8-27: The Great Egg Caper

A thief obtains a dangerous egg and Kelsey leads the effort for the Rangers to get it before the demons.

Last time on Power Rangers: Chad and Joel got Mega Battles modes and the latter mistook Angela’s brother as a romantic rival.


Chase Scene

Olympius creates a magic egg in the Skull Cavern.  Diabolico is scornful but Olympius is confident it’ll hatch into a monster that’ll wipe out Mariner Bay.  The prince trusts Jinxer alone to hatch the egg, which must be placed underwater, over Vypra- let alone Diabolico.

Kelsey is rollerblading down a street when she stops by Mr. Litton’s fruit stall.  But nearby somebody is stealing some apples.  The brunette calls him out on it, leading him to skateboard away.  A chase scene ensues along the boardwalk.  During it, a crate carried by two guys shows up.  He goes over it while Kelsey slides under it.  Suddenly I’m reminded of this footnote from Sir Terry Pratchett’s Feet of Clay:

This always happens in any police chase anywhere.  A heavily laden lorry will always pull out of a side alley in front of the pursuit.  If vehicles aren’t involved, then it’ll be a man with a rack of garments.  Or two men with a large sheet of glass.  There’s probably some kind of secret society behind all this.

Clearly it’s true across the multiverse.

The thief uses a rope to stop Kelsey before he jumps onto a departing loaded truck, knocking over a worker already on it in the process.  Kelsey resumes her pursuit, leading him to dump the apples out of his knapsack to trip her up.  The truck suddenly stops, the driver alerted to something wrong happening in the back.

Again the thief takes off, with Kelsey trying to go after him.  He’s hiding in some bushes in a park as she rollerblades by in search of him.  He’s pleased with himself until he notices some nearby Batlings accompanied by Jinxer.  They’re heading to a nearby pond to set the egg into the water so it’ll hatch.

Jinxer and the Batlings discover his presence and think he’s a spy.  He ends up shouting for help, which Kelsey somehow hears despite the distance.  Jinxer is interrogating the thief when Kelsey comes to his rescue.  Morphing, she takes on some of the Batlings while others continue to restrain the thief.

Kelsey’s teammates show up already morphed.  Jinxer is upset and uses his staff to blast at them.  He’s then distracted when a pair of Batlings alert him that the egg is gone.  Everybody leaves to go back to the Skull Cavern to track the egg.  Finding a red apple on the ground, Kelsey suspects she knows who the thief is.

On some steps elsewhere, the thief comments on how he knows what to do with all the money this egg must be worth.

Ransom Drop

Jinxer wants to create a bird-like monster to track the egg down before Olympius finds out it was ever stolen.  Initially it doesn’t know before Bird Bane is created.  Jinxer is not happy about the monster’s weirdness, but Bird Bane claims to be the king of bird-like demons.

A bunch of Batlings steal cartons of eggs from a nearby grocery store.  Bird Bane is upset that they didn’t find the magical egg and knocks out some of the carts used in the theft.  The five Rangers show up and led by Kelsey manage to trick Bird Bane into revealing what the egg will do once hatched.


A bunch of posters flutter down, each a ransom demand.  Both sides read a copy.  Kelsey spots the thief on the roof so they give chase.  In the lead, Kelsey manages to even get ahead of him on a set of spiral stairs to pin him between her and her teammates.  But he just hands over a container full of the classic gag snakes, startling the Rangers long enough so he can make his escape.

As the time for the drop nears, the five Rangers go to the dock in disguise.  Carter looks very different when in a suit with slicked back hair and glasses.  Dana has in colorful hair extensions, is dressed like a punk, and is playing a guitar.  Chad is fishing and has on an obviously fake mustache as well as the traditional fishing garb.  Joel and Kelsey are dressed up as ladies; he’s in drag while Kelsey is made up as a little old lady.  Well, at least no cracks are made about Joel’s disguise.

Bird Bane and some Batlings show up disguised as men in suits.  Didn’t some Krybots do something similar once in SPD?  What is it with minions and suits?  At noon, a mini copter shows up with a net carrying the egg.  Its intercom tells them to put the money in a nearby trash can… but it’s actually a recycling container.  The briefcase is put in it and the thief takes off on a Jetski (or something like that) as the can was attached to it via a rope.

It turns out the egg is fake, leading Bird Bane to resume his true form out of rage.  Also reverting, some Batlings head into the water after the thief but they’re blatantly CGI once in it.  Kelsey heads after the thief, stripping off her disguise as she does so.  Morphed, the other four take on Bird Bane.

The thief is delighted by the quantity of money he now has when Batlings attack, one of them grabbing the briefcase of money.  A morphed Kelsey comes to his rescue and defeats the Batlings.  When the thief insists he ‘earned’ the money, Kelsey opens up her visor to snap at him caring about no-one but himself but leaving.  As she runs off, the thief calls out that she’s wrong about him.

Bird Bane is battling her teammates when Kelsey uses a rope to wrap around his beak.  Chad chills his head area, with Carter then attacking to little avail.  Feather darts then blast the five.  The thief shows up with the real egg and throws it, distracting Bird Bane.

The Unilaser is used to defeat the monster and the egg ends up smashed to the thief’s pleasure.  Kelsey thanks him.  Jinxer shows up to blast him to her shock, so she heads over to check on him.  Meanwhile, Jinxer revives and supersizes Bird Bane.  Kelsey calls for the Rail Rescues and the Supertrain Megazord is formed.

At first, Bird Bane has the upper hand in the battle but soon enough the Rangers destroy him in an explosion.  Later, Jinxer is hiding in the central chamber of Skull Cavern, hiding from Olympius.  With good reason, as Olympius repeatedly blasts the other demon when he finds him.

It turns out Artie (the thief) steals to feed his homeless friends; I’m not sure whether Artie is just poor or also homeless.  In any case, when Kelsey shows up he assures her that he won’t be stealing anymore and took the money to the police.  I wonder if the demons just created some counterfeit money or if they actually obtained real money.

Mr. Litton took Artie on to pay for the fruit he stole in the past and now Artie has a job with him so he can still help out his friends (legally now).  Kelsey is interested in racing/learning skateboarding moves from Artie, but he jokes she’d never keep up.


This was a solid episode, with an interesting one-off character in Artie.  I have to wonder Kelsey occasionally popped up in the news as one of the wealthy Winslows and that’s why Artie is so dismissive of her.  Of course, she then proved herself as a hero and accidentally challenged Artie into showing his true heroic colors.

Kelsey proves to have brains, bravery, and brawns in this episode, as seen with the Rangers’ first scene with Bird Bane.  She and Artie were the central figures of the episode.  About the only main focus of the team was during the ransom drop scene which was mostly comedic in showing their various disguises.

It looks like Olympius might have alienated his only ally, judging by that final scene in the Skull Cavern.  Worst case scenario for him is that Jinxer will now side with Diabolico and the others.  The best would be Jinxer believing he ‘deserved’ that punishment and remaining utterly loyal to the demon prince.


Next time on Power Rangers: Chad meets a mermaid!


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