15-17: It’s Hammer Time

Thor and Loki interact with the team in a pre-MCU world.

Last time on Power Rangers: Will and Tyzonn overcame their argument to obtain Mjolnir.


Mars and Mexico

After a ‘previously on’ segment, it’s a stormy day at the mansion and the computer mainframe is in a “tizzy” due to the connection between the hammer and cannon.  Dax, the girls, and Andrew are all down in the base.  Who knows where the others are.  Rose does some typing and fails to fix the problem; Ronny hits the console and the screen returns to normal.  That is a bit amusing.

Inspired, Rose realizes the Yanomani statue shares its face with the “face on Mars”.  Dax wants to go to Mars and views that as going sci-fi.  Apparently he missed the memo about all the aliens he’s been fighting against and alongside with.  I hope Ronny just laughed at his clear enthusiasm and not at him, though I’d get why she might under the circumstances.  Rose does some science and deduces they need to go to a spot in Mexico.

The Jeep and two motorcycles are driving along a road when Miratrix and Kamdor jump out in front of them, wanting the relics.  Miratrix claims a top hat is their “secret weapon” and Kamdor turns into a super-sized magician monster.  Dax is just relieved he’s not a mime.

… Are you feeling okay, Dax?  Do you have a cold or something?  This isn’t like Bridge’s quirky but coherent commentary; I am legitimately concerned that Dax has an ailment making his head fuzzy.

The six morph, Tyzonn and Mack asking for the Zords.  Dax takes the cannon with him and Ronny the hammer.  The DriveMax Ultrazord and Flashpoint Megazord are formed.

In his ice cave, Flurious is watching the fight on an ice screen.  For whatever reason a tin-foil-wrapped Norg is acting as the antenna.

When the Ultrazord gets its legs chained up, the Drill and Shovel Drivers are switched over to be Tyzonn’s Zord’s arms and the monster is destroyed, freeing the Ultrazord.

As they head back to the Jeep, Tyzonn comments on the fight being “exhausting” and then Rose jinxes it just before a horde of Chillers shows up, Will grumbling about her doing so.  Ronny is put in charge of guarding the relics while her teammates fight the minions.

During the battle, ‘Thor’ shows up.  She insists that they need the hammer for the time being when he wants Mjolnir.  Thor is under the impression that Ronny is Freya in disguise.


Mack calls for Ronny as the Chillers batter the group.  Thor insists on being leant the hammer to save her friends and does so after promising to give it back on his honor.  Rose recognizes him and there’s appropriately-timed thunder.  Dax comments on him being taller in the movies.

Elsewhere, the Fearcats are working on a “secret weapon” of their own.

Thor is being lazy and rude in the mansion.  Will is grumpy and Ronny’s aggravated, especially when the god tries to propose to her.  She feels foolish for having trusted him.

The other four Rangers are still in Mexico.  They try to blast apart the boulder at the coordinates with the cannon, the kickback topples all of them.  But the boulder is unharmed.  Clearly both relics need to be used to break apart the boulder.

Will and Ronny get Thor’s attention by mentioning the jewels of the Corona Aurora.  He returns to Mexico to whack on the boulder with the hammer as the bemused Rangers watch on.  Ronny is aware something’s off and Mack expresses concern that he won’t give them the jewel, an opinion Dax concurs with.

Moltor and some Lava Lizards show up.  Morphing, the six get out weaponry to wield against their foes.  Rose and Dax use their respective Drive Defenders, Tyzonn a blaster, while the other three use their individual weapons.  Thor continues to try accessing the boulder’s interior instead of helping.

Accompanied by a lot of thunder, the real Thor shows up.  Moltor quickly teleports away with his remaining Lava Lizards.  The other Thor is actually the shape-shifting Loki, “god of mischief”.  Awkward, Loki makes his escape with Mjolnir.  For some reason bubbles occur when he teleports away.

Tricking the Trickster

In the rec room, Ronny is upset with herself.  Her teammates and an understanding Thor are present as well.  It’s time to get Mjolnir back: the scheme entails Spencer pretending to be Ronny/Freya.


Her Freya get up is seen in part above.  The white dress is lovely, and I like the curly look her hair has going on.  Look, up until the end it’s clearly Ronny’s actress and not Spencer’s actor so I can’t blame Loki’s confusion.

Ronny and Thor return with the hammer to the boulder where the others are waiting.  Suddenly Flurious and some Chillers attack.  After the Rangers morph, they take on the Chillers while Thor battles Flurious.

However, the Fearcats go to San Angeles to attack it from within their new giant robot.  Andrew alerts the team to the situation.  Tyzonn stays in Mexico with Thor while the other five go to San Angeles, forming the DriveMax Megazord.

Thor uses Mjolnir to destroy the Chillers.  Although still determined to obtain the jewels, Flurious teleports away.  Tyzonn thanks Thor for his help.

The Rangers are struggling against the giant robot when the Flashpoint Megazord arrives.  But the two are no match for the Fearcats’ robot.  Admiring the team’s courage and ability, Thor uses Mjolnir to briefly weaken it so that they have the time to create the DriveMax Ultrazord.  Tyzonn uses Hydroblast and then the others use the fire attack.  The Fearcats barely escape from the robot’s explosion and grumpily depart.

Thor approves of the Rangers’ battle prowess.

All seven go back to Mexico.  They use the cannon to emit the hammer; only Thor remains standing after the kickback in a subtle nod to his superior strength/endurance/power.  The boulder has broken apart and there’s a large compass of sorts within.  Tyzonn picks it up and uses his tracker to learn it has a jewel signature of eighty-eight, so it’s clearly important.

Thanking Thor, Ronny returns Mjolnir to him.  Wishing them luck, Thor teleports away.  Moltor promptly teleports in and blasts the six down, giving him the chance to obtain the compass before leaving.  The six are understandably upset at this.


Thor is a lot like his MCU counterpart, but MCU Loki would not approve of this Loki’s foibles.  While Ronny was the central figure of this episode, I don’t know if she learned anything from these events.  Maybe to not automatically trust somebody?  Maybe that underhanded tactics are sometimes necessary when dealing with someone untrustworthy?

Dax was more ditzy than usual here.  Rose did some brainy stuff and Tyzonn remains the most physically capable member of the team.  Will was snarky but with good cause.  Mack was mostly in the background.

All four factions fought the Rangers in this episode, leading to more fight scenes than usual, including two Zord battles, and three morphing sequences (six-way split screen for all of them, but still).  The episode ultimately ends with the Rangers’ hard work being for naught as Moltor steals the next clue towards the third jewel from them.


Next time on Power Rangers: Mack has a run of bad luck.


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