15-13: Man of Mercury, Part 1

The Rangers encounter both the Fearcats and Tyzonn in Brazil.

Last time on Power Rangers: Mack and Tyzonn retrieved the second jewel.


Trashin’ the Camp

A man only named in the credits as Dr. Medford finds a stepped pyramid in Brazil and calls it “the Azimuth of the Sun”.  According to my dictionary, an azimuth is the “angular distance from a north or south point of the horizon to the intersection with the horizon of a vertical circle passing through a given celestial body”.  Excited, he finds a nearby semi-buried pouch with a/the Yanomani statue in it.

Elsewhere, the Rangers find an attacked tree.

Dr. Medford is showing off the statue to his collegues back at their camp when the Fearcats Mig and Cheetar show up.  The pair want the jewel and start ransacking the area for it, under the impression that the archeologists have found it.  As some explosions start up, the humans flee.

Down in the base, Andrew calls for Spencer.  The butler reminds him that the Rangers are currently in Portugal.  Andrew reveals there are explosions, jewel signatures, and something else in Brazil.

Rose tells her teammates that her tracker doesn’t recognize whatever made the marks just as Spencer contacts them about going to Brazil via the SHARC.

In the jungle, the two Fearcats are planning to release their army from an enchanted mirror.  Miratrix attacks them.  Her hair is now in a bob; I have to wonder how she got her hair cut.  The why, I presume, is so her hair won’t get in her face or be used against her in a fight.  Though it is a funny image that maybe Miratrix and Kamdor went to a spa after the events of “Lights, Camera, Dax”.  Miratrix got her hair and maybe her nails done, while Kamdor got a nice buffing while looking over the latest edition of “Villainous Lairs on Earth for Sale”.

Kamdor attacks the duo as well.  Although one recognizes him, the Fearcat soon calls his reputation “overblown”.  It’d be nice to know what said reputation was.  It’s a two-on-two battle; eventually Miratrix and Kamdor have to retreat to the Fearcats’ triumph.

The five arrive at the trashed camp.  An unnerved Dr. Medford explains what happened.  Rose is snarky and Mack concerned.  When the archeologist tells them which direction the “beasts” went, four of the Rangers head that way.  Ronny opts to stay at the camp to help out and protect them in anything comes back.

Soon the quartet finds the Fearcats.  Mack and Will take on one while Dax and Rose fight the other.  But the Fearcats have the upper hand in the battle.  Dax gets blasted and Rose tries to go invisible but gets battered anyway.  The four soon are clustered together as the Fearcats prepare to destroy them.

Tyzonn shows up to save them, as his mission is to stop the Fearcats.  Morphing, the four charge again with slightly better luck.  This time Mack and Rose team up as do Will and Dax.  Then the four team up against the greenish Fearcat while Tyzonn fights the grey one.

The greenish Fearcat, Mig, uses a handheld cannon thing in an effort to blast everybody.  Tyzonn shifts into mercury to deflect the blast away from the Rangers.  Via a super leap, the Fearcats retreat.  The four demorph and it’s here that the Fearcats’ names are first mentioned.

After learning what Ronny’s up to, Tyzonn starts to leave to help as well.  A bemused Mack goes, “Nice to see you too?”

Clearly not getting Earth customs, Tyzonn parrots the phrase back before leaving.

Will, amused, goes, “Feisty little alien, isn’t he?”

Flurious is watching a recording of the battle on his ice screen.  Norg slides down, wanting a pet but Flurious claims the yeti is a pet.  The icy being wants to bring out the gyros to get more power in order to combat these newcomers.  The two gizmos were concealed within a large icicle.  To Flurious’ annoyance, Norg continues to do his own thing in the background.

One of the Fearcats gets out a staff and thinks they could use a Power Ranger to free their army.  Although called a staff, it looks more like a glaive to me.


At the recovering camp, Tyzonn shows up and is impressed by what Ronny did even if he now feels superfluous.  The other four show up and bring up the Fearcats.  This causes Tyzonn to briefly flashback to a cave-in.  As seen above, Ronny is worried about the clearly unnerved “Ty” and does her best to reassure him.

Tyzonn wants to take out the Fearcats and thinks he must do it alone as the others would be in danger by engaging them.  He explains why the Fearcats want the jewel (to use its power to free their army) and says “find that jewel, keep it safe” before running off.

Will knows that Tyzonn isn’t telling them the whole story.  Rose concedes the point but reasons that Tyzonn is right about them needing to find the third jewel before anybody else does.  Mack says they’ll split up but stay in frequent communication.  Dax is genre savvy about the potential consequences.  I’m not sure if the others are aggravated due to being genre blind, thinking they’re not in a horror movie (true), or if they feel Dax might have just jinxed them.

Powered by Ronny

Rose is investigating; Mack uses super strength to look under a boulder; Dax is super leaping around; and Will uses his super senses.  But Ronny ends up ambushed by a Fearcat, luckily able to contact her teammates before she gets captured.  In the process, she loses her scrunchie and tries to use her super speed to escape when put over a Fearcat’s shoulder.

By the time her teammates arrive, Tyzonn is present and holding her scrunchie.  Suddenly I’m flashbacking to that scene in George of the Jungle, except with some role reversal.  Tyzonn correctly theorizes the Fearcats will use Ronny and her tracker to free the other Fearcats.  Rose gets out her tracker to locate Ronny’s.

At a beach, the two Fearcats are indeed planning to use the power of Ronny’s tracker to free their army.  Just as they start up the process, Ronny’s teammates and Tyzonn show up.  Tyzonn charges while the other four morph.  Again, four Rangers take on one Fearcat while Tyzonn alone takes on the other.

Tied to a pole, a struggling Ronny can’t get loose.  Something is emerging from the mirror, unnerving both her and Tyzonn.  The Fearcat prevents Tyzonn from going over there.  Benglo, a tiger-themed Fearcat, emerges and blasts all five heroes.  Mig and Cheetar are pleased.

Benglo takes on the quartet while Mig (the greenish Fearcat) takes on Tyzonn.  Another Fearcat starts to emerge from the mirror.  Cheetar (the grey Fearcat) is fighting Will, Dax, and Rose while Mack fights Benglo.  Tyzonn continues to fight Mig and grabs Ronny’s tracker.  Shouting her name, he throws it towards her.

She manages to get it in hand and morph, enabling her to break free from the ropes.  Next up, she picks up the mirror, teaming up with Tyzonn to crack it to the upset of all three Fearcats.

Mack calls upon the Drill Blaster and Defender Vest.  The attack weakens Cheetar, who opts to supersize in order to destroy the Rangers before his death.  The Super DriveMax Megazord is formed out of the first nine Zords so the Rangers can fight the supersized Cheetar while Tyzonn fights the other two Fearcats down on the beach.

The Sonic Streaker is called for and it blasts Cheetar before its addition to create the DriveMax Ultrazord.  A blast destroys the Fearcat.

Tyzonn is angry at the duo, who claim he will fail “just like you did before”.  Again Tyzonn flashbacks to the rockslide.  The staff is used against him, turning him to liquid mercury.  Mig and Benglo walk off smugly.

Demorphed, the five return to the beach where they call out for Tyzonn.  Soon they find ‘him’ stuck in liquid mercury mode.  Ronny is freaking out.  Will suggests they call Mack’s dad.


This was a solid start to the third mini-arc.  While not spelled out in the episode itself, Portugal was the nation that colonized Brazil.  Tyzonn returns and his mission is revealed- to take out the Fearcats, with the implications he lost someone(s) close to him because of them.  The Fearcats are yet another villainous faction interested in the jewels of the Corona Aurora.  Moltor isn’t seen, but Flurious seems to be taking a more active presence in the quest, and Kamdor and Miratrix have returned.

While his friendship with Mack was given a nod to, here he and Ronny suddenly seemed to have bonded.  Which is weird, given how she was the one wariest of him last time.  Maybe she’s trying to make up for that?  Both of them definitely have strong tendencies to want to help others.

Will almost seems to have been the voice of common sense lately for the team, which is interesting given the usual impression of him being self-centered.  Then again, it’s not impossible for a person to be both practical and arrogant.

While never called that, Tyzonn is evidently suffering from PTSD.  And the episode two-parter is a clear reference to the term Man of Steel.


Next time on Power Rangers: Returned to normal, Tyzonn is convinced to become the Mercury Ranger.


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