8-32: Sorcerer of the Sands

While Ryan seeks out the titular being, the other five Rangers get trapped in the monster shadow-world.

Last time on Power Rangers: Sans Dana, the team briefly had amnesia which meant a clip show.


Scouring the Desert

The Rangers are out near a warehouse for some training.  The match-up seen is Joel versus Kelsey: they race from the Jeep to inside the warehouse where they climb up a rope then race down on a narrower rope before running back to the Jeep.  While Chad cheers on Kelsey and Carter Joel, both guys are amused when Joel drops a needed gizmo for his rope-slide down and thus has to reuse the bulkier rope to climb down on.  Joel is admittedly my least favorite member of this team, but I do feel a bit bad that he doesn’t have a teammate he’s close to- Carter is close with both Mitchell siblings (who are also close to each other) while Chad and Kelsey are buddies.

While Kelsey clearly wins the race, it’s not known by how much as Dana forgot to stop the watch as she was lost in thought about her absent brother.  Kelsey assures her they’re all worried about him.

Ryan is lost in the desert and collapses from exhaustion.  A guy with a raven spots him.

Bansheera is upset with her son and threatens she’ll give the star power to Diabolico if he fails her again.  Upset, Olympius calls for Jinxer to obtain the key to the monster shadow-world.  Jinxer thinks it’s a bad idea, but the prince doesn’t care about his opinion and demands the key.  Olympius leaves with the key; Jinxer is worried while Diabolico steps out from behind a column to cackle.

That night, Ryan wakes up in a tent.  The guy is there with an old-fashioned lamp and talks at the raven.  Ryan reveals he wants the Sorcerer of the Sands’ help and not for fortunate like the guy initially thinks but a translation.  Ryan won’t let the guy look.

The guy gives him a drink, which Ryan enjoys before he ends up flopped over, asleep.  Picking up the book, the guy shows the pages to the raven, turning the pages.

Vypra and Diabolico spy on Olympius as he goes to the doorway to the monster shadow-world.  Its gatekeeper comes out and agrees to let Olympius in.  Once they’re through, Vypra and Diabolico come out of the shadows.  She’s eager to get the prince but Diabolico suggest patience as “soon we’ll get many birds with the same stone.”

Olympius and the gatekeeper are in a miserable-looking desert where destroyed demons roam for eternity.  The prince wants the gatekeeper to lure the Rangers into this place.

In Mariner Bay, the demon blasts a building in an effort to get their attention.  And the morphed quintet soon arrives, only to be quickly teleported into the shadow-world.

“I have a bad feeling about this, guys,” Carter tells his teammates.

Olympius wants to trap the Rangers here forever and takes away the doorway portal to their world.  The Rangers charge at the duo, but they’re easily batted aside.  At the prince’s command, the gatekeeper calls upon some previously defeated monsters to occupy the Rangers.  I recognize them all vaguely, but this season’s monsters haven’t been very memorable.  Probably I had an easier time with SPD’s monsters as they each got their own mini-plot instead of just trying to destroy the city.

V-lancers blast the lined up monsters but they just reform.  The gatekeeper points out that there they can’t destroy the monsters again.

Ryan wakes up the next morning with a headache.  The guy comes in to offer him more tea.  Ryan slips that he needs to defeat Queen Bansheera, freaking out the guy.  The raven can talk and shape-shifts into an elderly man as he’s the titular being.

After Ryan explains the situation, the sorcerer says, “An enemy of the queen is a friend of mine.”


He wants to see the book again and Ryan hands it over, apparently opting not to ask about the ‘again’ part.  The sorcerer flips through it and mentions “the golden keys” being needed.  The guy pulls a cloth off a floor-length mirror.  Said key is needed to properly do the spells.

Shadowy Schemes

Chad suggests they destroy the gatekeeper’s staff and they do so.  The demons are now free from his control and just will attack everything.  This includes him and Olympius.  Watching on a ‘screen’, Diabolico, Vypra, and Loki are amused by the situation.

Olympius opens the portal but he and the gatekeeper get blasted down and the portal vanishes before they can use it.  Diabolico magically steals the key and uses a ‘hologram’ to be smug before it fades away.

Kelsey is worried and Joel tries to blast at the duo.  Dana suggests they retreat to a nearby cave, a tactic Carter amends to until they have a plan.  Once inside, they quickly realize it’s a maze.  Carter creates a rockslide to keep out the monsters for a while.

The sorcerer uses magic stones to get a message- a triangle with a dot in it- and reveals to Ryan that his friends are in trouble.  The mirror shows their predicament.  Ryan wants to help them so the sorcerer goes to a box; a white dot of light comes out and goes into the cave via the mirror.

Dana hears the dot and the sorcerer contacts them about following the light.  Carter’s afraid it’s a trap but then the sorcerer mentions Ryan so Dana is certain it can be trusted.  As the monsters break through the rocks, the Rangers have no option but to follow the light to a puddle of gloop.

Trusting the dot’s connection to Ryan, Dana easily convinces Carter to do the same so all five go through the portal.  Three of the monsters manage to follow them through before the gloop dries out.

As the monsters are supersized suddenly, Carter calls for the Rail Rescues so the Super Train Megazord can be formed.  Two of the monsters are defeated, but the last one is tough so the Rescue Zords form the Lightspeed Megazord.  Then the Max Solarzord is called for so the Lightspeed Solarzord can be created.  It absorbs the monster’s fire blasts and redirect that energy back at it, destroying it as the sun sets.

Olympius is being battered by the monsters in the monster shadow-world.  The trio is being smug when Bansheera shows up and turns out to be fine with her son’s fate as she sees him as a failure.  She puts Diabolico in charge of rebuilding her palace and promises if he fails his fate will be far worse.

Once she’s gone, Vypra expresses her unease about the queen caring more about her palace than her son.  Then the Skull Cavern starts to shake suddenly, with some Batlings getting hit by falling rubble.

The Sorcerer of the Sands is reading the ancient spell as the guy and Ryan watch on.  This causes the tent to shake as well.  An upset Diabolico starts to chant a dark spell, the two trying to counter each other.

Then the sorcerer turns into actual sand to his assistant’s despair.  The journal has also been blackened.  In the mirror, Diabolico laughs and accidentally reveals he has a golden key- possibly the very key mentioned earlier.  Ryan is too upset to realize that at this point.


I’m now eighty percent done with this season, with only eight episodes left.  Ryan has returned and will hopefully now stick around on-screen.  I am seriously wondering what he’s been up to.  Maybe there’ll be a Mitchell family reunion in the near future.

Diabolico got one over Olympius.  While he, Vypra, and Loki all hate the prince for good reason, they’re still uncomfortable by how dismissive Queen Bansheera is towards her son.  Maybe it’s mostly for selfish reasons- if that’s what she’ll accept happening to her son, what will she let happen or do personally to them?

It looks like the golden key to the monster shadow-world will play a role in locking away the demons again.  I wonder if the sorcerer is actually dead or just temporarily out of commission.  Maybe his unnamed helper will end up taking on that role.

I’m not sure why the desert near Mariner Bay looks Egyptian and that impression is enhanced by how the tent is decorated and what its residents wear.  It’s weird.


Next time on Power Rangers: Jinxer puts Captain Mitchell under a spell as part of his plan to free Olympius.


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