8-30: Trakeena’s Revenge, Part 2

Lost Galaxy and Lightspeed Rescue work together to stop Trakeena.

Last time on Power Rangers: Leo, Maya, and Kai teamed up with Lightspeed Rescue when Trakeena came to Earth in search of, well, revenge.


Time for a New Plan

Heather gets out of the Jeep to approach Carter, who like the other Rangers is now demorphed.  Apparently Triskull just left without destroying them.  Okay then.  Carter wants to get back Heather’s mom and has an idea when Dana and Kelsey point out they can’t just storm the building.  He wants to make sure he can count on Heather.  Overall, I do respect Carter but I don’t think his plan ought to entail involving a young girl.

Triskull is reporting to Trakeena that the “life force cylinders” are nearly full.  It’s now clear that Heather’s parents are far from the only captives.  Trakeena is smug as a bat-like being is spying on her from the ceiling.

In the Skull Cavern, Olympius is pleased that he thought to place a spy-bat.  Bansheera is upset about the betrayal as it personally impacts her.  Olympius tells Vypra he wants revenge, which Loki wants to do.  But as the one lied to, Olympius wants to destroy them all.  Bansheera warns her son that if Trakeena mutates to green even he won’t be able to beat her.  Olympius plans to use a dagger covered in a highly dangerous poison on Trakeena.

Kendrix and Damon grab their Quasar Sabers out of the stone back on Mirinoi.  I suppose it’s the same storm or at least the same system.

Carter’s plan is to have Heather pull the fire alarm.  I’m not sure why one of the Rangers couldn’t have snuck in to do that.  Heather points out she’s learned only to do that during an emergency.  While he is reassuring towards her, Carter doesn’t point out that this is in fact an emergency.  Aliens are planning to attack Earth and at least one person has been kidnapped.

Heather heads into the building and gets a few odd looks for being without an adult, which is another reason this plan is flawed.  The secretary is doing stuff and doesn’t notice her.  Heather reaches the fire alarm and looks back.  From where he’s hanging out by some bushes just outside a windowed wall, Carter gives her a thumbs-up.  Heather pulls it and the alarm causes an evacuation to begin.  Hearing it, Trakeena sends Triskull to check it out.

Emergency vehicles start to pull up and apparently Carter filled in his old co-workers off-screen as the other Rangers are disguised as fire-fighters, with Carter getting into uniform as well.  They all help with the evacuation.  Afterwards, Carter and Leo head up to the patio area (I guess?) of the thirteenth floor, discarding the fire-fighting garb on the way.

They morph but Triskull is there and blasts them.  Determined, the two Red Rangers get back up only to get blasted down again.  Carter gets up a second time and activates his Battle Booster.  The following attack weakens Triskull.  By now, Leo’s back up.  Triskull reaffirms his faith in Trakeena before his death… which is unnerving as he just goes limp instead of exploding.

Carter and Leo head into the building to find the lab so they can rescue the hostages.  Once in the lab, Leo quickly realizes they’ve been shrunken to Carter’s concern.  Then the duo gets ambushed by ghouls so a fight breaks out with the green, glowing cylinders in the background.

When they get pinned, Carter asks for a cavalry… and Kendrix and Damon show up seconds later to save the day.  The four Rangers fight off the ghouls so they can refocus on the hostages.  But then Trakeena shows up to blast them.

Chad calls for Maya and Kai to hear over his morpher that the others are in trouble.  However, Trakeena blasts the suddenly demorphed quartet out of a window.  Them falling uses some blatant CGI.  The Jeep apparently has a rapidly expandable huge air pad thingy that cushions their landing.  Maya is surprised to see Damon and Kendrix.

Twice the Power

Olympius and some Batlings show up.  Morphing, each of the Lost Galaxy Rangers goes, “Galaxy [insert color]!”  After they morph, each of Lightspeed Rescue Rangers goes, “[Insert color] Ranger, Rescue Ready!”

The following battle against the Batlings is color-coded, of course.  Maya and Kelsey tag-team against Loki.  Damon tries to take on Olympius but fails.  Chad tries next with no better luck.  Kendrix and Dana fight Vypra.  Carter uses his V-Lancer on some Batlings.

Trakeena straps herself in and uses the life force energy to start mutating.  A big blast is used against the Rangers.  Olympius gets out the dagger, remembering the real reason he’s here.  He magically throws the dagger up into the lab to strike the cable attaching Trakeena to the cylinders, turning the energy purple.

The sky darkens as Trakeena transforms first into a purplish energy thing and then a massive, terrifying monster.  Olympius is certain the Rangers will be defeated as Trakeena starts to destroy Mariner Bay.  I have a bad feeling that there’s a death count to this mission, or at least a lot of people will end up in the hospital.

Carter calls for the Omega Megazord, leading to a brief pause for the transformation footage.  But the Omega Megazord and Max Solarzord fail to stop Trakeena as both Zords get battered.  Down below, Kendrix is worried but Leo points out that the Galactabeasts are on Mirinoi.

Except apparently that’s not true and the Lights of Orion are activated.  The five transform into ‘proper’ Zord mode before combining.  The Megazords team up against Trakeena to batter her and then comes a massive explosion that topples both.  Now out of their cockpit, the Lost Galaxy five are both demorphed and possibly unconscious.

The Omega Megazord scoops them up in one hand as Trakeena’s still moving.  Starting to glow due to the Lights of Orion, the five teleport into the other cockpit, morphed again somehow.  The Omega Megazord briefly glows as well before it combines with the Galactabeasts, I think.  An impressive combo attack is used to destroy Trakeena.

The life force energy goes back to their original owners, returning them to normal size.  Evidently it’s no longer poisoned, or at least I hope so.   Carter and Leo give kudos to each other.

The hostages start to exit the building.  Heather reunites with her parents.  Well, mostly her mom, but I’m sure she’ll be glad her dad’s okay when she realizes that he had been kidnapped too.


Carter comes over to reveal she’s an “official Junior Ranger” and gives her a Lightspeed Rescue pin.  You can mostly see the ten Rangers above.  Kelsey is entirely hidden and Maya is mostly concealed- but both are brunettes.  And that’s the thing with these two seasons- their make-up is weirdly similar.  Brown-haired Red Rangers, Asian Blue Rangers, African-American Green Rangers (both of whom have shaved heads), curly/wavy brunette Yellow Rangers, and blonde Pink Rangers (all three of them).  And both sixth Rangers are the previously presumed dead big brother of another Ranger, neither of whom are so much as mentioned in this crossover.  It’s uncanny.

Joel wants to give Kendrix and Maya posters of him.  To his bafflement, they’re not interested.  He and his three teammates are impressed by what Lost Galaxy managed.  In turn, they point out that Lightspeed Rescue has it plenty tough with Olympius and Vypra.

Leo admits he had fun getting back into action, amusing Kai about his definition of ‘fun’.  The Lost Galaxy are offered to stick around but it’s pointed out they’re needed back on Mirinoi.  What they’re needed for isn’t revealed.  Damon suggests they could have a vacation; the group has fun as Carter, Heather, and her parents watch on.

On their hover-cycles the Lost Galaxy quintet departs as the yellow Jeep drives on the road below.  The groups wave farewell before that.  I’m guessing they’ll be taking a wormhole back to Mirinoi.


There was plenty of impressive action in this latter half of the crossover.  I do wish some more social interaction was seen between the Rangers, but I always want that during crossovers.  That final battle with Trakeena was particularly epic.  Again, I’m not sure if the Heather subplot was needed in the crossover, although I will acknowledge it gave a more personal stake to rescuing the hostages.  I’m about ninety percent positive Heather has on overalls under her cardigan, which I’m going to believe is a nod to all the overalls Billy wore in the first season.

Olympius continues to try to prove himself.  But he barely has his mother’s respect/attention, and definitely doesn’t have Diabolico’s, Vypra’s, or Loki’s.  The villainous faction is splintering, which is always good news for the heroes.

I suspect a few elements of the episode would have made more sense if I had watched Lost Galaxy prior to this season.  Oh well.  Just 222 more episodes until I start it and get to see a lot more of Leo, Maya, Kai, Damon, and Kendrix as well as the two Rangers not seen here- Mike and Karone.


Next time on Power Rangers: Dana’s teammates all get amnesia of their time as Rangers due to a monster, who attacks the city again before they regain their memories.


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