2-13: Green No More, Part 2

Despite having basically lost his Green powers, Tommy manages to save the day once again.

Last time on Power Rangers: Lord Zedd enacted his latest scheme to take out our heroes and conquer Earth.


Time Trap

Tommy makes a surprise attack on Turban Shell before running off into a ditch that conceals him from the monster’s view.  In fact, Turban Shell ends up rolling down a hill.  Grabbing its staff briefly, Tommy is then attacked when the monster super leaps up the hill to get it back.

Alpha tells Zordon that he can’t find a way to break through the energy field surrounding the Command Center.  Furthermore, the energy field is compressing with the apparent goal of causing the structure to implode.

Goldar pleads with Lord Zedd to let him destroy the Power Rangers, but his boss plans to send them back to Earth powerless while Turban Shell destroys Angel Grove.  They’re teleported back to the park where Jason can’t contact Zordon.  Billy wants to see if he can find a way to break through the energy field while Kimberly’s worried about Tommy.

In the field, Goldar teleports in as he wants to destroy Tommy himself.  Besides, he honestly states that Lord Zedd has other plans for Turban Shell, leading the monster to teleport away.  Taunting Tommy, Goldar is practically giddy as he plans to bend Tommy to his will.  He uses a gizmo to show an image of the Green Ranger fighting Z-Putties as he mocks Tommy about how awesome he used to be.

Billy’s hard at work in his garage lab as Zack and Trini watch on.  A television report reveals that Turban Shell is attacking the business district again, concerning them.

Lord Zedd is smug.  I suppose Goldar is present so Lord Zedd can monologue about his plan to reprogram the Zords to be used by the Dark Rangers in their debut.

Jason and Kimberly arrive at the lab, where all five are frustrated and worried.

Tommy is upset and Goldar is back in the field with him.  Instead of acknowledging that Goldar is his better, Tommy attacks him as the Green Ranger song plays.  Goldar loses his sword early on in the fight.  Kicking the gizmo out of Goldar’s hand, Tommy grabs it.  Tommy reveals that Goldar’s “picture show” backfired as it only renewed his resolve and faith in his abilities.

He attacks again and uses the gizmo’s fiery blasts on Goldar until he teleports away.  As it’s a time device of some kind, Tommy tries to contact his past self.  A hologram of Tommy somehow manages to hand over his (their?) communicator to him, enabling present day Tommy to teleport away.

Okay, did Tommy create a stable time loop or what?  I am confused.

Billy is telling the others that he managed to get through the force field around the Command Center just as Tommy teleports in.  Kimberly gives him a hug.


Alpha’s image shows up on the computer screen.  Tommy knows when Zordon reveals that only a non-Ranger can enter Lord Zedd’s Otherworld without detection that it’ll have to be him to shatter the green crystal.

Teleporting in, he easily grabs the green crystal and shatters it to Lord Zedd’s upset.  Going back to normal, the five jerks go back to normal before teleporting away.  A proud Tommy teleports back as Lord Zedd rages with a silent Goldar behind him.

The Last Battle for Tommy?

The five have their morphers back.  Apparently touching the green crystal gave Tommy just enough power for a final fight, so all six morph.

There’s a giant Turban Shell, so there’s the Zord transformation sequence and then the Megazord creation sequence.  But the monster retains the upper hand in the fight, causing the still-morphed five to fall out of the cockpit.  Somehow the Megazord can still continue the fight for a bit before it separates back into the individual Zords.

Billy states the obvious as Kimberly frets.  Zordon tells Tommy that first intense heat within the stomach and then water on the monster’s exterior will defeat Turban Shell.  So Tommy’s concealed with a crate of food that Turban Shell swallows down.

He uses a “mega heater” on the walls of the stomach, inducing “heartburn”.  Turban Shell starts to freak out as Kimberly worries for Tommy.  Getting up, Tommy continues to use the device, further upsetting the monster.

Zack checks with Kimberly it’s time to use water, so he wields a hose to spray a surprisingly large quantity of water onto Turban Shell.  Grumbling about “an ice cream headache” the monster’s skin starts to freeze over.

As it weakens, Tommy somehow lands on a nearby patio.  Kimberly runs over to check on him, soon followed by Trini and Billy.  It’s confirmed that the latter made the mega-heater.

The Megazord is reformed and the five use the saber on Turban Shell, exploding it.

At the Gym and Juice Bar, Trini assures the others that Zordon said the Dark Rangers were returned without memories of what happened, thus preserving the Rangers’ secret identities.  The five jerks in question show up.  Richie is manning the counter.

Kimberly suggests the five just need friends… um, I figured the jerks were each other’s friends.  Agreeing with her, Jason pays for the quintet’s drinks to the surprise of his counterpart.  Jason wants to start over and when this is agreed to greetings are made between the two groups.

Later, at the Command Center, Zordon gives kudos to the group.  Among the effects of the crystal being shattered was the removal of the force field around the structure.  Kimberly and Billy in particular give credit to Tommy.

Tommy has realized it’s who he is and not “cosmic powers” that makes him a hero.  A “school break” of some kind is mentioned.  This pair of episodes originally aired late September 1994, so I have no clue what he’s talking about.  The six go for what they believe is a final hand overlap and jump that includes their sixth Ranger.


The arc of Tommy losing his Green Ranger powers has ended.  Although he knows it wasn’t his powers that made him a hero, the fact remains that at this time Tommy isn’t a Power Ranger.  Yet because he no longer had his powers, he was able to sneak into Lord Zedd’s Otherworld and shatter the green crystal.

I have no idea what was with the conclusion of the ‘Dark Rangers’ matter.  I know it’s plausible that newcomers to a school can lash out at their new classmates, sometimes even to prevent themselves from being bullied, but I suspected they were ‘transferred’ due to being problem students due to their words and actions.  To be blunt, I found it one of the least realistic aspects of the episode, which is saying something.  Possibly because I know that’s not how things work in reality: I can hand-wave Ranger powers and gear since they don’t actually exist, but bullies do.


Next time on Power Rangers: Jason blames himself for Tommy losing his powers.


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