15-20: Once a Ranger, Part 1

When new villain Thrax breaks the team’s connection to the morphing grid, the Sentinel Knight calls upon five senior Rangers to protect the jewels.

Last time on Power Rangers: Kamdor and Miratrix stole the third jewel from Will.


Ruby Red, Emerald Green

A monster has just stolen a large ruby from a museum for Kamdor and Miratrix.  The blue being annoyed it’s not of the jewels of the Corona Aurora, but Miratrix approves of it.  In a nearby field, they’re confronted by the six morphed Rangers.  A battle breaks out: Ronny and Rose versus the monster, Will versus Kamdor, and Miratrix versus Dax.  Mack and Tyzonn come to the girls’ aid, the latter taking point in destroying the monster.  The duo retreats.

Norg slides down and somehow gets his head encased in ice before giving Flurious a small clasped container that contains a message from Thrax.

Demorphed, the six are cheered for by a crowd in front of the museum as somehow they obtained the ruby during the fight.  Off to the side, Miratrix and Kamdor are upset.  Another message container teleports into Kamdor’s hand.  The blue being is dismissive of the message, but they end up teleported to a green-lit cave containing the other villains (and Norg).

Thrax, son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, shows up.  I’m not going to question how or when he came into existence here.  Somehow Miratrix has heard of him.  At some point in the past, the Sentinel Knight imprisoned him during a battle (like his mom, it was a space dumpster).  As the Sentinel Knight weakened, Thrax grew stronger… or at least the spell weakened enough for him to get free while on the moon it seems.  In any case, Thrax wants a “temporary alliance” between the villains so they can take out the Power Rangers, who have kept them all from obtaining the jewels and generally doing evil.

Back in the mansion’s rec room, the team is pleased to be Power Rangers and the changes wrought in their lives as Spencer gives them glasses of lemonade.  Tyzonn reminds them that the best part is saving the world.  A framed TV screen shows the evil alliance in the city.

The six arrive via the SHARC, already morphed.  Both sides charge.  Mack tries to take on Thrax.  Dax struggles against both Moltor and Benglo.  Tyzonn fights Chillers and Miratrix while Ronny fights Chillers and Mig.  In the Transtek Armor, Rose takes on Lava Lizards and Kamdor.  Somehow she gets blasted out of it despite wearing the harness and ends up battered.  Will tries to use his HoverTech Cycle to fight Flurious and Lava Lizards, but the former blasts him off the vehicle quickly.  As a result, Will gets thrown about by the group.

Thrax channels the group’s collective “evil energy” to break the six’s connection to the morphing grid.  They demorph and their trackers are broken.  Thrax explains what just happened to them.  The Sentinel Knight teleports in, particularly upsetting Flurious and Moltor.

Thrax is aware of what can destroy the Sentinel Knight.  The glowing figure teleports the team to elsewhere in the city before disappearing, pointing out that the remaining jewels are unprotected.  Ronny is especially upset.  Mack is concerned when his tracker emits sparks, afraid they’re now “powerless”.

Once back down in the base, they and Andrew are worried.  Dax is the first to voice the fact they’re no longer Power Rangers.  Spencer shows up to explain that the evil alliance is searching the Earth for the jewels.

Will points out, “Then it’s only a matter of time before they come here for the two we have.”

Andrew wants to prevent that.  He points out that the team still has their genetically enhanced powers.  Mack concurs they have to try.

Battle at Stonehenge

Kamdor and Mig are at said location, looking for a jewel, when the Jeep and three cycles show up.  Dax has a four-wheeler while Ronny and Will have two-wheeled cycles; the other three are in the Jeep.  Mig easily batters the Jeep before throwing Mack out of it.  Tyzonn goes to his friend’s aid, using his mercury ability but ends up blasted at.

Rose, while invisible, goes “hey” just prior to attacking, which ruins the whole ‘being invisible’ thing.  Apparently her high IQ doesn’t guarantee common sense.  This enables Mig to defend himself.  Mack tries to throw the Jeep at Mig to no avail, the Fearcat blasting him down before he can do so.

On their cycles, Dax and Ronny attack Kamdor.  Dax and Kamdor super leap while fighting.  Ronny drives to his aid, somehow hitting a rock.  She then gets battered by Kamdor despite brief usage of her power; Will tries to help her out to little effect.  Each of them at different points calls out at the villain, implying it’s a typical attention-getting tactic for the group.

All six are felled, the two villains wanting to finish the group off.

Then the Mystic Force theme starts up, vines attacking Mig.  A morphed Xander shows up.

A red-clad Bridge shows up, blasters at the ready after attacking Kamdor as the SPD theme plays.  He goes, “Hello!”

Kira attacks Mig (Dino Thunder theme) while Tori (Ninja Storm theme) attacks Kamdor.  A crevasse opens up when Adam uses the Power Axe as his theme plays.


The six are very confused as the five newcomers line up.  Ronny is extra confused, Dax is impressed, and Rose states the obvious.  Upset, Kamdor and Mig teleport away.  The five power down as there’s triumphant music.  There’s a close-up on each of their faces as they turn around.  The two groups meet up in the middle of Stonehenge.  The Sentinel Knight appears, ready to talk, but Tori points out this isn’t the right place.

Teenage me was so impressed by this sequence and the appearance of past Rangers, most of whom I had only read about before.  Actually, I still need to watch pretty much all of Adam’s, Tori’s, and Kira’s adventures.  It is amusing that I have ended up watching Adam’s final appearance in these seventeen seasons first.

The Replacements

It’s time go down to the base.  Xander comments that it’s more impressive than a “hollow tree”.  Um, no, Rootcore is much cooler than this place.  Then again, it is canon that Xander hides his insecurities and nerves under charm and wit.

Will comments, “So… you’ve all been Rangers before.”

“Well, uh, except for me,” Bridge speaks up.  “See, I’m not a Ranger yet.  But I will be in the future.  In the future, I’m gonna be the Green Ranger.  Oh, and then I’m gonna be the Blue Ranger.”

“But you’re wearing red?” points out Rose.

“Oh, uh, yeah.  Well, long story short: our mentor, who’s, well, who’s a dog, got promoted to head of SPD, which used to be run by a bird, but he retired and went down to Miami.  And then Sky got promoted and I got promoted.  And that’s why I’m the Red Ranger- or rather, will be.”

“Makes sense to me,” smiles Dax.  But clearly everybody else is just more confused.

Andrew welcomes the ‘newcomers’.  The Sentinel Knight explains that he recruited these five and used some of his own energy to restore their powers.  Well, it’s not clarified but I’m pretty sure Xander never lost his powers and the DT/SPD crossovers show that B-Squad retains their powers when in the past.  The five go “Once a Ranger, always a Ranger,” when Adam points out they’re happy to help.

“As the Guardian of the Jewels, it is my duty to see that they are protected.  That’s why I’ve chosen Adam, Bridge, Xander, Tori, and Kira to replace you as the new team of Power Rangers.”

The six (and Andrew) are astonished by this revelation.

An unknown time later, the six are hanging out in the rec room.  And now the core five are all wearing their color; Tyzonn’s mostly in grey, so maybe he is but the trim on his uniform is orange so I’ll continue to view him as part of the Gold/Other group.  Ronny arrives with a news article about the new team’s latest success… which vaguely implies at least some of their upset is with the lack of fame, which is against Zordon’s rules.  I blame Andrew and him putting them on a talk show.

The five return, happy and relaxed after their latest victory which apparently involved the Zords.  When Kira mentions Dr. O. would love this command center, Adam brings up his disbelief at Tommy being a doctor.  Tori’s pleased at how well they’re working together.  Kira and Xander reassure them this is just a temporary measure until Operation Overdrive’s powers are restored.  Ronny is losing hope.  When the alarms blare, the quintet departs.  After they leave, Ronny is the most overtly grumpy about the situation.

Flurious is with some Chillers in the city, having them block up a major road with boulders, when a morphed Adam shows up on the HoverTech Cycle as the other four (also morphed) run towards the villains.  All five take on the Chillers in an awesome fight scene.  When they face off against Flurious, the cranky villain teleports away.

Later, Adam is helping Andrew down in the base in an effort to find a way to repair the morphing grid.  He comments on Thrax having the worst traits of both his parents.  Andrew has reinforced the morphing grid to keep Thrax from pulling any similar stunts yet lacks the technology to do the repairs.  Adam has an idea on who would.  I’d love to know more about how the morphing grid works; I suspect Zordon was involved in its creation.

Flurious shows up in the green-lit cave to yell at Thrax about Power Rangers “popping up like geraniums”.  Norg comments that he likes said flowers.  Vulturas is called upon to take out the quintet while Thrax wants revenge on the Sentinel Knight.


Spencer had informed Andrew off-screen that the six want to speak to him.  They’re in the same civilian garb as earlier.  Having had a discussion, they have decided that they can’t help on the mission anymore and Andrew has things under control with the new guys so they want to go back to “their normal lives”.  Andrew asks for Mack’s opinion.  He won’t leave his home but has to admit he doubts he can seriously help anymore.  Dax confirms they all want to leave the Operation Overdrive mission.  I wonder why/how Dax got picked to be spokesman here.


A lot of plot threads were established here to be tied up in the latter half.  Thrax has appeared to be a serious threat to Earth, especially in how he can corral the four factions into a supposedly temporary alliance.  There’s apparently a way to destroy the Sentinel Knight.  Furthermore, the team has decided to go back to their normal lives now that they lack powers and have been replaced.

And I get that.  The Sentinel Knight flat-out said the six have been replaced by Adam, Tori, Kira, Bridge, and Xander.  This isn’t like the “SWAT” two-parter or the “Dark Wish” trilogy where there’s no back-up to step up and save the day.  And there’s precedent for Rangers to be replaced by newcomers- the first such example includes Adam himself taking Zack’s place.  And let’s face it- due to their experience, the five are more competent in battle.

Or I’m just baffled by just how poorly the six handled themselves at Stonehenge.  Maybe they were more affected than anybody thought by the loss of their connection to the morphing grid?  Somehow the Zords are still functioning, which is weird.

It’s great to see Bridge and Xander again, and more than ever I’m looking forward to Adam’s run as a Ranger as well as Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder.  There is a part of me that wonders how things would have played out if the five had stayed as the new protectors of the Corona Aurora jewels.

I’m a bit baffled by the villains not immediately going after the two jewels at the Hartford mansion… maybe they figure the heroes couldn’t be as dumb as to keep them there after Moltor’s successful theft of the crown.


Next time on Power Rangers: Mack goes in search of Excelsior and there’s an epic team-up melee.


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