15-9: Follow the Ranger

When Moltor and Flurious team up, this leads to Mack’s incidental capture by them.

Last time on Power Rangers: Will feigned betrayal to get information from Miratrix and Kamdor.


Still Worrying

Spencer is feeding the fish in the aquarium when Andrew shows up looking for the Rangers.  Mack is reading nearby on a couch and opts to eavesdrop as he’s concealed from the pair.  Andrew is okay with Spencer having given the team some time off and admits that he still worries over Mack sometimes.  Once they’re gone, Mack pops up, grumpy that apparently his dad still doesn’t think he’s proven himself.

Moltor has his Lava Lizards building a Giant Robot (as the booklet terms it).  Flurious shows up with Norg and the two brothers clearly don’t get along.  As Kamdor and Miratrix have the lead to the Touru Diamond, Flurious wants to team up with his brother so they can find the second jewel first.  A Dragonize is also mentioned while Norg is still awkward.  Flurious insists he never touched Moltor’s sled from a childhood incident when Moltor brings it up.

Mack is climbing the wall map (which doubles as an indoor climbing wall) when Spencer finds him.  His teammates are already down in the base.  Quickly cluing in that Mack overheard their earlier conversation, Spencer suggests that Mack engage in open communication with his father opposed to jumping to conclusions.  Then Mack’s tracker beeps due to an attack.


Chillers are attacking a city area as Flurious and Moltor watch on.  The five, already morphed, arrive via SHARC.  Both Chillers and Lava Lizards attack so the Rangers get out their weapons and attack.  Flurious reminds his impatient brother that they should wait until the Rangers are tired before unleashing the constructs.

Mack attacks the brothers, soon calling for the Defender Vest and Drill Blaster.  But the duo each redirects half of the blast before calling for the Giant Robot.  Mack thus calls for the Zords, which then form the DriveMax Megazord.

A Lava Lizard is at the controls and easily batters the Megazord.  The Drill Driver and Cement Driver are called for to become the Megazord’s new arms, but the robot prevents their attacks.  Mack encourages his teammates to keep fighting.

The Dragonizer is called up, also driven by Lava Lizards, and admittedly does vaguely remind me of Fire Heart.  The Shovel and Crane Drivers are called for but Moltor has the Giant Robot blast them.

“Back to Plan A,” goes Mack and the original Megazord is formed.  But soon they lose their weapons (shovel & pickaxe) by them getting blasted out of the Megazord’s hands.  Dax wants to eject, upsetting Ronny but Will thinks he has a point.  The Megazord gets chained up and blasted at.  Mack has his teammates eject, claiming he’s right behind them.

Demorphed, the four land near a river and realize Mack’s still in the Megazord.  A demorphed Mack is flopped over in the cockpit as the two giant constructs drag the Megazord to an island, mostly underwater as all three are evidently waterproof.  Once on the beach, Flurious realizes there’s still a lifeform on-board.


Mack, his hands bound in front of him, is between Flurious and Moltor on the beach.  The former is confident that the island is secret and takes away Mack’s tracker.

Back on base, Andrew is freaking out and wants to find his son.  The four return, battered, and they start to explain what happened.  Rose in particular is determined to find him and thinks he might end up helping them find him.

In a cave-like area, Flurious has a cell to keep Mack in as he wants him alive until they can use the Megazord without him.

The four are trying to figure out a rescue plan when Ronny realizes they’ll need the Zords to rescue Mack and thus wants to repair them.  Will, Dax, and Rose all opt to be on her ‘pit crew’ for the project.

Mack easily gets his ‘guard’ Norg to talk, confirming that Flurious and Moltor dislike each other since a childhood sled incident.

Andrew is impressed by the Rangers’ work ethics as he and Spencer watch the Zord Bay footage from the base.

Moltor comes over and Mack manipulates him and he leaves.  Flurious comes in and Mack manipulates him.  With Lava Lizards, Moltor comes in and the two brothers start squabbling… until Flurious realizes Mack has been manipulating them.

But then Mack manages to get them to fight each other anyway.  Norg’s bored despite the ongoing fight, so he leaves to play with a leaf… leaving behind Flurious’ staff.  In the fight, Flurious drops Mack’s tracker.  Mack uses his super strength to break out of the cell and then grabs his tracker before exiting the chamber.

Divided They Fall; United They Stand

Apparently the brothers are still willing to work together to recapture Mack.  Running through the woods, Mack reaches a narrow but deep crevasse.  He picks up a log and throws it to form a bridge and crosses safely before the minions arrive.  With a semi-snarky comment, Mack kicks aside the log on his side so that it falls into the crevasse before he continues running.

Somehow accessing his Zord console, Mack activates the Megazord and apparently a distress signal.  Spencer discovers said signal just as the Rangers come into the base, having finished the Zord repairs.  Ronny and Dax are in civilian garb while Rose and Will are still in uniform.  Elated, they dart back out to rescue their leader.

The Megazord is facing off against both giant constructs alone.  Each of his teammates is in a different Zord as they leave the Zord Bay: Will in the Crane Driver, Dax in the Cement Driver, Ronny in the Drill Driver, and Rose in the Shovel Driver.

Mack is barely holding his own when his teammates arrive, each contacting him prior to the fight resuming.  Each of the four does an attack before they decide to combine all nine Zords into the Super DriveMax Megazord.

All five are in the same cockpit now; Mack thanks his friends.  While Ronny and Dax are reassuring, Will has to be the one to point out that now’s not the time, which Rose agrees with.  The Rangers take on the Giant Robot and the Dragonizer, destroying them both.

Flurious and Moltor are squabbling on the beach, with Norg nearby.  They end up coming to blows.  I don’t think they’ll be teaming up again any time soon, if ever.  Now I’m starting to wonder how they managed to work together long enough to nearly steal the Corona Aurora in the first place.

That night, Mack goes over to his dad’s office to ask about that overheard conversation.  Andrew admits he still worries about Mack simply because he’s his son and assures him he’s doing a great job as a Ranger.  Mack starts to tease his dad and ends up getting playfully chased by him.


The moral of the episode is that open communication is needed for healthy, strong relationships.  The Big Reveal later this season only confirms that.  But for now, their own short tempers and inability to trust each other have led to a furthering of the feud between Moltor and Flurious.

The combat plot was more or less a reversal of the one in “Weather or Not”.  Here Mack needs rescued by his four teammates rather than doing the rescuing.  The five are indeed coming together to rely upon each other and work as a team.  Between their comments and attire, I think Ronny and Dax are the more laidback ones while Will and Rose are the more work-oriented ones.

Once again Spencer helps put a Ranger on the right path.  I’m seriously wondering what Andrew is doing to be their mentor beyond funding them at this point.


Next time on Power Rangers: Rose encourages Dax to try out for a movie role.



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