2-10: Welcome to Venus Island

The Rangers find and go to the titular location to rescue the girl Hallie.

Last time on Power Rangers: A beetle monster briefly stole Tommy’s powers, leaving him with less than ever.


All Beachy Until It Isn’t

Kimberly, Trini, and Tommy are at the beach with a younger neighbor of Trini’s named Hallie.  The quartet is working together to make a sandcastle.  Tommy comments on Hallie’s ‘rescue by a prince’ fantasy being “sappy”, causing Kimberly to playfully bump him as she refutes it.  The Asian girl leaves to get rocks for the “castle wall”.  Richie walks by, exchanging greetings with Trini.

Bulk and Skull are wearing grey long johns and put on their poor disguises as Z-Putties in hopes of luring out the Power Rangers.  But when they jump out from behind some rocks, the trio is more amused than anything else.  A young boy is upset that the pair accidentally trashed his sandcastle and kicks Bulk in the leg.

Trini comments, “Now that’s more like a Putty.”

Tommy and Kimberly laugh in agreement.

Lord Zedd is miffed as a result.  To teach them a lesson, he wants them to capture the girl unharmed.  Goldar is eager to get in on the action.  “The bottle of secret instructions” is mentioned by Lord Zedd for his minion to take with him.

Hallie has wandered off and gets grabbed by the Z-Putties.  Goldar briefly taunts them and the whole group teleports away before the trio can do anything.  Kimberly picks up the bottle left behind and lets Tommy open it.  Flames come out of it and burn a message in an unknown script into the sand.

In the moon fortress, Lord Zedd is initially pleased when Goldar says the girl was easily captured by them.  But then Goldar admits he lost the bottle, angering his boss.  Recalling that the Rangers will probably want to rescue the girl, Lord Zedd decides to work this into his plan by ransoming her for the Green Ranger.

The six Rangers are at the Command Center.  Billy uses a device to translate the code: it’s instructions for Goldar to take her to Venus Island.  Zordon explains it’s a magical island that Lord Zedd alone can call upon and they must rescue Hallie before it sinks again, otherwise she’ll be lost to its power.

At sunset, the trade winds go there so Billy must find a way to track them in order to find the island.  He, Jason, and Trini work in Billy’s garage lab to find a method.  In the end they plan to add a tracking device to a weather balloon that’ll be released exactly at sunset.

Zordon alerts the trio that Venus Island is growing less stable.  Okay, how can Zordon know that without knowing where the island is?  This makes no sense.  Tommy, Kimberly, and Zack are in the Command Center with the tracking system so they’ll know where the weather balloon ends up.

As the clamp proves to be too heavy, Jason uses Trini’s scruchie instead to attach the tracking device to the weather balloon just before it must be released.  The viewing globe shows the flying away weather balloon.  Jason, Trini, and Billy rejoin the others in the Command Center as the group must go to Venus Island as soon as possible.

Both Kimberly and Zack are concerned about Tommy coming with them, and Zordon concurs that he shouldn’t risk it.  But Tommy wants to help his teammates as much as possible and Jason agrees that he can come along.

The coordinates are given to an island.  Now the viewing globe and such can tell that the unconscious Hallie is in an energy field in its center.  Lord Zedd is trying to use dark magic to turn Hallie evil.

The Titular Location

The six teleport to a beach on Venus Island.  There are some fake-looking Venus flytraps there that unnerve Kimberly.  Maybe her green thumb enables her to ‘sense’ these aren’t normal plants?


As the Rangers head inwards, Lord Zedd creates the Invenusable Fly Trap out of one of the plants to attack them.  The group is uneasy near a meadow when the monster teleports in, leading the group to morph.  Despite presumably seeing the monster first, Trini has the calmest reaction.

The confident monster introduces… herself/itself/himself?  The voice is relatively high-pitched and Venus is a goddess, so I’ll opt for female pronouns here.  A rock song plays as they struggle against the monster.  A magic beam radiates out when the monster opens up her chest ‘trap’ that sucks in four of the Rangers.  She demands that Tommy give up his powers and join Lord Zedd, to which he refuses.

Zordon has him and Trini teleport back due to Tommy’s weakening powers.  The viewing globe continues to show the ensnared Hallie and Zordon reminds of the consequences if the girl is on the island when it sinks.  Tommy offers to take Hallie’s place.  Trini would rather try to rescue Hallie alone than have Tommy give in to Lord Zedd.  Unwilling to let her to do that, he gives her a hug.

Scared he won’t be able to resist Lord Zedd’s magic like in “The Green Dream”, Tommy tells Trini a message to pass onto the others.  But then Alpha reveals that the computer system has discovered that the Invenusable Fly Trap’s weakness is heat, which makes sense as it’s a plant-based monster.

Trini theorizes that if the others create heat within the monster, they could free themselves.  Their helmets back on, the duo teleports back to Venus Island to take on the monster.  Billy understands Trini’s hint so the four get up and put their Power Coins together to create heat.  This gives the monster a bellyache.

Punching the monster, Tommy and Trini use their Power Coins to further heat up matters.  The Invenusable Fly Trap grumbles about getting “heartburn” and another blast frees the quartet to Trini and Tommy’s relief.  Together the six batter the monster and the core five use the Power Blaster to destroy her.

Lord Zedd, glowing red in rage, blames Goldar for the disaster and snaps at Baboo and Squatt for being useless.  He starts having the island sink into the ocean, causing the island to shake.

A gizmo in hand, Billy leads the way towards Hallie.  A minor rockslide occurs as they enter the cave, thankfully not blocking the tunnel.  When they find the ensnared Hallie, Billy and Trini hold back Tommy as none of them should approach the force field and its dark energies but especially Tommy.

Trini uses her blaster to break the force field and the red glow fades from Hallie.  When she wakes, she thinks the Green Ranger is a prince.

Lord Zedd is furious about this latest defeat but remains determined to defeat the Rangers.

At the Gym and Juice Bar, Bulk and Skull are interrogating Hallie about what the Rangers look like.  Trini is sitting next to her neighbor at the counter.  A French artist named Pierre (of course) is nearby, doing a sketch supposedly based on her comments.  Somehow Hallie gives accurate, if a bit flowery, descriptions of what the Green and Red Rangers look like under their uniforms.

Bulk clearly knows no French.  The sketch turns out to be of what appears to be a royal court, infuriating Bulk to Pierre’s abashment.  Hallie takes the picture for her own.  The other five at the entrance are amused that yet again the duo’s scheme to discover their identities failed.


This was a relatively solid episode.  The plotline of Tommy losing his powers was on a backburner but still present.  Lord Zedd continues to be touchy and easily angered.  In this case, I will acknowledge the plan failing was largely due to Goldar’s actions, but Lord Zedd did tell him to take the bottle with him down to Earth.

Billy continues to be the brains of the bunch.  Tommy and Trini proved to make a good team and are willing to look out for each other.  I think Tommy might be more afraid than ever about being magically compelled to betray his friends given the “Green with Evil” arc as well as the more recent events of “The Green Dream”.  Despite his diminishing powers, Tommy is determined to help out his friends as much as he can.

Bulk and Skull continue to try to unmask the Power Rangers to no avail.  Hallie is another one-off character, but it looks like Richie will be a reoccurring element until Trini leaves the show.  But speaking of non-Ranger love interests, we haven’t seen Angela or even had a mention of her since “An Oyster Stew”.  Aren’t she and Zack dating or did the relationship fizzle out?


Next time on Power Rangers: Kimberly must save her teammates from a musical spell.


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