8-28: Ocean Blue

Chad meets the mermaid Marina.  Both are soon smitten… which is part of Vypra’s new scheme.

Last time on Power Rangers: Kelsey led the mission to ensure a dangerous egg never hatched.


Repair Mission, Rescue Mission

The episode opens at night, with Vypra freeing a mermaid, who’s grateful for her help before swimming away.  Loki’s astonished that his friend found her; apparently freeing the mermaid is step one in Vypra’s latest scheme.

The next day, the mermaid is upset by all the litter near the beach.  Up on a pier are three jerks.  A previously surfing Chad is also upset by the littering and calls them out on it before starting to pick up the litter.  The three jerks start to deliberately throw their trash into the ocean.  As Chad continues to pick it up, the mermaid watches on with interest.

Going under the pier, Chad kicks one of the posts hard enough to tip the trio into the ocean.  Cowed by this display of the strength, the trio are induced to clean up their mess.  Chad spots the giggling mermaid; he introduces himself and she gets shy.  He asks for her name and a few other questions, but she stays quiet.

Kelsey shouts for him, momentarily distracting Chad.  When he looks back, she’s gone.  He heads back onto shore, where she alerts him that their fun at the beach has ended because the Captain needs them.  Kelsey, who’s in an orange and yellow bikini, drives the Jeep away.  Curious about Chad, the mermaid swims off.

In the Aquabase briefing room, Captain Mitchell alerts Chad (who’s in diving gear now) about there being a break in the communication.  A model is used to indicate where a rock slide occurred, damaging a few of the cables.  Chad must swim over and make the needed repairs, monitored from Rescue Ops.

“Be careful,” Kelsey tells her friend.  She and Carter accompany Chad down to the diving pool before exiting.  Chad is swimming along the gorgeous ocean floor when the mermaid spots him.

Carter and Kelsey join the Captain, Joel, and Dana in Rescue Ops.

Chad finds the broken cable and starts the repairs.  The smitten mermaid is watching from nearby.  Once the cameras are functioning again, Captain Mitchell tells Chad he can return.  The other four Rangers head down to meet at the transport.

Suddenly there’s a second rockslide and the mermaid swims towards Chad.

The four suspect there’s something wrong due to Chad being late.  Kelsey in particular is certain something’s wrong and Carter wants to go into the water after his teammate.  But then an unconscious Chad bobs up in the water; Carter and Kelsey jump in to help him out.

The Power of Love

Chad wakes up in the infirmary with his teammates nearby.  Kelsey is concerned but Joel is more curious about what happened.  Chad reveals he was pinned down by rocks but “somebody pulled me free” and silently flashbacks to his rescuer being a mermaid.  Carter is under the impression that Chad was the only one out there; the four exit to let him rest.  Kelsey is last to leave and she turns off the lights for him, the door sliding shut behind her.


Failing to get back to sleep, Chad gets up.  The smitten mermaid is floating outside the circular window.  They ‘almost’ press their hands together by putting one hand up against the window.  She swims off, leaving Chad confused and sad.

The mermaid goes to her grotto, which is pretty although the presence of lit candles is confusing on a Watsonian level.  Vypra is waiting for her and feigns friendship; already the mermaid adores Chad, not least because he loves the ocean too.  Vypra manipulates her, suggesting that she’s far from the only one smitten with him, and holds out a shell-covered box.  There’s a silvery dolphin figurine within; Vypra tells the mermaid to give it to Chad so he’ll never forget her.

Chad is out on the ocean on a Jetski (I think), searching for the mermaid.  When he arrives back on a dock, the mermaid pops back up.  He thanks her for saving his life and again asks for her name.  At last I can stop calling her the mermaid, because her name is Marina.


Giving him the box, she’s hopeful he’ll like it.  Chad does like the gift… up until it turns into chains that wrap around him to their mutual confusion.  Vypra, Loki, and some Batlings show up.  Chad is hurt but Marina truthfully insists that Vypra tricked her.

Vypra is ready to kill Chad but Marina manages to reach up to trip Vypra before starting to swim away.  But Loki and the Batlings throw a net on her while Chad struggles in his chains.  Vypra is now upset with Marina and has her tossed into the ocean while netted up with a weight attached.

As Marina sinks into the water, Chad is upset and Vypra delighted.  She approaches Chad, ready to attack but she ends up savoring the moment too long.  Chad manages to break free and take on the Batlings.  Outnumbered, he then dives into the water.  The villains are frustrated since they can’t follow him there.

With a Batling blade he grabbed, Chad manages to cut enough of the net to free Marina.  Vypra and Loki are trying to assure themselves that Chad and Marina are both dead when a morphed Chad emerges.  He’s upset at Vypra for manipulating an innocent to do her dirty work for her.

Vypra sics the Batlings on him, but Chad’s righteous anger enables him to take them on.  Just as the duo reminds Chad he’s outnumbered his four teammates show up, with Carter in the lead.  Diverting Vypra’s blast, Chad and his teammates then use the V-Lancers.  Loki and Vypra narrowly avoid the blast and end up singed.

She thinks that the Blue Ranger’s weakness if love.  Loki refutes that love just made him stronger.  She’s now grumpy with her fellow demon and they teleport away.

Kelsey checks on Chad, who’s worried about Marina.

In his jacket, Chad is later waiting on a dock.  The lighting is absurdly orange-ish for this last bit.  I suspect it’s to conceal the fact this scene was filmed during the middle of the day.  It also makes Marina’s tail look more pink than orange somehow.

Marina pops up to apologize for what nearly happened to him; Chad is reassuring and apologizes for Vypra using her to get at him.  He wants to be with her, reaching for her hand, but she points out that they’re from different worlds.  Chad reveals, “But, Marina.  I’ve never met anybody like you.”

Marina promises never to forget him either.  She lets go of his hand and goes back into the water.  As she swims away, Chad is sad that he’ll likely never see her again.

The other four are waiting nearby in the Jeep for him.  Joel doesn’t think he’ll stay out there all night but Kelsey knows better.  She heads over to lean against the railing with him.

“I told you- somehow I’d know when I found the right girl.  She was the right girl,” Chad states.

She gives her best friend a one-armed hug, unsure what words, if any, would help.


Maybe it was the orange-pink tail, but I was continually reminded of the 80s movie Splash which featured a human male, female mermaid romance that had a happier ending.  While I doubt Chad and Marina fell in love, there was definite chemistry and I can where they could easily have done so.  They’re both diffident, adore the ocean, and find each other attractive.  I appreciate how the show made it clear that Chad didn’t notice Marina until after he dealt with the jerks, thus confirming that he didn’t do at all to impress her but rather to stop the littering.

Weirdly, I almost wish there had been a monologue from Vypra on her scheme because I’m not sure how she knew the plan would work.  Furthermore, I wonder why Marina got chained up in the first place as well as who did so.  Loki’s comment indicates it wasn’t Vypra who did so.

Obviously this was a Chad-centric episode, but there were a few scenes that showcased how close he is to Kelsey.  They have a strong, platonic friendship.  Carter continues to be protective of his teammates due to his leadership role.

There’s a clear implication that mermaids in this verse do need to go up for air at intervals, akin to whales and dolphins.  Otherwise netting Marina wouldn’t have been a threat.  I suppose since demons and aliens are real that Chad’s teammates won’t question that mermaids are real as well.  Though I do wish that conversation had been seen.

Chad and Marina touch or almost touch hands a lot.  I suspect this was as much physical affection that the show was willing to have them express.


Next time on Power Rangers: Trakeena arrives on Earth, leading to a team-up between Lost Galaxy and Lightspeed Rescue.


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