15-11: Face to Face, Part 1

Despite Tyzonn stealing the parchment, Mack realizes the lizard-being isn’t an actual villain.

Last time on Power Rangers: Dax got in trouble for auditioning for a role, with Rose also getting in trouble for encouraging him.


To London

The episode opens with Mack worrying about his dad continually working on the new Zord, the Sonic Streaker, down in the base.  Spencer insists on going to get Andrew a sandwich when Mack offers to make him one.  After the butler exits, Andrew brings up the Sonic Streaker’s design and his plan to have Mack be the pilot.

Mack gets so excited he ends up taking half of the sandwich to eat when Spencer returns.  Then the butler takes the other half, pleased with his skills in making a PB&J.  Andrew is more bemused than annoyed by the situation.

A Chiller has just reported to Flurious when a bored Norg slides down, wanting to play with Flurious.  The frigid being refuses and instead creates an ice screen to communicate with Moltor, who is determined to get the parchment.  Flurious scoffs at him and once the brothers end their chat the ice screen shatters; it turns out Flurious’ idea of fun is riling up his brother.

Up in the rec room, Mack is rambling about the Sonic Streaker to a resigned Will.  Ronny has already listened and is envious while Dax was occupied with a racing video game.  Rose shows up, having contacted a Professor Ryan from her university to see if he can translate the parchment.

Dax volunteers to accompany her; good to see their bond survived the bathroom-cleaning experience or even strengthened it.  Will gets Mack to go along so he can tell Rose all about the Sonic Streaker.  He’s happy to get some peace and quiet with Ronny.

A scaly being named Tyzonn is ‘escorted’ by Lava Lizards before Moltor, who wants him to retrieve a document to fulfill his half of their deal.  Bullox is sent along to oversee him; despite the name, it’s another lizard-like monster.

The SHARC takes the trio to London.  At a table in a public area the Rangers meet with the white-haired Professor Ryan.  But then Tyzonn comes in, blasts the table, snatches the scroll, and bolts from the area.  Rose checks on the professor.  When Mack fails to verbally get Tyzonn to stop the trio morphs.

Tyzonn gets chased down by the trio, but then Bullox shows up to blast at the Rangers.  Mack continues to chase Tyzonn while Dax and Rose team up against Bullox.  On a second-level walkway between two buildings, Mack and Tyzonn fight before they end up tumbling down to street-level.  They keep fighting, as they’re evenly matched.

Something of Tyzonn’s breaks, upsetting him.  The duo ends up doing a tug-of-war with the parchment, with Mack only getting a corner of it back.  Tyzonn and Bullox end up teleporting away.  Rose heads over to check on Mack while Dax is upset about the theft, finding a shard of Tyzonn’s object that the lizard-being didn’t manage to scoop up.

Rage at the Reflection

At the mansion, Professor Ryan translates one rune as mountain and another as diamond.  Andrew is hopeful they’ll figure out where to find the second jewel.  Professor Ryan gives kudos to Rose for becoming an actual superhero; Rose jokes about someday returning to teach a class on the subject.

Dax scans the shard; it’s “space quartz” but lacks a jewel reading.  He and Ronny are convinced Tyzonn is no different from any of Moltor’s other monsters but Mack is just as sure he is.

Tyzonn reports to Bullox and Moltor that the Rangers have the most important part of the parchment.  Moltor pressures Tyzonn into getting back the whole parchment.

In Andrew’s office, a screen shows Bullox and a silent Tyzonn down in San Angeles.  Ronny checks with the others that it’s okay for her to pilot the Transtek Armor.  A portion of the wall is revealed to be able to spin around to reveal the poles that the Rangers slide down to the base with.  Ronny morphs as she slides down her pole to the base.

Tyzonn doesn’t want anybody to get hurt.  In the still clearly CGI vehicle, Ronny saves a woman as her morphed teammates show up.  Tyzonn tries to reassure the woman, but thinking he’s about to attack the civilian Ronny attacks Tyzonn.  Bullox demands the parchment.

Mack holds up the scrap, and Tyzonn is told to get it from him.  Demorphing as he approaches, Mack tries to get through to Tyzonn, having been more observant than Ronny.  But Tyzonn refuses so they get into another fight.  Bullox soon calls upon a group of Lava Lizards.

Mack ends chasing Tyzonn through the nearby woods.  Tyzonn does a likely deliberate misaimed blast to slow down Mack, but the Ranger ends up tackling him.  The two fight in the woods before Tyzonn continues to flee.  He fords a stream and ends up a waterfall that ends in a pond.

When he leans down to drink, Tyzonn is upset by his reflection and stamps at the water.  Mack witnesses this and slowly approaches.  Tyzonn reveals he’ll be “eliminated” by Moltor if he doesn’t return with the whole parchment.

The other four Rangers are fighting Lava Lizards back in the city.  Will is baffled by Mack’s extended absence, with Rose insisting they have to stand their ground until his return.  Dax uses the Defender Vest and the Spiral Shooter mode of the Drill Blaster to take out the rest of the Lava Lizards.  This induces Bullox to come down from his rooftop watching to attack the quartet.


Mack and Tyzonn are talking in the woods.  Mack reveals that the parchment leads to one of the jewels of the Corona Aurora.  Aware of the consequences if Moltor has the jewels, Tyzonn walks off.

Back in the city, the four are getting battered by Bullox when Tyzonn shows up get the monster to stop.  He’s decided to not get the rest of the parchment and won’t work for Moltor anymore despite their deal.  Moltor shows up to attack Tyzonn, whose wounds bleed green, and demands his eternal servitude.

The other Rangers want to help out Tyzonn but Bullox is keeping them busy.  Mack comes to Tyzonn’s rescue, using Moltor’s blade as part of his morphing.  He gets out his Drive Defender to wield against Moltor’s blade while his teammates fight Bullox.

Moltor tells the monster to take out Tyzonn for him.  Mack tries to take the blast for Tyzonn but both go airborne.  The duo leaves the battlefield.  The other four are on the ground, but Moltor and Bullox opt to chase after Mack and Tyzonn.

Ronny and Will are confused, but Rose and Dax know they need to find the duo before Moltor and Bullox do.

Tyzonn thanks Mack for saving him as he patches up the being’s wounds.  Mack holds out his hand and they shake hands.  Tyzonn is disappointed in himself for bending to Moltor’s will and holds out the rest of the parchment, wanting to make amends.

Somehow the parchment magically puts itself back together.  Elsewhere, Bullox and Moltor want to find them and get revenge.  Finding where Mack put bandages on Tyzonn, Will finds the green blood.  All four are very confused and worried Mack might be in danger from both Tyzonn and Moltor.

As they trek through the woods, Tyzonn admits he doesn’t know the language on the parchment.  Then he and Mack get ambushed by a group of Lava Lizards.


I know the “don’t judge a book by its cover” moral will get subverted, so I won’t discuss that.  The plot-let about finding the second jewel of the Corona Aurora continues.  Both Moltor and the Rangers want to find it right now.  Kamdor and Miratrix are presumably off licking their wounds and finding a new base of operations, while Flurious is content chilling in his ice cave.

Mack and Tyzonn are already shaping up to be a great team, while Mack’s teammates continue to trust their leader.  Except about Tyzonn not being evil, but that’s somewhat understandable given the circumstances.  Everything’s set up for the second half of this mini-arc.


Next time on Power Rangers: Mack and Tyzonn work together to obtain the Touru Diamond.


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