SG4-22: Exodus

SG-1’s effort to help the Tok’ra move to a new base goes awry due to Apophis’ actions.

Last time on Stargate SG-1: It took both the fleshy and robotic SG-1s to take out Cronus.

Lending a Ride

A Goa’uld ship nears the planet Vorash.  Down in the Tok’ra base, Tanith is bemused by its presence.  There’s a black, female Tok’ra who reveals they were in fact expecting it.  The transport rings beam down Jacob/Selmak as well as SG-1 to Tanith’s astonishment.

Jacob, Jack, and Teal’c are walking down a hallway.  Hammond is lending the Tok’ra the ship they gained access to last episode so the group can move to a planet off the Goa’uld map.  At the meeting, Per’sus is mentioned but not present.  Tanith gets Jack to admit how they got access to the ship, astonishing him that Cronus is dead.  Jacob is looking forward to moving to a new, more secure base.

Teal’c and Jacob reveal that they’ve known all along about Tanith spying on them for Apophis.  Shau’nac is mentioned, as well as his host Hebron.  Tanith claims that Teal’c will never escape from the system lords before he’s escorted away by some Tok’ra with zats.

“That guy is a living cliché,” comments Jack, amusing Jacob.


Teal’c goes to speak to the prisoner.  A force field is briefly deactivated so Teal’c can enter the surprisingly spacious chamber.  Tanith is snarky.  Teal’c reveals his sentence: to be extracted from his host and left behind on Vorash.  In response, Tanith tries to goad Teal’c into killing him.

It’s explained that by feeding misinformation to Tanith, the Tok’ra were able to save hundreds of lives and do a lot of good.  Tanith remains confident that the Tauri/Tok’ra alliance will never succeed at all, let alone against the system lords.  Teal’c lists off the dead ‘gods’: Sokar, Seth, Hathor, Heru-Ur, and Cronus.  I’m surprised that Ra wasn’t mentioned and also I still doubt that Sokar is dead.

Tanith continues to goad Teal’c, who calls him out on it.  Teal’c is aware that the extraction process is very painful for the symbiote, so basically Tanith is trying to commit ‘suicide by cop’.  Tanith tries to claim he’s more valuable alive than dead, but nobody else thinks so.  Teal’c exits and Tanith remains composed.

Jacob and Jack are up on the ship where the Tok’ra are loading their stuff.  Jack is snarky and doesn’t want the ship out of his sight or damaged during the lend.  It’s mentioned that back on Earth a lot of engineers and scientists are “drooling” to get a chance to look it over.

In response, Jacob brings up the events of “Tangent” and points out that this ship is a lot more complicated and thus equally more dangerous than a death glider.  Jack and Jacob start snapping at each other.  Jack sees the Tok’ra as too passive while Selmak/Jacob sees SGC as too aggressive and short-sighted.  The Tok’ra plan is to keep the system lords in-fighting until they know how to take them out without creating a power vacuum that often has nasty consequences.  Said consequences have been seen after SG-1 has taken out a major Goa’uld.


Tanith is down in his cell and tries to manipulate the black male guard just outside the door.  Then he fakes a seizure.  The guard alerts a pair of Caucasian Tok’ra- a fellow guard I think and a blonde, higher-ranked one.  The latter doesn’t want both Tanith and the host Hebron to die.  The other guard keeps his zat at the ready as the black guard enters.  Checking his throat pulse, he claims Tanith is dead but then the supposedly dead guy grabs his throat.

SG-1 is having a briefing with some Tok’ra when the alarms start up.  Jacob/Selmak enters to reveal that Tanith has escaped.  I’m hopeful that had he killed anybody in the process it would have been mentioned.

Up on the surface, Tanith finds his concealed cache of stuff… including a communication orb.

Teal’c is using a pair of high-tech binoculars to scan the desert, certain he didn’t go through the guarded Stargate.  Jack points out they might have been the same quality of guards as on him, half-apologizing to the nearby Tok’ra guys.  Teal’c is firm on continuing his search.

Jack is curious how the Tok’ra know where to stand to access the transport rings.  He and the two Tok’ra get beamed back down to the base.  Daniel is bemused that Teal’c has been looking for hours with no sign of stopping.

“Yeah, it’s a Jaffa revenge thing,” Jack replies.

Jacob and Sam are at a table with Jack and Daniel.  Apparently Tanith alerted Apophis about the Tok’ra location and now he’s assembling an attack fleet that’ll arrive within a day.  They’ve come up with a plan to transport the Tok’ra and then take out a large portion of Apophis’ fleet.


The time for the meme has come: Sam’s plan centers around blowing up the sun.

After their initial shock, both Jack and Daniel go, “Ambitious.”

Sam uses technobabble to explain the “artificial supernova”.  P3W-451 is brought up from “A Matter of Time”.  Jacob and Sam further explain the plan, which is to dial their Gate there, put a force field around it, send it out to get absorbed into the sun, and the ensuing chaos will induce a supernova.  Daniel asks about the Gate there getting sucked into the event horizon, but Sam is relatively sure thanks to the time dilation that hasn’t happened yet.

Jack is still shell shocked; Jacob reveals the High Council has already approved the plan.  Sam assures him that the solar system is barren and this is a singular opportunity.  Jack gives in to let them do the plan.

Teal’c is sitting grimly elsewhere when Daniel finds him to tell him about the plan, but it turns out that he already knows.  Daniel assures him that if the plan works, Tanith will not escape.  But Teal’c is upset with himself for not killing Tanith either of the two times he had the chance.  Daniel points out letting Tanith live to give misinformation to Apophis enabled a lot of good to be done.

Bringing up Sha’re, Teal’c asks what Daniel would do if given the chance to personally kill Apophis.  Daniel acknowledges he’s thought about it, but he hopes he’d do a “more rational” solution if in that situation.  Teal’c doesn’t think he’ll manage such restraint in the future and leaves, making Daniel worried.

The three guys are on the ship and head to the bridge where Sam and Selmak are.  The Tok’ra have all been evacuated and it is time to enact the plan.  Sitting down on Cronus’ throne, Jack goes, “Shotgun.”

Blowing Up a Sun

The ship leaves Vorash’s orbit to near the sun.  At this point the fleet will arrive in “sixty-eight minutes”.  Jack gets the details from Jacob/Selmak on how Apophis’ fleet will miss the plan- basically by the time they’re close enough to get a clue it’ll be too late.

Sam and Jack go to a spot just outside the cargo bay as the ship gets into position.  When Jacob/Selmak gives the go-ahead, they activate the Gate and the wormhole forms.  A reddish force field is then placed around it.  Jack checks on Sam when she’s clearly nervous.

“I’ve just never blown up a star before.”

“They say the first one’s always the hardest.”

Sam gives him an incredulous look.

“They say that,” Jack goes awkwardly.  While it is a common saying, it is definitely not common to apply it to blowing up stars.  The cargo bay doors are opened and the clamps holding the Gate in place are released in a bit of obvious CGI.  The Gate floats out of the ship.

Jacob/Selmak, Teal’c, and Daniel are at the bridge, ready to go, but then they’re attacked by a smaller ship.  As the ship shakes they’re all uneasy and Daniel goes, “What the hell’s that?”

When he and Sam enter the chamber, Jack asks virtually the same thing: “What the hell is that?”

Teal’c heads over and the weapons console is activated but shields are now “inoperative”.

“It can’t be Apophis,” says Jacob.  “It’s too soon.”

By acquiring the target, Teal’c is able to tell, “It is an al’kesh- a Goa’uld midrange bomber.”

He fires at it but the ship dodges the blasts.  Teal’c attacks again when it nears for another run.  Apparently the bomber got in more blasts, because the lights go off.   Jacob comments without main power or hyperdrive they’re “sitting ducks”.  Hopefully since the bomber took a direct hit it’ll be just as damaged.

They lack weapons and shields, but Jack has Jacob confirm there are gliders.  Sam is uneasy because the Gate is nearing the sun.  Teal’c and Jack get in a glider and fly off to take on the bomber.  When Teal’c confirms it’s damaged, Jack suggests they put it out of its misery.

Somehow partially repaired, the bomber is now heading towards Vorash.  Teal’c opts to go after it as it might be going to pick up Tanith to Jack’s confusion.  Over the comms Jack brings up that theory to the others.  Jacob agrees that it’s probable and then Jack admits that Teal’c is going after him.

When Jacob is baffled, Daniel goes, “It’s a Jaffa revenge thing.”

Sam is worried for Jack, who reassures her but is then snappish towards Teal’c about them getting back in time.  Teal’c remains silent to Jack’s frustration.

Sam and Jacob leave to repair the hyperdrive while Daniel has the pel’tac.  He doesn’t know the term, but I figure it’s something along the lines of ‘helm’ or ‘bridge’ under the circumstances.

The two smaller ships are nearing Vorash, the bomber attacking the smaller glider.  Tanith is down on the surface and can see both ships approaching.  Now the glider is attacking the bomber, making Tanith concerned.  Up in the glider, Jack isn’t too happy either.  When the bomber gets some direct hits and explodes, Tanith starts running.

Daniel tries to contact the panicky Jack’s “mayday” message but only gets static.  Elsewhere in the ship, Jacob and Sam having been doing repairs and the main power comes back online.  But they’ll have to reroute through the secondary systems to access the hyperdrive.  Daniel contacts them about Jack’s mayday message.  Sam volunteers to do the repairs, talked through by her dad, while Jacob flies the ship back to Vorash to pick up Jack and Teal’c.

Jack and Teal’c are out in the desert, trudging away from the badly damaged glider.  Jack is grumpy, but Teal’c is calmly confident that they can go back to the Tok’ra base to get picked up by the others.  When Jack is dubious, Teal’c offers to make a wager on the subject, which Jack sidesteps as he probably knows his teammates will do all they can to retrieve them.

As they continue on their way, Jack states irritably, “This is so the last time I help someone move.”

Jacob rejoins Daniel on the bridge.  A screen is up and there’s a “warning” symbol flashing because Apophis’ fleet is approaching.  It’s presumed that prior to exploding, the bomber’s pilot alerted the fleet to pick up the pace.  Jacob assures Daniel that he doesn’t plan to abandon the duo but they need to buy time.

Jack is complaining to Teal’c about his earlier complaining to Hammond.  Teal’c is content with the knowledge that Tanith can’t escape.

So of course a pair of Jaffa teleport down to the surface where Tanith is waiting for them.

Jacob has just finished guiding Sam over the comms how to repair the hyperdrive.

Teal’c confirms that the rings are centered here but then he gets blasted.  Jack runs from more blasts so he can get some cover from a hill/dune so he can fire back.  He kills one Jaffa before he gets zatted by the other, who he still manages to take out.

Jack manages to nick Tanith before he and Teal’c get beamed up by the transport rings.

The Gate enters the sun, a fact Jacob reports as this means they have twenty-seven minutes before it goes supernova.  Sam is worried but Jacob has a plan.

Tanith is standing before Apophis.  Then the injured Teal’c is dragged into the chamber, further pleasing Apophis.  Apparently Apophis is okay with Tanith having been duped by the Tok’ra- maybe because Tanith is such a young Goa’uld or maybe because he has since proven himself.

The rest of the gliders are launched by Jacob.  They’re remote controlled to be heading away.  A Jaffa alerts Apophis about them, so he wants to surround them.  The bait taken, the fleet moves away from Vorash.

But once they get closer, the same Jaffa realizes the gliders are unmanned.  The ship nears Vorash as less than four minutes remain.  Jack is sore when he’s briefly contacted by Daniel over the radio.  He’s grumpy and initially uncertain whether he’s in position for the transport rings or not.  Luckily, he is so he gets beamed up safely.

The sun is starting to act up and go supernova.

Apophis wants to take out the other ship when his pilot alerts him to the sun going supernova.  Jacob engages hyperdrive as the fleet gets sucked into the solar energy.  But then something happened- apparently the tail of the blast wave hit them.

Daniel and Jack show up.  When asked by Sam, Jack admits that Teal’c might be dead.  The ship’s computer is very confused about their location as they’re about four million light-years away from where they started.  Jacob confirms they’re no longer in their own galaxy.

Jack points out it only took a few seconds to arrive, but Jacob points out without another such incident it’ll take 125 years to go back.  Then another ship shows up, as apparently the same thing occurred to Apophis’ own ship.  So now the two ships are stranded far from home.


I’m about ninety-percent positive this is similar to the overarching plot of Star Trek: Voyager.  In any case, this was an awesome finale, even if it did end on a cliff hanger again.  Sam blew up a sun, the deed that will end up being her most famous achievement.  And I can see why- it was a spectacular scene.

The Tok’ra return, featuring Jacob/Selmak.  While both groups want to take out the Goa’uld, the Tok’ra see SGC as too short-sighted and aggressive while SGC (especially Jack) sees the Tok’ra as being too passive and accepting of the status quo.  I have to wonder if Jack and Jacob’s sometimes bickering is because of their similarities, because other times they get along great.  Jacob continues to be a supportive and awesome dad to Sam.

I didn’t explicitly point them out in the review itself, but there were several occasions where Jack and Daniel say the same thing, only one of which was conscious.  I think after the lack of Daniel lately the show wanted to reaffirm the bond between the two of them, especially since Jack and Sam have been bonding lately.

Teal’c wants revenge on Tanith for the death of Shau’nac, which causes him to act short-sighted and angry for much of the episode once Tanith escapes from the Tok’ra.  Possibly having learned his lesson from “Absolute Power”, Daniel in contrast doesn’t want to sink down to the Goa’uld level of doing extreme, emotional violence against his enemies.

There’ll be a season summary before I start season five, in which it’ll be revealed how they’ll get back to their own galaxy.  I suspect the Asgardians will be involved.

Next time on Stargate SG-1: The group struggles to make it back home and Teal’c has been brainwashed by Apophis.


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