15-16: Just Like Me

Will gets tired of Tyzonn imitating him.  Meanwhile, Moltor seeks Mjolnir.

Last time on Power Rangers: The team went on a talk show and I will never be okay with that.

Getting Fed Up

Flurious blasts at Norg for sitting on his throne before storming off.  The yeti complains, “I don’t get no respect around here.  Well, I’ll show him!  I’m gonna leave!  Yeah, and- and- and I’ll bet he’ll miss me when I’m gone!  Yeah!”

Then the yeti storms off as well.  That first line puts me in mind of Rodney Dangerfield, but overall I am not amused by Norg’s antics.  I’d take first season Bulk and Skull over him.  Part of the problem is that Kelson Henderson did a much better and nuanced job in SPD and Mystic Force.

Will is showing off his smooth moves to Tyzonn but the alien can’t mimic them.  Tyzonn wants to be more like Will and tries to remove his clothes when Will tells him to lose the “alien rags”.  I find it unlikely that Mercuria lacks a nudity taboo, but maybe they make less fuss over it than Earthlings.  Will tells him that he might as well stay the same as there’s only one Will Aston.  Andrew contacts the duo about there being trouble in the rainforest.  What rainforest, I don’t know.

Moltor and Lava Lizards are in a jungle; one of them brings over a scroll stolen from a Norway museum that leads to Mjolnir.  The six Rangers show up in their uniforms, so Moltor sics his minions on them.  Partway through the battle, Dax, Ronny, Mack, Rose, and Tyzonn all use their abilities.  Moltor gets involved, taking all of them down.  Evidently he can’t stop himself from stating his goal before teleporting away.

He’s not amused to return to his lair only to see Norg on his throne.  The yeti has indeed run away from the ice cave and has brought some Chiller Stones with him, so Moltor accepts his presence if only to tell him to clean up the area.

Back in the base, Rose reads up on what Mjolnir is to four of her teammates; I suppose it was necessary to do that info-dump in the years before the MCU and Magnus Chase.  Mack is confused about first a cannon, now a hammer.  Will suspects there’s a connection between the weapons and the jewels.

Ronny asks after Will’s “shadow”, but the guy is getting annoyed by the imitation.  Dax and Ronny try to reassure him.  Tyzonn slides down, wearing the same garb as Will earlier and wearing a dreadlock wig.  Ronny and Dax are amused, but Will is not.  Ronny alerts the others that Moltor’s back and the six end up on a beach.

Will uses his super sight to zoom in and realize they have a map.  Tyzonn starts to repeat what Will says, so he removes the wig from the alien in retaliation.  A six-way split screen ensues for the morphing sequence.

Moltor uses the Chiller Stones to create Chillers to attack the group while he and the Lava Lizards go in search of the hammer.  Tyzonn charges at the Chillers, worrying Will about him going in alone.  But Tyzonn is a total badass and defeats them all by himself.

Will is upset that Tyzonn thinks that’s what he would do, as Will would have waited for his team.  Uh… I never got the impression that Will is firm on working as a team.  Sure, he got the moral about teamwork being good back in “The Underwater World” but since then he hasn’t come across as especially invested in teamwork- that’s more Ronny’s perspective.  Look at her in “Lights, Camera, Dax” and her convincing Tyzonn the importance of being a team and not giving up back in “Man of Mercury, Part 2”.  I can’t think of Will doing anything similar to that.

Mack tells them now isn’t the time to squabble, yet when the team splits up to cover more ground he puts the two of them together.  When he’s with Ronny on the beach later, he explains that he’s hopeful that they’ll work out their issues if they have to work together and thinks that’s what his dad would have done.  I dunno, he might have made them clean the bathrooms instead.

… Yes, I’m still a bit bitter about that.

A sweaty Norg in Moltor’s volcano hopes Flurious is “miserable” without him and the episode screeches to a stop as Norg has a fantasy sequence about their joyous reunion.

Teamwork Matters

Will and Tyzonn are another part of the beach, both grumpy towards each other, but they’re the ones who find Moltor and his Lava Lizards.


Will wants to wait and notify the others, but a prickly Tyzonn decides that if that’s what Will wants, then he won’t do what Will would do and instead do what he himself would to do.

Morphing, he attacks to Will’s despair.  More Chillers are formed to fight the Mercury Ranger.  A morphed Will comes to his aid while Moltor leaves with the Lava Lizards to get Mjolnir.  Deciding that Will can handle things here, Tyzonn opts to go after Moltor.

From a hill Tyzonn can spot an alter up on a cliff that Moltor and his minions are nearing while Will continues to fight Chillers.  Tyzonn uses a zip shooter to access the alter first and thus obtain the hammer.  I won’t lie, it looks a bit unimpressive compared to the MCU Mjolnir but then again those movies had a bigger budget.

Moltor and the Lava Lizards show up, with Moltor attacking Tyzonn to get the hammer.  Will shows up and sets up a firework that’s remarkably visible given how it’s day (cloudy but still day).  The other two pairs spot it and know where to go (Mack & Ronny, Dax & Rose).  I guess that’s why the trackers’ radios weren’t used- no directions needed.

Will briefly uses his Hovertech Cycle to take a blast that causes both to demorph but only Will ends up trapped under a massive boulder.  Tyzonn uses his powers to blast apart said rock and free Will.  Afterwards, he admits it’s the first time he used said powers in such a way but as a Mercurian “saving lives” is what he does.  I wonder if he’s seen others use their powers like that but he never officially reached that level of mastery or something along those lines.

The morphed six end up on a ridge to briefly pose before battling the Lava Lizards, using their individual weapons to defeat them.  Moltor uses the hammer to create three giant Lava Lizards and wants “total power” by gaining the jewels.

The Ultrazord is formed but Moltor uses Mjolnir to increase the Lava Lizards’ size.  As the Ultrazord gets battered, Tyzonn manages to obtain the hammer and use its power to increase its size.  Will thanks Tyzonn, who shrugs it off.

Two of the Lava Lizards get exploded.  Tyzonn creates the Flashpoint Megazord and goes inside the Lava Lizard to destroy it from within.  Upset, Moltor leaves.

Tyzonn hands over the hammer.  Will expresses empathy that Tyzonn was trying to fit into Earth culture as the only alien around.  But then he backtracks about doing the same in Tyzonn’s shoes.  Why would he lie only to counter it mere seconds later?  To mess with him?

Norg is miserable on Moltor’s throne when the fiery being returns.  Moltor blames Norg (and the Chillers) for his latest defeat.  A grumpy Norg leaves, but not before bringing up the sled incident mentioned in “Follow the Ranger”.

Tyzonn is having fun out in the city and successfully hits on Zoey.  Will is impressed.

Flurious promptly yells at Norg when the yeti returns to the ice cave.

Ronny and Rose are down in the base, with the two weapons on a table.  They exit, turning off the lights.  A small jolt of lightning passes between the duo, clearly indicating a connection of some kind.


I am now halfway done with Operation Overdrive.  I shouldn’t be so relieved by that; yes, there’s usually a sense of accomplishment but the feeling should be more bittersweet.  Like, I was sad about no more Bridge in particular when wrapping up SPD, but hey, next up was Mystic Force.  And I’m sad about Lightpseed Rescue winding down, but that means time for Time Force.  This?  I’m going to be relieved to be moving onto Jungle Fury.  I like Ronny, Rose, and Tyzonn but overall, this is the weakest season of Power Rangers in my opinion.

Knowing what I do about the rest of the season, I’m starting to wonder if Vella was only thought of late in the season.  I wish the timeline was a bit clearer about how long ago Tyzonn lost his team.  While I get why Tyzonn felt the need to mimic an Earthling, as later spelled out, I’m less sure why he picked Will.  Maybe because he saw his arrogance as confidence?  I haven’t seen enough of Will being a team player to approve of him scolding anybody else about not being one… especially when Tyzonn easily can work on his own without undue risk.

The Norg subplot was clearly present only to justify why Moltor had Chiller Stones; I wonder how Boukenger justified it in the equivalent episode.  It added nothing to Norg’s, Flurious’, or Moltor’s characterizations.

On the one hand, it’s sweet that Mack wants to be like his dad.  On the other, it will become even clearer as the season continues that Andrew isn’t exactly a good role model.

Next time on Power Rangers: There are Norse shenanigans.


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