2-12: Green No More, Part 1

Lord Zedd ends up transporting the Rangers to his Otherworld.

Last time on Power Rangers: Kimberly defeated the musical monster Guitardo.


New Kids on the Block

Just outside the Gym and Juice Bar, Kimberly finds Tommy doing hoops.  Apparently Jason told her where she could find him.  A Bioscan is mentioned and Tommy is understandably uneasy about Lord Zedd’s determination to strip him of his powers.

A hologram of Tommy shows up with some white bolts.  Apparently it’s a message from the near future about a final battle with a reminder about his communicator as well as the assurance “don’t give up”.  When it disappears, Kimberly is confused but Tommy knows it’s a warning of some kind.

Up in the moon fortress, Lord Zedd is indeed determined to destroy first the Green Ranger, and then the others.

In school, Billy and Zack head down the stairs to see the latter’s cousin Curtis dancing in the middle of a crowd which includes Richie.  Both guys are amused.  The two cousins wear teal in a bit of color-coding.  After the dance ends, the other teens clap.  Richie praises Curtis, who just moved to Angel Grove.  Billy points out that Richie is relatively new as well.  Beginning to bond, Curtis and Riche leave.


Tommy comes over but their talk soon ends as Bulk and Skull roll over in recycling cans.  But it’s not their fault for once, as a group of five having done that to them.  Zack is bemused and Tommy’s worried.  The five are transfer students.  When Tommy wants to learn the area’s rules (ie, don’t be such bullies) they claim they’re used to being the ones who make the rules.

After they leave, Billy helps out Stewart (the nerd they scared during this chat) and Tommy hands over the other teen’s backpack, having gotten it back from the group.  As you might have noticed, the jerks are clearly paralleling our heroes- the biggest difference is that Kimberly isn’t blonde.

Lord Zedd comments on how he wants to make the five his “evil superheroes” the Dark Rangers.  Um, the word you’re looking for is ‘supervillain’.  As a term ‘evil superhero’ makes no sense.  In any case, he has a large green-ish crystal that is storing Tommy’s siphoned powers that he’ll use to stop Zordon.

In the Command Center, Tommy is told by Alpha and Zordon that he only has enough power left for one more fight.  Zordon is worried about the message as well.


It’s mentioned that Trini’s at her grandmothers but the others are at a lake beach (I think).  Jason and Zack are training (or maybe doing tai chi?) while Billy and Kimberly search for seashells.  Just as she finds “a funky-looking shell”, the five jerks show up.  The quartet is not impressed, but Lord Zedd is.

Just as a fight might break out, Lord Zedd teleports the five to his Otherworld, confusing the four Rangers.  Lord Zedd and Goldar are there to greet the jerks.  Inspired by “little Kimberly”, Lord Zedd creates the Turban Shell at a lake/bay/some body of water.

I recognize that Kimberly is the shortest Ranger, but that’s no reason to condescendingly call her ‘little’.  Then again, Lord Zedd is a villain.

It’s a Trap!

Five of the Rangers are at the Command Center, with Zordon telling Alpha to contact Trini.  Then the alarms blare and the viewing globe shows the giant Turban Shell attacking Angel Grove.  Zack is worried and Tommy wants to help his friends.

Lord Zedd is pleased that Tommy is falling into his trap.

Trini teleports in.  Both Kimberly and Zack want Tommy to sit this fight out but Zordon admits that the monster is extremely powerful and besides, it’s Tommy’s decision whether to fight or not.

They overlay their hands together before they all morph.  The monster is trashing buildings and apparently has mouth beams.  It’s time for the Zord transformation sequence and then the Thunder Megazord creation sequence.  Clearly I was wrong in my previous review, as Tommy somehow manages to call upon Dragonzord here.

As the Megazord struggles against Turban Shell, Tommy sends in his own Zord.  But the monster repeatedly blasts the Megazord until it topples over and the five fall out of the cockpit down into an alley.  Tommy heads over to check on them.

Turban Shell teleports over to the Otherworld as it needs to recharge its shell.  Lord Zedd is furious and demands it goes back to fight until the Green Ranger is gone.

The five are checking on Tommy, who’s kneeling by a tree in the park.  All six are still morphed at this point.  But then he gets teleported away to a field where Turban Shell is waiting for him.  Turban Shell attacks him and takes away the last of his Green Ranger powers.  The now demorphed Tommy goes to hide behind a boulder, leading the monster to scoff at him.

Lord Zedd is pleased that the crystal is fully charged and thus it’s time to destroy the Power Rangers and create his Dark Rangers.

The five are worried and realize their communicators are jammed.  And then it’s their turn to be teleported to the Otherworld, where they’re in an energy field of some kind.  Lord Zedd and Goldar are standing before a cave entrance.  Lord Zedd does a monologue about his plan and how the Rangers are doomed.

The Dark Rangers come out of the cave as the pleased Lord Zedd cackles.  Not going to lie, their suits look weird.  Trini is determined that Lord Zedd won’t win.  They try to warn the Dark Rangers that Lord Zedd is only loyal to himself but the five jerks don’t believe them.

Kimberly is worried about Tommy with Billy and Trini silently trying to comfort her.  Lord Zedd is confident that Tommy will be destroyed, with the world as his next goal.

A sweaty Tommy is hiding behind the boulder as Turban Shell approaches.


This pair of episodes is the climax of the “Tommy losing his Green powers” arc.  Richie makes a cameo, as does a cousin of Zack’s.  Five jerks, who are clearly dark versions of the core Rangers are introduced here but aren’t given names.  I’m not quite sure why either Richie or Curtis exists as a character.  I get why Bulk and Skull do- to act as comedic relief and sometimes as civilian foes to the heroes.

As is usually the case, this first half ends on a cliffhanger.  Five of the Rangers are captured by Lord Zedd, Tommy is being hunted down by Turban Shell, and Lord Zedd has created the Dark Rangers.  The next half will be devoted to solving these issues.

Tommy continues to be closest to Jason and Kimberly, but the six as a whole are all good friends with one another.  That’s part of what makes them an effective team.


Next time on Power Rangers: Even without powers, Tommy proves he’s a true hero.


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