8-29: Trakeena’s Revenge, Part 1

When Trakeena and Olympius ‘work’ together, Lightspeed Rescue teams up with Lost Galaxy.

Last time on Power Rangers: Chad and the mermaid Marina were smitten with each other, which Vypra tried to use to take him out.


From Mirinoi to Earth

On a green and grey planet, the Quasar Sabers are all in their lumpy rock in a forest.  As it storms, Leo takes his out and calls out “Go Galactic” to morph.

There are creepy hooded beings on a nearby bridge and Leo takes them on.  The monster Triskull is watching from a distance before he and the others teleport away, upsetting Leo.  A wormhole takes the villains to Earth.  Suddenly I feel like I should be double-checking that I’m watching Power Rangers and not Stargate SG-1.

In a park, there are civilians enjoying a sunny day.  Among them are a woman and her young daughter Heather playing hide-and-seek.  The mom spots her daughter’s sneakers poking out from behind a bush, but it turns out it’s just the sneakers in the bush.  The bare-footed Heather manages to sneak up on her amused mom.  What, no socks?

It’s time for them to head over to the dad’s office.  Heather spots the Jeep drive by nearby, its alarm blaring.  The five Rangers look serious because they’re heading over to a building on fire.  Morphed, the Rangers help evacuate the building.

Once everybody’s out, Joel arrives in his Zord and does such a low fly-by that Carter reprimands him.  After using water bombs to put out the fire, Joel has bunches of Sky Cowboy posters flutter down.  Carter is torn between resignation and amusement.

A demorphed Joel signs some posters for his fans.  Carter attempts to call him out on wanting to always be the center of attention.  Joel just claims that he doesn’t try to be, he just usually is.  Carter, Chad, and Dana are all a mix of amusement and annoyance while Kelsey is just frustrated.

Heather loses her bouncy hall as the duo walk down a hallway in the skyscraper.  While Heather heads into an empty office to retrieve it, her mom ends up kidnapped by monsters.  On the other side there’s now an eerie-looking lab.  Her shrunken husband is being kept in a jar but then she gets shrunken down as well.  The ghouls start to drain them of their “life energy”.

Trakeena is pleased as is Triskull.  One of the ghouls alerts Triskull that there was a witness, so he disguises himself as a human in a suit with circular glasses.

Down in the lobby, Heather tries to tell a secretary about her mom being kidnapped by monsters.  The secretary claims “there is no such thing as monsters”.  I’m with Linkara, this woman is stupid.  This is the episode that confirms the previous seven seasons did happen in the same reality.  So there’s at least a year of antics in Angel Grove, but probably closer to six.  And the events of Lost Galaxy may or may not be widely known.  However, Mariner Bay has been frequently attacked by demons over the past several months.  The only way this would make any sort of sense was if she’s a Ghoul in disguise.

The disguised Triskull comes over and says he believes her.  They head over to the elevator where several Ghouls are within.  Somehow Heather manages to use her bouncy ball to get the Ghouls off-guard enough so she can run off.

Olympius is visiting the lab, wanting to use the life energy to revive his mother once it’s done being collected.  He leaves a small chest full of gold coins for Triskull and warns that the queen is impatient before teleporting away.  But it turns Trakeena wants to destroy Earth to get back at the Galaxy Rangers by using the power herself.  Triskull has to remind her that he’ll get some too, which is a clear sign to me that she’s planning to double-cross him as well.  He promises to take care of the witness.

Carter finds the crying Heather by a fountain.  He offers to help her out and introduces himself.  Spotting the morpher on his wrist, she realizes he’s a Power Ranger and reveals what happened.  The disguised Triskull shows up to hand over her red ball before walking off.

Promising that he believes her, Carter tells Heather to stay put while he follows the guy.  I wonder if Carter has a sixth sense about monsters or if he’s remembering how some demons disguised themselves as humans back in “The Great Egg Caper”.


While Carter’s sneaking technique clearly needs work, Heather’s is even worse.  Carter drags her back to keep her from being spotted.  Heather wants to help get her mom back.  Carter grudgingly agrees, even conceding to her being a “Junior Ranger”, and Heather is a noisy, delightful child in response.

Time for the Team-Up!

The other four Rangers are driving along in the Jeep.  Chad, Kelsey, and Dana all want to go swimming later but Joel does not.  Then they find a demorphed Leo in the middle of the road, causing Chad to slam on the brakes.  Kelsey recognizes him by his Quasar Saber; apparently she’s been reading up on the Lost Galaxy team off-screen or something.

Leo gives a brief summary of what’s going on.  He got injured by the ghouls when they tried to stop him from finding the Lightspeed Rangers.

“Who are the ghouls?” wonders Chad.  As if summoned, three teleport in.  I won’t lie, these ghouls are possibly the creepiest minions I’ve seen yet.

“I’d say we just found out,” Kelsey says.

The ghouls charge, inducing the four Lightspeed Rangers morph.  But either the ghouls are super-tough or the Lightspeed Rescue powers are geared to fighting demons.  When the quartet continues to get battered, Leo uses his Quasar Saber to blast the trio in one move.  It’s time for them to get out of there.

Carter and Heather have followed the guy into an alley.  More ghouls appear when they end up in a concrete courtyard of some kind.  While Heather hides behind a trash can Carter does his best to fight the minions.  Two of them try to capture Heather, who does her best to fight back.

Kai and Maya, already morphed, come to their rescue and more readily defeat the ghouls.  I have to wonder if it’s Lightspeed’s powers being aimed at fighting demons or if it’s simply due to the Lost Galaxy team being more experienced than them.  As the fight continues, Heather ends up fainting.

Carter, who for whatever reason never bothered to morph, is astonished to meet two of the Lost Galaxy Rangers.  Possibly because they’re supposed to be on Mirinoi, not Earth.  It’s amusing to note that even unmorphed he’s noticeable taller than the other two.  He finds the unconscious Heather as Kai picks up her ball.  They decide to go over to the Aquabase.


Leo, Maya, and Kai talk with Carter, Kelsey, and Joel in the commissary.  I believe there’s a flashback to the Lost Galaxy finale of Leo versus Trakeena in her green form.  Leo then explains Trakeena’s plan to destroy Earth out of revenge towards them.

Carter heads over to the infirmary where Dana is tending to the just-awakened Heather.  Carter does his best to reassure the girl and wants to know where she saw the monster.  Chad alerts Carter that there’s trouble outside Mariner Bay.  As the group heads down a hallway, Heather runs up because she wants to come along too.

Leo puts a hand on Carter’s shoulder when the other Red Ranger justifiably hesitates.  Thus Heather gets to come along… despite having fainted while watching the previous Ranger versus ghoul fight.

The girl stays in the Jeep while the eight Rangers head out to find Triskull.  Carter wants answers but Leo is rightfully concerned this could be a trap.  A bunch of ghouls rise up out of the ground.  First the Lost Galaxy trio morphs and then the Lightspeed Rescue quintet.  Carter attacks Triskull to no avail.

As the Rangers continue to struggle against the villains, Heather screams out, “No!”


At this point I’m used to Ryan dropping off the face of Earth for several episodes in a row.  I don’t like it, but I’m used to it.  However, I am wondering where Kendrix (and maybe Karone), Damon, and Leo’s brother Mike are.  Back on Mirinoi?

While Heather is sweet and engaging, I’m not sure adding her in during the crossover episodes was wise.  These crossover episodes are to see the Rangers from last season interact with the current season’s team.  The kidnapping plot with Heather and her parents is a good, even great, one but I don’t think it should have been put into the crossover.

Carter continues to be a good leader while Joel remains rather self-centered.  I appreciate how it’s seen that Lightspeed Rescue handles non-demon issues as well, even if understandably the show centers around the Rangers fighting off the demons.

Diabolico, Loki, and Vypra weren’t seen and Bansheera only mentioned.  To be fair, Olympius practically only had a cameo here.

This pair of episodes will be the only time I’ll see the Lost Galaxy team until after I’m done with the rest of Mighty Morphin as well as all of Zeo, Turbo, and In Space.  As of this writing (mid-July 2016), that means 223 more episodes.  In comparison, I only have 129 episodes until I can watch Dino Thunder, of whom I got crossovers with back when I watched SPD.  But certainly it looks like it’ll be a great season, although the monsters seem a lot scarier compared to most seasons.


Next time on Power Rangers: A mutated Trakeena lays waste to Mariner Bay.


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