15-14: Man of Mercury, Part 2

Eventually Tyzonn is convinced to join the team as the Mercury Ranger.

Last time on Power Rangers: The Fearcats showed up.


Putting Tyzonn Back Together

The SHARC is zooming along and Rose reminds the others of the Brazil-Portugal connection.  Will suggests that the jewel could be long gone and they need to stay alert for the Fearcats.  Ronny, who’s driving, suggests she’ll drop them off in the city while she goes to the mansion to help Mr. Hartford with Tyzonn.

Flurious has Norg retrieve two Chillers so he can put the gyros in them.  But the minions only explode into snow, which pleases Norg but upsets Flurious.  He demands that the yeti find something able to handle the gyros’ power.

Mig and Benglo are attacking San Angeles, sending the humans fleeing.  They have switched gears to wanting the jewels so they can take over the universe.

Ronny arrives at the base.  Andrew got some technology from the Zord construction plant (okay then) in hopes it’ll help stabilize Tyzonn’s DNA in his jerry-rigged contraption.  And it does, returning the humanoid to normal.  Ronny’s relieved and he thanks her for helping him before she leaves to help out her teammates.

Andrew wants Tyzonn to join the team and even made him a morpher.  After a brief flashback, Tyzonn hands the morpher back over to Andrew, saying that “I can’t join the team.”

Mack, Will, Dax, and Rose, who are already morphed, find the two Fearcats.  Shortly after the fight begins, a morphed Ronny arrives and the fight continues.  Mig gets out his staff.  Back in the base, Andrew is afraid for the team and sees that there’s a morpher but no Tyzonn.

Mig is about to take out the Rangers when Tyzonn shows up to fight him.  Benglo takes on the five Rangers, conceding that they have courage.  Mack gets out the Drill Blaster/Defender Vest combo, but Benglo survives the blast and blasts them down instead.

Tyzonn manages to toss over Mig’s staff to Ronny, who uses it to weaken the pair before tossing it aside.  Tyzonn goes over to them as the two Fearcats supersize.  Mack calls for all ten Zords so the Ultrazord can be formed for the ensuing battle, which the Rangers win.

The six go back to the mansion’s entrance where both Andrew and Spencer give kudos to the team.  The Rangers are happy that Tyzonn helped them out.  Tyzonn is just confused that he doesn’t feel better now that the Fearcats are gone.  It’s low-key, but there’s a moral about revenge not fixing things.  Tyzonn doesn’t see himself as part of the team and believes his mission is done.

Norg somehow manages to drag the two Fearcat bodies back to Flurious’ ice cave, wanting to use them as rugs.  But Flurious wants to use the gyros on them instead.  Norg hides behind the throne as Flurious does so.  He wants the duo to become his servants, their first mission being to return to San Angeles and destroy the Rangers.  While Mig and Benglo don’t want to have a master, they agree to play along for now.

In the mansion, Tyzonn reveals he wants to join the team but can’t.  In the past, he was the leader of a team of “intergalactic emergency responders”.  I think it’s a proto-SPD squad or at least part of an organization that will later merge with them.  On a planet, there was a cave-in.  While his teammates were in charge of evacuating people, Tyzonn tended to the injured already outside.  Upon hearing that the Fearcats might also be trapped inside, despite them having caused the rockslide Tyzonn couldn’t in good conscience let them die… so he sent his team in after them.

Mig and Cheetar somehow got out of the cave and caused another rockslide that caused Tyzonn’s team to be ‘lost’.  Obviously that’s code for dead.  In short, Tyzonn doesn’t want history to repeat itself and leaves.  Ronny in particular is thoughtful.  Once again, the five aren’t wearing much of their color while in civilian garb.

She then follows him to a spot within sight of the mansion.  Apparently Tyzonn could hear Ronny’s reassurances to him while he was in mercury form.  Tyzonn feels Ronny is a great rescuer.  There’s a reference to “that fateful day” which just makes me think of Strange Magic; the point is that Tyzonn doesn’t think he’s a great rescuer anymore.


Ronny knows that Tyzonn is a great rescuer as she’s seen him in action.  Despite their job being dangerous, it’s a necessary one.  She tells him it wasn’t his fault and they can’t give up just because they don’t always win.  Then Mack contacts her about there being an emergency situation.

Mercury Ranger

Morphed, the five go to the city where to their confusion they find Mig and Benglo.  Dax makes the required nine lives crack.  The Fearcats blast them and use the gyros to go into upgraded modes.  It’s Will and Ronny versus Mig while the other three fight Benglo.  The five collective struggle against the Fearcats.  Smugly the duo attacks and weakens the quintet.

Mack calls for the Transtek Armor to use against them while Will does the same with his Hovertech Cycle.  But the efforts fail and the five regroup.

Then Tyzonn shows up in an orange-trimmed uniform with a new metal detector weapon.  Out of the five, Ronny is the most astonished.

“I’m a rescuer… and a Power Ranger,” states Tyzonn.  He blasts the Fearcats and then morphs into the Mercury Ranger.  Mack approves.

Charging, Tyzonn takes on the duo readily.  He gets back out his Drive Detector to wield against them and then to find them when they sink into the ground.  After a powerful blast weakens them, the two ‘fly’ away via super leaping.

The six Rangers have returned to the jungle, looking for a clue to the third jewel.  They encounter the departing archeologists and check that they’re okay.  Dr. Medford gives them the Yanomani statue as a thank you.  It turns out to have a strong jewel signature, delighting the Rangers.

Ronny in particular is pleased that Tyzonn has joined the team.


While definitely sweet, it is a bit surprising to see how quickly Tyzonn and Ronny become close given their initial interactions.  They do have some similarities, one of which was brought up in the episode.

Tyzonn is definitely suffering from PTSD and might be figuring out that stopping the Fearcats won’t make him any happier.  After Ronny’s pep talk, he realizes that he can’t stop rescuing people because he’s afraid of losing others he cares about- that means the bad guys will just win more often.

Although a lot of Tyzonn’s Ranger suit is silvery, the fact that his uniform has orange trim means I’ve always lumped him into the Gold/Other category.  His suit does have some noticeable orange stripes on it, anyway.  As is often the case, the sixth Ranger is very powerful in combat.


Next time on Power Rangers: Andrew has the team go on a TV talk show.  *face palm*


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