SG5-4: The Fifth Man

An alien tricks the team into thinking he’s their fifth, new teammate.

Last time on Stargate SG-1: The Ancient Orlin fell in love with Sam.


Tyler In/Is Trouble

Sam, Daniel, and Teal’c are under Jaffa fire near a planet’s Stargate.  Jack is with a Lieutenant Tyler deeper in the woods, cut off by the enemies, so he tells Sam over the radio to go through without them and get reinforcements.

Walter alerts Hammond about it being SG-1’s code so the iris is opened.  Once through, Sam tells them to close the iris before reporting the situation.  Hammond is very confused because there is no new member of SG-1 and now the trio is confused as well.

Jack and Tyler, a young black guy, are hiding in the brush from the Jaffa.

General Hammond wants the trio to report to Janet and is generally grumpy because this is a definite issue.  They need to hand over their weapons, by force if necessary, and an upset Sam initiates the hand-over.

Jack carries Tyler, who got a serious leg injury during the fight, to some nearby ruins for better cover and defense.  Scouting out the area, Jack can’t spot any Jaffa and has faith in Sam coming back for them.  Tyler is grateful that Jack came back for him.  The older man claims it was just due to “a ton of paperwork” that would have resulted had he died that he came back for him.

“Paperwork?” echoes Tyler in confusion.

“It’s a joke.  My way of deflecting attention from my own obvious heroism.  You’ll get used to it.”


Tyler claims he gets it.

In the briefing room, Janet arrives to talk to the general.  She says that the burn on Teal’c will heal quickly due to his symbiote but can’t find anything wrong with the trio.  When asked about hallucinations, she refutes they’re not shared.  The trio is already in quarantine and worried about Jack.  Hammond is understandably concerned that anybody who goes to P7S-441 will end up similiarly compromised so he won’t let anybody go there until they know what’s going on.  Janet exits.  I’m not sure why but the wormhole has been open in the background for this whole conversation.

Down in the infirmary, the trio is irritable.  They know that Hammond and Fraiser aren’t liars and Teal’c is the first to acknowledge they might be the ones with an issue.  Probably he’s recalling how just recently he got mind-whammied by Apophis.

Daniel brings up his initial encounter with the quantum mirror in “There But for the Grace of God” and Teal’c adds the Gate could have malfunctioned.  Sam doesn’t think the Gate can link to alternate realities.  Teal’c suggests if Tyler exists then there’d be a record of him.

Sam’s access code has been denied, presumably due to the chance of them being a “security risk”.  But that doesn’t mean Sam can’t get into the computer system.

Tyler claims he lost his weapon as Jack goes over their weaponry inventory as they hide in the ruins.

Once into the records, Sam finds no trace of a Lieutenant Tyler.  While concerned they’re the ones in the wrong, Teal’c points out that either way Jack is in trouble.  Sam notices that somebody’s been checking out base data for the past few weeks, including a search identical to Sam’s less than an hour ago as well as earlier looks at SG-1’s personnel files.  Due to not having a base id, there’s just the number 4574 to mark his digital path.

Jack wants to go check the area for drinkable water.  Aware that they should have been back by now, Jack knows some issue has happened but has faith that they “don’t leave [their] people behind”.  To be fair, in “A Hundred Days” they came for him after a meteor shower despite it taking months to do so.

Tyler is strangely anxious in Jack’s opinion.  Jack tosses him a radio, Tyler failing to catch it, and will do three clicks on his way back on so that Tyler doesn’t shoot him.  The camera zooms in to show that the MREs were made in Tyler, Texas USA.

Three scientists, two of whom are female, are with an UAV in the Gate room.  The second MALP was taken out by Jaffa fire, so hopefully this UAV will successfully find Jack.

Jack is in the brush.  Over the radio, Walter and Hammond briefly contact Jack before there’s static and the UAV’s signal is lost.  Hammond is worried by the confirmation that Jack also believes in Tyler’s existence.

Contrasting Perspectives

Colonel Simmons shows up and Hammond directs him to his office.  “Imaginary friend” is referenced and Simmons has been ordered to investigate.  Hammond is prickly as the other man feigns helpfulness.  Simmons warns him not to rely on his red phone too often and that administrations change.

That night, Simmons is in the briefing room when Daniel is escorted there.

Janet wants to see part of a uniform where there’s a substance on it, touching it through the plastic bag it’s in.  A nurse reports that the blood tests came back without anomalies.  She wants this residue analyzed.  Janet then has a flash of Tyler walking along a base hallway.

Simmons shows footage of the briefing prior to this mission: the four, Hammond, and Janet.  Then he brings up Sarah Gardner from “The Curse”.  Daniel is confused by how these two events are connected.  While manipulative, Simmons has a point about Daniel’s judgment can be clouded due to what has happened to him.  First thing that comes to mind is him killing all those Goa’uld larvae in “Bloodlines”.  Yes, later events justified them already being irredeemably evil but that wasn’t known yet.

Janet goes to visit Sam in her cell, as she now remembers what Tyler looks like.  Sam knows something happened to them but how could Janet be affected.  It’s pointed out that Janet can’t be suspected right now and she needs to collect evidence so they can help Jack as soon as possible.  The commentary points out how the women’s loyalty to each other overrides their loyalty to the military structure.

Hammond uses the red phone repeatedly to try to find out who Colonel Simmons works for.

Jack and Tyler are awake and wary at night.  The commentary reveals this is a rare scene filmed actually outside during actual night.  He starts to make conversation with the younger man.  It’s revealed that while born in Chicago, Jack was raised in Minnesota.  He loves his state and fishing.  Tyler is bemused by the concept of fishing and Jack claims Teal’c loves it too.  They might have to head into the hills until the Jaffa lose interest.

Tyler is convinced that the Jaffa won’t ever stop hunting them.  Jack wants him to get some sleep, but the younger man remains nervous.

Teal’c is now being interrogated by Simmons about the events of “Enemies”.  Teal’c can be scary when he wants to be as he points out if he was still convinced to be on Apophis’ side he’d have no qualms about killing the other man.

Tyler’s now asleep as day breaks but now Jack is anxious.  There’s a death glider flying overhead.  Telling Tyler to stay put, Jack goes to a ridge-ish spot just beyond the ruins.  The glider starts blasting stuff but Jack gets a shot off on the glider.  It goes off course and ends up crashing in the distance.  Tyler is impressed by Jack’s marksmanship.  Tyler has a theory on where the glider came from but can’t move yet.  Instead they’ll have to dig in, so to speak.

Now it’s Sam’s turn to meet with Colonel Simmons.  The blonde quickly realizes that Simmons is user 4574 and is trying to take them out for his boss’ sake, not because they’re an actual threat to SGC security.  I do wish there was a sympathetic character who had legitimate concerns about SG-1’s antics because sometimes they are mavericks.

Jack plants C4 in two spots and sets up tripwires before returning to the ruins.  Tyler is freaking out over the possibility of Jack dying to protect him.


Hammond and Simmons drop by in the infirmary where Janet is.  The chemical on the uniform of Teal’c affects the part of the brain related to human memory and face recognition.  Janet says her theory and when asked suggests that SG-1’s own brains filled in the details.  Thus, it’s possible the team’s belief in Tyler would have collapsed had they discussed their memories and realized the discrepancies.

Janet admits she got briefly exposed and thus got confirmation that any effects seen via brain scan would fade away quickly.  Simmons doesn’t think they can trust her judgment.  Janet’s worried for Jack while Hammond is unsettled and uncertain.

Jack runs back to the ruins, having counted at least fifteen Jaffa.  Tyler admits the truth that he’s a “reol” and his leg injury is nearly gone by now.  He briefly is able to show his true, alien-looking self to Jack.  His species uses their chemical to conceal themselves and the Goa’uld are invested in learning how to do the same.  Tyler sums up what happened prior to the episode starting, and Jack’s grumpy about the timing.

The Jaffa are nearing the ruins, the tripwires taking out some of them.  Tyler hits the button for the C4 while Jack shoots other Jaffa.  Yet they remain greatly outnumbered.  Some Jaffa sneak up on them and the duo ends up surrendering.

Sam and Daniel come to their rescue, with Teal’c showing up moments later to point his staff weapon at Tyler.  Jack reveals that Tyler told him the truth about himself.  It’s time to head back to Earth.

The Reols are used to hiding and not fighting and he wasn’t initially sure that the humans could be trusted.  Now the Goa’uld are hunting them to extinction in hopes of learning their secrets.  Tyler will go to an isolated new colony, the Gate buried after his return so they’ll be safe.  The five end up on a ridge and Teal’c has them pause and approach cautiously.

Jack gets out a telescope gizmo to see that there are lots of Jaffa present around the Gate.  Tyler offers to surrender.  Jack says that’s brave but they can’t risk the Goa’uld learning his race’s secrets.  By voicing his wish for more firepower, Jack gets an idea.  Jack asks for Tyler’s real name, which is Kaiael, so he sticks with calling him Tyler.

Daniel is told to stay with Tyler while Sam gives him her zat.  The other three leave to seek out the damaged death glider.  Teal’c confirms that the cannon might be operational.

Tyler blames himself for this situation.  Daniel assures him that they don’t blame him.  Tyler tells Daniel he appreciates all Jack has done for him before zatting him.

Hammond goes to the briefing room where Simmons is.  While the general’s grumpy, I will admit Simmons has a point about SGC’s issues.  However, saying he knows how to leave gracefully and hopes Hammond does as well before exiting was just a jerk move.

The trio finds Daniel as he wakes up.  With some usage of the zat, Tyler is luring nearly all of the Jaffa away from the Gate.  Jack grumbles, “He’s trying to be a hero.”

Teal’c and Sam admit that practically this is their best shot at escape.

Tyler is running through the woods, chased by Jaffa.  When caught, the large group starts to escort him back towards the Gate.  But then they’re attacked from above by Teal’c using the glider cannon.  The three humans use bullets and tripwires.  The battle is soon over; Teal’c is a bit sad about the dead Jaffa as they were only misguided by the Goa’uld.

The humans approach Tyler and a grumpy Jack helps him up, saying, “We don’t leave our people behind.”

“But… I am not one of your people.”

“Could’ve fooled me.  Actually, you did fool me.”

It’s time to leave, the Jaffa at the Gate already taken care of.  Jack tries to suggest their races could be allies.  Tyler admits he lacks major political sway but he can try.  Before leaving through the wormhole, Tyler comments that if their races do become allies, Jack can take him fishing.


This was a great episode.  ‘Tyler’ was a good one-off character with an interesting arc and I appreciate seeing more POC.  His growing bond with Jack was great.  And I loved how the other three eventually figured things out.  Janet played a key role here and her friendship with Sam was underscored.  Of course, there’s also that Hammond trusted his own people over Simmons despite the chance of them being compromised by an alien influence.

Colonel Simmons returns in a more overtly villainous role.  Yet he has a point about SG-1 getting up to shenanigans that could easily lead to disaster.  They always do things for the right reasons, but sometimes those methods aren’t in line with standard military structure and other times they do cut it pretty close.  Then again, the Pentagon and NID often do things within that structure which aren’t morally sound.

I’m a bit confused why this wasn’t episode five, though.


Next time on Stargate SG-1: Mistakes are made on K’Tau.


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