15-19: One Gets Away

Will seeks to redeem himself after Kamdor and Miratrix steal the third jewel from him.

Last time on Power Rangers: Mack suffered from bad luck.


Sapphire Blue

I’m not quite sure why the show keeps doing previously on segments for non-multiple-parters.  In any case, the team is on a beach somewhere.  Mack, Dax, and Rose are wearing their colors so it’s now half-and-half.  Rose is holding the compass and ends up leading the team into the ocean when guiding them towards the third jewel.

Moltor is on his throne when Mig and Benglo show up with some defeated Lava Lizards.  Reviving his minions, Moltor explains he has successfully tricked them into his lair… so he can give them a map to invincible armor that they can use to defeat the Power Rangers.  I don’t think Moltor has thought out what’ll happen if this leads the Fearcats to have the Corona Aurora.  Then again, maybe he’s just that certain he’ll never lose the crown.

Dax, Ronny, and Will went diving, morphed.  Ronny found a big blue sapphire that’s the third jewel.  Unknown to the six, Miratrix is spying on them from the nearby brush.

The two Fearcats have somehow constructed or obtained another giant robot.

The team is hanging out on the beach as they change back into their uniforms.  Uh… okay.  Mack, Rose, and Tyzonn are wearing the short-sleeved version.  While Ronny is hopeful for a vacation, Dax suddenly reacts to the hot sand on his feet.  Andrew alerts them that the Fearcats in their giant robot are attacking the city.  To be fair, it’s possible they’re not attacking San Angeles… but not plausible.

Ronny reasons it’d be a bad idea to take the jewel into battle so Will volunteers to take the jewel to Mr. Hartford while the others go to fight the Fearcats.


But as soon as the others leave, Miratrix and Kamdor arrive.  The screen-cap is right before Kamdor blasts him.  She lampshades it being the three of them again.

Will morphs and calls upon his HoverTech Cycle to use in the ensuing battle.  Miratrix creates a shockwave with her sword that puts Will off-guard but he manages to call upon the Defender Vest just before Kamdor attacks.  But the blue being still manages to grab the sapphire and toss it to Miratrix.

Saying “See you later, flyboy”, she teleports away as does Kamdor to Will’s frustration.

Meanwhile, the DriveMax Ultrazord fights the giant robot.


Will confesses the situation to Andrew and Spencer in the former’s study.  He now legitimately wants to resign.  Accepting it and Will’s tracker, Andrew leaves after handing said tracker over to Spencer.


*face palms*

*hits head against wall*

I just… I have no words.  Remember that similar scene back in “Reflection, Part 2”?  Sky felt he had let down the team and wanted to get demoted.  Doggie asked for the opinion of the squad leader.  Jack promptly managed to snap Sky out of his funk, even if it got a bit harsh.  That was this scenario done right.  The mentor is here to guide the Rangers, but he also ensures the team functions well together and is led by the Red Ranger not just in combat situations.

To just unilaterally accept Will’s resignation without even checking with the others… ACK.  And, of course, they’d just figure this was like “Both Sides Now” and Will hadn’t really resigned.


Professor X is very disappointed in you, Andrew.

Thankfully, Spencer tries to hand back Will’s tracker and says, “Once a Ranger, always a Ranger”.  The butler calls the others’ situation a “donnybrook” and that they could use his help.

Indeed, the four are struggling against the giant robot and Rose reports that their flight mode got destroyed.  But the giant robot has overheated and leaves as Tyzonn approaches in his Zord, the Rescue Runners on either side.  I don’t know what took him so long.

An upset Will is on a rooftop and morphs to use his “double oh zip shooter” to tag along on the departing giant robot.  Mig and Benglo exit once out in the woods, planning to split up- Mig to repair/guard the giant robot while Benglo seeks out the armor.  Will is spying on them.

As he goes down a path, Benglo gets ambushed by Will.  The human readily gets the map and makes his escape to the Fearcat’s fury.

Andrew is lounging in his chair when Spencer approaches.  The older man calls him out for acting so harshly towards Will when he himself had lost the crown a while back.

“That was different.  You’re missing the point.”

“Oh no, sir.  It’s you that’s missing the point.  I remember a certain ten-year-old who cost his team a victory because he committed a costly error in an all-star baseball game not that many years ago.”

Andrew recalls that Spencer got his glove out of the trash, drove him to the park, and made him play.  The butler corrects him that he made himself play.  Andrew repents of his hasty reaction and Spencer admits he already gave Will his tracker back to his boss’s amusement.

A morphed Will blasts apart a boulder to find the samurai-like super armor within.  Benglo attacks Will, who wields his Drive Defender against the Fearcat.  They blast at each other, but as Will gets battered his morphed teammates come to his rescue.  I think, since he’s the one with a blaster out, Tyzonn did most of the work there.

United They Stand

Will briefly recaps the current scenario.  Benglo points out that it’s not six versus one as Mig in the giant robot has arrived.  It grabs the super armor and receives an upgrade.

“This is not good at all,” frets Rose.

Mack contacts Spencer about sending the Zords.  Both the DriveMax Ultrazord and Flashpoint Megazord are formed, but get battered by the giant robot.  Ronny is concerned that the Fearcats are now “unbeatable”.

Will is determined to defeat them and reveals the theft of the third jewel, admitting, “I’ve let the team down.”

The others’ reactions indicate they feel otherwise.  Will stays focused on the topic that even if he failed, this doesn’t mean the team as a whole should fail as well.  A new strategy is suggested by Will- separate and attack from all sides.

Rose has the Shovel Drivel, Ronny the Drill Driver, Dax the Cement Driver, Mack the Crane Driver, Will the standard DriveMax Megazord, and Tyzonn his Flashpoint Megazord.  No clue where the Sonic Streaker went.  Tyzonn switches out his typical arms for the Crane and Drill Drivers to use against the giant robot.  When it dodges, Tyzonn has the Rescue Runners attack instead.

Will and Rose attack next, the Fearcats remaining smug as they combat the duo.  Mack comes to his teammates’ aid as the giant robot starts to get overheated from fending off multiple attacks.  Mack uses his Zord to grab the super armor from the Fearcats.

Tyzonn and Will are eager to take the duo on.  Some mix-and-match occurs with the arms prior to the blasts, the Fearcats leaping away just before the giant robot explodes.

Moltor is upset with the results so he blasts at some of his Lava Lizards.

Miratrix admires the sapphire, but Kamdor is aware of just how much more effort lies ahead for them.

Norg is making a snowman.  Flurious recounts the situation as it currently stands.  Three jewels have been found: two in the Rangers’ possession and one in Miratrix and Kamdor’s.  The crown itself is with Moltor.  The part about him having nothing leads him to blast apart the yeti’s creation.  Determined to change that, he starts to laugh evilly but stops when Norg tries to join in.

Andrew is talking to the team down in the base, giving special kudos to Will and Spencer.  Once dismissed, the team exits.

“And thank you, sir, for hearing what you didn’t want to hear,” Spencer says.  “Be sure I shall always tell you my truth, no matter what.  After all, you trusted me with your biggest secret.”

As the butler leaves, Andrew is awkward as he presumably thinks upon said secret.  I guess what Spencer means by “my truth” is that he’s aware that his perspective isn’t always the most accurate, but he will always tell it as he sees it.


I am infuriated with Andrew’s actions in this episode.  Did Will mess up?  Maybe, but he was alone against two very determined foes… foes who particularly dislike him after the events of “Both Sides Now”.  And as Spencer pointed out, it wasn’t anything that Andrew hadn’t done in the recent past.  Yes, Will’s a Ranger but at that point Andrew wanted to be the Red Ranger, so it’s moot.  Furthermore, this is a long-term effort and it’s a valid option they might regain the sapphire in the future.

Now I’m wondering if Spencer went along with the punishment back in “Lights, Camera, Dax” because he suspected Andrew would overreact to a loss in battle even more so it’d be in the Rangers’ best interest to avoid aggravating Andrew.  I get why he didn’t speak up in front of Will (showing a united front before the Rangers and all) but still.  Usually the mentor acts as the team’s moral compass when needed… the fact that Spencer is playing that role for both the team and Andrew is worrying.

Also, I’m starting to wonder about Spencer’s past if he’s been with the Hartfords since Andrew was a kid.  And where are the elder Hartfords… dead, I guess but some confirmation would be nice.

The big secret is first openly alluded to although with hindsight it’s clear where the earlier foreshadowing is.  Expect more James McAvoy therapy when that reveal comes.

I appreciate that it is shown and not told that Will is now a team member.  Well, he does a bit of a speech towards the end but after his devotion to the team has been shown.  Of course, he needed a bit of a reminder that one mistake- even a big one- doesn’t invalidate him as being a helpful member of the team.  There’s also a smaller moral of your mistakes not being as awful as you see them compared to how your friends do; basically, that it’s sometimes easier to forgive others than yourself.

Of course, Andrew seems to have the opposite attitude, which is a concern.

Him losing the crown?  Not a big deal.  Will losing one of the jewels is.

Dax wanting to do a one-day movie shoot?  Big deal.  Putting the Rangers on a morning talk show is fine.

Plus there’s the fact that Andrew never apologizes to Will; he reassures him, but doesn’t say sorry for overreacting to the theft of the third jewel.


Next time on Power Rangers: Thrax compels a villainous alliance, so Rangers from the past must come to this team’s aid.


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