8-26: The Mighty Mega Battles

Joel gets jealous of Angela’s affection towards her fellow scientist Clark.  But he and Chad also get new gear to fight Olympius’ latest monster.

Last time on Power Rangers: Carter rescued his teammates from Freezard.


Saving the Day

The episode opens with the Rangers going into Mariner Bay to take on Olympius, his new monster Infinitor, and some Batlings.  Their attacks keep getting redirected back at them by Infinitor.  Joel uses a cunning tactic, however: he seems to be in place to get blasted by Olympius, but then gets out of the way so that the monster is blasted instead.  With Infinitor off-balance, the Rangers’ second V-Lancer attack is successful.  But then Olympius and Infinitor teleport away.  Carter’s pleased by the victory, but Joel is certain they’ll return.

In the ensuing briefing, Chad gives kudos to Joel’s quick thinking.  Angela goes over to him to praise for being “very brave”.  Joel’s POV features CGI flowers and comes across as silly.  Aang’s similar romantic POV shot in “The Fortuneteller” was acceptable since he was twelve and furthermore Katara had not outright rejected his romantic overtures.  Not to mention it was less over the top.

The moment is broken when somebody named Clark is brought up by Captain Mitchell, whom Angela clearly adores and whom adores her back.  Joel is not happy.  Later on in the Rangers’ quarters, Chad puts Joel’s framed photo of Angela up to his face to mimic her earlier adulation of Clark to tease his friend.  The ensuing cowboy metaphor done by Joel is kind of weird but Chad’s mostly amused.

With some flowers, Joel tries out some lines to use on Angela as he walks down the hall.  Clark shows up to get directions to Angela’s lab.  So of course Joel opts to spy through the door’s circular window.  Apparently he’s offended by Clark calling her Angela instead of Miss F.  I think I can get away with calling her Angela in these reviews; it’s not like calling Rodney Meredith.  In any case, Clark and Angela are on a first name basis as they hug and greet each other.  He even spins her around a bit.  And Clark has brought her a more colorful (and probably more expensive) bouquet of flowers.

Suddenly the doors open, and Angela wants Joel to meet Clark.  Crankily Joel reveals they already did so in the hallway.  Angela and Clark walk off arm-in-arm, pleased to be working together.  Joel throws away his flowers as he exits, which he had hidden behind his back for his chat with Clark and Angela.

Failure to Flirt

As Angela and Clark work together, Joel shows up in a lab coat and nerdy glasses.  She’s bemused but Clark decides to play along.  I’m fairly certain Clark is aware that Joel is trying to impress Angela and opts to play along.  But Joel, put into Angela’s lab to do some final wiring, is in over his head.  Clark and Angela plan to celebrate their project’s completion later.  Noticing that Joel is at a loss, Clark gives him some advice which would be more useful if Joel had any clue as to what he’s doing.

Joel ends up causing so much accidental damage he causes an Aquabase-wide power outage.  In Rescue Ops, Captain Mitchell is not amused.  Clark and Angela go into the smoke-filled office and a sooty Joel comes out, his glasses broken as well.  He claims there must have been a faulty wire.

Meanwhile, in the Skull Cavern Olympius and Infinitor plot to destroy the Power Rangers.

In his convertible, Clark and Angela are out in a park to have drinks and cake.  Joel and Chad are spying from some nearby bushes.  Impressed by Clark, Chad is amused by Joel’s failures to woo Angela.  Then Joel spots a nearby sprinkler.


Luckily Angela is more amused than upset by the sudden sprinkle, and then Clark puts up the car roof so they can stay dry.  I won’t call out shenanigans as sometimes it can rain while sunny (I’ve experienced it).  Besides, Angela then spots the duo fiddling with the sprinkler in the rearview mirror to her amusement.

But she conceals it when she gets out of the car to confront them.  Well, Joel.  However, Clark’s car is then attacked by the just arriving Infinitor, setting it on fire.  Chad attacks the monster while Angela panics over Clark.  Joel runs over to the car and rescues the injured Clark; unfortunately, this distracts Chad enough for Infinitor to land a blow on him.

The car explodes, causing both men to fall down.  Angela runs over to the barely conscious Clark.  Joel grabs his hat and manages to reassure a scared Angela.  He morphs before charging at Infintor, who’s still attacking Chad.  But his anger doesn’t help him much in the fight.  Morphing, it’s Chad’s turn to come to his friend’s aid.

Infinitor calls upon some Batlings but then blasts the duo himself as the minions holds them still.  As the monster gloats, Angela calls out the code for the duo’s new Mega Battles.  Chad and Joel each dial in the code on their morphers as the monster prepares to attack.  Their respective Mega Battles form around them; Joel gets a chainsaw and Chad an ice cannon which he uses to put out the car fire.

Joel uses his weapon to take out the attacking Batlings.  The other three Rangers show up, already morphed, and are impressed by the new gear.  Chad freezes one of Infinitor’s feet and Joel first breaks its shield before destroying the monster.

Chad is pleased with his friend but then jinxes matters.  Thus Jinxer revives and supersizes the monster, leading the Rangers to form the Megazord as well as call for the Max Solarzord.  As Infinitor gets the upper hand in the battle, Olympius goes “Darken the sky!”

Due to the red sky, the Megazord is losing power and can’t stave off Infinitor’s attacks despite having gotten out its saber prior to the spell.  Losing the saber, the Megazord topples over.  Carter calls for the Omega Zords but the Omega Megazord can’t defeat the monster either.  Carter gets an idea and has the Omega Megazord roll out of the way so it can grab the discarded Lightspeed Megazord Saber to use against Infinitor, exploding the monster and restoring the sky to normal.  Does Olympius tie that spell into the monster’s life force or something?

A Relative Error

Back in the Aquabase, Chad is delighted while the girls are giggly.  Angela and Clark are eating together in the commissary.  Joel thanks Clark for the Mega Battles and Clark thanks Joel for resuing him.  Clark makes his departure.  Joel is mopey as Angela admits she loves him and “couldn’t live without him”.

Joel acknowledges that she deserves “the best boyfriend in the world”.

An astonished Angela reveals that Clark is her brother, leading Joel to hastily backtrack as his amused teammates watch on.  Thanking him for saving Clark, Angela kisses him on the cheek before exiting the room.  His teammates are more amused than ever, particularly when they briefly have to hold him up when his knees apparently give out.


I’m a bit upset that just as it looked like Joel was starting to get a clue on how Angela/a girlfriend ought to be treated that it was erased by the reveal Clark was her brother.  Besides, the trope of ‘mistaking a sibling for a romantic rival’ is old enough to have been made fun of by Jane Austen in Northanger Abbey.  Angela and Clark do look (and act) enough alike to be siblings, but not so much so that it’s not impossible to think they’re not related if that makes sense.  On the other hand, a lot of their interactions came off as more romantic than sibling-ish.

Olympius is still doing his best to take out the Rangers even if it’s not enough.  His mother and three allied demons weren’t seen while Jinxer seems to still be on Olympius’ side.  But along with her brother, Angela created super-modes for Chad and Joel.  Carter’s gotten special stuff as well, but I don’t have much hope that Kelsey and Dana will too (even if the Yellow Ranger was male in GoGoV).

Angela has possibly figured out Joel is serious about her.  Yet at times it feels like Joel is only pursuing her affections due to her resistance, which is disconcerting.  And again, it’s definitely weird that Joel’s new apparent standard for romantic relations is based off of a brother-sister relationship.  It’s also unsettling that the episode could have just as easily had Angela admit to having a crush on/being in a relationship with Clark at the end.


Next time on Power Rangers: A thief gets ahold of a dangerous egg.


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