thermo Blaster and we just didn’t see the others’ tests.

Their pleasure is broken when video footage of Ryan (who’s down in the tomb) pops up on one of the consoles.  He’s using his morpher to contact them.  Evidently the connection is bad as soon the video and sound cut out… and thus they don’t learn who Ryan is warning them about.

Olympius and his new monster Freezard attack, distracting them from Ryan’s message.  Everybody morphs after a vocal reminder that this isn’t a test.  Chad and Joel fight the monster, then the girls, and lastly Carter joins the fray.  Their effort to use the Rescue Blasters fails due to an attack from Olympius.  A worried Angela tries to approach the fray with the case contacting the Thermo Blasters.  But both she and the case get frozen over by the monster’s attack.

When Joel panics, Freezard makes a crack about her giving him the “cold shoulder”.  Is Joel’s pining so obvious even the demons have clued in?  Next the monster turns Joel into an energy orb and basically eats him.  Carter is worried for his other teammates, particularly Dana, but the monster absorbs the trio as well.  Chad alone is awake in the monster’s frigid stomach as the others are unconscious.

Olympius wants to destroy Carter personally rather than let Freezard do it.  Their squabble is interrupted by Vypra and Loki showing up.  I have no idea how, but Jennifer L. Yen can’t even say “Surprised?” in a convincing manner.  There’s a brief face-off before she gestures and Diabolico makes a suitably dramatic entrance.

Carter muses quietly to himself that clearly this is what Ryan was trying to warn them about.  Diabolico and Olympius get into a fight, enabling Carter to head over towards Angela.  He has the two male technicians take her to the “truck” although the vehicle I see best in the background is the Jeep.  Before leaving, Carter grabs the case.

Diabolico and Olympius continue fighting hand-to-hand as they’ve both lost their weapons at this point.  Suddenly a huge explosion separates them.  Queen Bansheera’s image shows up in the sky to command everybody to return to the Skull Cavern.


Once there, Olympius lashes out at the gold-hued demon.  Vypra and Loki teleport in as well, upset with Olympius as well.  An irritated Bansheera just wants her underlings to focus on rebuilding her palace instead of fighting amongst themselves.  She departs after warning Olympius not to fail her.

… Yep, the familial bonds are definitely fraying at this point.  Both are too power-hungry to maintain enough affection not to use the other.

Warming Up

In the Aquabase, Carter checks up the frozen Angela in the infirmary and encounters Captain Mitchell on his way out.  Carter assures the older man that in time Angela will be fine before the intercom calls for the captain to go to Rescue Ops and the duo heads off.  An image of Olympius has appeared up on the screens in Rescue Ops, the demon prince wanting Carter to meet him at the edge of the Northern Woods or else his friends will be destroyed.  Captain Mitchell wants him to take the Thermo Blasters with him.

Already morphed, Carter takes his cycle to the location in question where Olympius has Batlings attack him.  Olympius reveals that he wants Carter to witness his friends’ destructions before he’s destroyed himself as they fight.

Freezard shows up but fails to absorb Carter.  Using his heat vision (apparently it’s a thing), Carter learns that his friends are alive for now but freezing.  In the monster’s stomach the quartet are very chilly.  Olympius is confident of victory as Carter goes back to his cycle.  However, he quickly gets off it before the monster freezes it and then continues to blast at him.

Carter uses his Thermo Blaster heavily on Freezard’s stomach, which warms up its innards to the confusion of the quartet.  Eventually both Carter and Freezard fall down, but the quartet is freed.  Dana calls out for Carter, who’s been frozen.  Putting a code into his morpher’s buttons, Dana somehow triggers a warming process for him.

Morphing, the four join Carter in the battle against Freezard after he tosses each of them their Thermo Blaster.  All five blast Freezard in order to defeat him.  Worried for Olympius, Jinxer revives and super-sizes the monster.  The Lightspeed Solarzord is formed, but Olympius casts his “darken the sky” spell to weaken it.  Lightning bolts cause it to split back into two.

There’s an aurora in the background as two Zords try to fight Freezard.  Carter wants to use the Omega Megazord while Chad frets over the Max Solarzord losing power.  Thus the Omega Zords are called for and the Omega Megazord formed… at this point the sky somehow goes back to normal.  The Rangers defeat Freezard, whose demise entails a huge explosion.

In the Skull Cavern, Olympius is scorned by Diabolico as he still sees him as the runt Impus.  Besides, he wants his star power back and views the other demon as hiding behind his mother.


The quintet is visiting a recovering Angela in the infirmary.  Joel’s effort to flirt with her by grabbing her hand just ends up causing her to spill her hot tea when she has to yank it free.  Kelsey heads over to the room’s corner where Dana is silently worrying over Ryan (as she’s clearly noticed her friend’s mood in the above-screen-cap).  The brunette assures her friend that’s he tough as “it runs in the family” so he’ll be fine.

Down in the desert tomb, Ryan has been copying down all the “cryptic writings” on the walls.  His voiceover confirms that activity as well as stating his next goal- to find someone who can translate what’s he found.


Didn’t we just do a ‘Carter saves his teammates’ plot with “Yesterday Again”?  At least this episode had an interesting subplot with the demons’ squabbles.  Vypra and Loki will support Diabolico against Olympius, but it looks like Jinxer is genuinely fond of the demon prince (or at least wants to be on the good side of the next demonic ruler).  In contrast, Queen Bansheera just wants all the demons to focus on rebuilding her palace and fighting the Rangers rather than fighting each other.  It does look like she’s disillusioned with her son after his repeated failures to destroy the Rangers.  But I highly suspect the demons will have even less luck stopping the Rangers if they’re distracted by in-fighting.

Dana looks to be close with Carter, but she’s also friendly with Kelsey.  Ryan’s still off doing his own thing.  At least Carter, Chad, and Kelsey aren’t amused by Joel’s determination to keep flirting with Angela despite her prior rejections.  I certainly am not.  Angela herself is competent in her work and showed some bravery in trying to get the Thermo Blasters to the Rangers during the first fight with Freezard.


Next time on Power Rangers: Chad and Joel use the Mega Battles for the first time!


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