2-19: Two for One

Lord Zedd plots to ruin Tommy and Kimberly’s date.

Last time on Power Rangers: Tommy became the White Power Ranger.


Love in the Air

At the Gym and Juice Bar, Kimberly has picked out a special outfit to wear on her upcoming date with Tommy.  She’s even borrowed the see-through purse her mom took on her first date with Kimberly’s dad.  Um.  It was revealed back in “Return of an Old Friend, Part 1” that Kimberly’s parents are divorced, so I’m not sure if this is a good idea.  Or the show just accidentally foreshadowed that this relationship also isn’t going to work out.

Trini bought her the tube of lipstick Kimberly wanted, “Siren Song Red”.  Richie drops by to give them their diet sodas… and to ask Trini on a “study date”.  They’re adorkable, while Kimberly is both amused and finding it cute.

Bulk and Skull arrive with a modified metal detector to search out the Power Rangers.  Evidently Bulk’s cousin Waldo at Angel Grove Tech did it for them.  Kimberly and Trini can’t help but be amused.

Jason and Tommy emerge from presumably the boys’ locker room, each with a towel over their shoulder.  Commenting on Kimberly’s outfit, Tommy wants to change before going on the date… but it’s already four while he had thought it was three since apparently he didn’t wind up his watch right this morning.  Abashed, Tommy still wants to go home briefly to change.  Kimberly accepts this.

Lord Zedd is not happy about all this puppy love going around and wants to turn their “dream date into a nightmare”.

Kimberly and Tommy have fun in the park, have a picnic at a table, and stroll by the lake’s beach in a quick montage.  Bulk and Skull also in the park, still searching for the Power Rangers.

The plan is to create one monster out of Kimberly’s purse and another from one of its contents.  Z-Putties beam in to attack the duo as they walk down a park path.  Kimberly has to put down her purse to fight.  Tommy asks, “May I have this dance?”

Kimberly takes his hand and they briefly combo-attack the minions.  They fight the minions as a rock song plays.  Luckily for Kimberly, she put on pink spandex shorts under her dress.  While they’re distracted, one of the minions scoops up the purse.  Tommy actually kicks one Z-Putty up the hill.  The thieving minion finds the lipstick tube and the two items get teleported away.  Lord Zedd creates Pursehead.


Kimberly realizes her purse is gone once the Z-Putties have been defeated and doesn’t know what she’ll tell her mom.  Pursehead shows up, further frazzling the brunette.  Tommy reassures her just before they morph.  But the monster uses a mirror beam to freeze the couple.

Lord Zedd creates the Lipsyncher monster out of the lipstick tube.

Twice the Trouble

Zack and Jason are sparring while Billy exercises nearby in the Gym and Juice Bar.  Zordon contacts Jason about teleporting to the Command Center because Tommy and Kimberly are in trouble.  Jason wants to contact Trini first.

Soon all four are there, Zordon explaining the situation.  Billy uses technobabble that Trini translates.  Alarms blare to alert the group to the second monster Lipsyncher.  Trini is upset when she realizes the source of this particular monster.

Trini, Billy, and Alpha 5 will work together to find a way to undo the beam’s effects.  Zack’s worried for Jason taking on Lipsyncher alone, but both boys morph.  Zack tries to go after Pursehead, only to get frozen as well.  Billy’s concerned as the trio works back in the Command Center.

Jason has better luck against Lipsyncher, getting a cut on her face that greatly upsets her vanity.  Lord Zedd glows red at the monster getting distracted, making Baboo and Squatt fearful.  The villain sends down a BBomb8 to supersize Lipsyncher.

In response Jason calls upon his Zord and the two fight in Angel Grove… despite having just been in the park.  Okay then.  The mini-Megazord is formed but the monster has the upper hand in the battle.

Billy is struggling to figure out the technology to undo the beam.  Alpha 5 alerts Billy, Trini, and Zordon that Jason is in trouble.  But the power levels are already at the brink of overload so they’re unsure of what they can do to help.

Bulk and Skull continue their search, ending up literally over their heads as they head into the lake.

Trini and Billy continue to work while Alpha fails to contact Jason.  But the blond has completed “the reverse ocular dilator” so the plan is to free the others and then go to Jason’s aid.  The duo morphs.

Pursehead is attacked by Trini while Billy uses his device to free Kimberly, Tommy, and Zack.  The five surround the monster.  Zordon contacts Tommy about Jason needing help.  He sends off his teammates to do so, confident he can handle Pursehead.  So of course moments after the others teleport away Tommy ends up tied up with magical, supersized dental floss.

Lord Zedd is smug about the approaching victory.  But Tommy calls upon Saba, who attacks Pursehead so the teen can get free and defeat the monster.  Pursehead reverts back to Kimberly’s mother’s purse.

While irritable, Lord Zedd remains sure that Lipsyncher will succeed.  Goldar assures him of that as well.

Arriving, the other four call upon their Zords, three of which do individual attacks at the monster.  Billy’s Unicorn Thunderzord telekinetically throws boulders at the monster.  Trini’s Griffin Thunderzord spits fireballs while Kimberly’s Phoenix Thunderzord creates a magical pink tornado.  Zack’s Lion Thunderzord didn’t get involved for some reason.  To Lipsyncher’s surprise, Jason’s Zord gets back up.  The five ‘unite’ as a float of Zords (I’m not quite sure how else to phrase it).  Baboo and Squatt are impressed and want to take a ride on it while Lord Zedd glows red.

Lipsyncher is destroyed by Jason’s Zord’s attack.  On his throne, Lord Zedd rants at his minions about this latest failure… even though they weren’t involved in this plot beyond encouraging him.  But it’s a thing for villains in Power Rangers that their failures are everybody’s fault but their own.

At the lake beach, the six Rangers are hanging out.  Kimberly’s relieved that her mother’s purse is okay when Tommy returns it to her.  The lake bubbles up and Zack notices the modified detector pop up.  Bulk and Skull come out of the lake, soaking wet and covered in seaweed.  The six are amused by the state they’re in.

Bulk and Skull’s detector apparently stops at a bunch of kids (or it’s broken from being in the water for who knows how long).  The six teens tease the duo about ‘finding’ the Power Rangers.


The opening credits have indeed undergone a metamorphosis: lots of clips entailing Tommy’s new stuff and a new set-up for the Rangers’ individual credits.

It looks like Tommy and Kimberly are indeed dating.  Furthermore, it looks like Trini and Richie might be making their way to being more than friends as well.  I have to wonder if Lord Zedd’s vendetta against love has a factor a failed relationship with Rita Repulsa in the past.

Trini and Kimberly continue to be buddies as do Tommy and Jason.  Oddly enough, Zack and Billy don’t seem to be close to ‘complete’ the set, so to speak.  Zack’s closer to Jason, and although closest to Tommy, Jason does seem to be good friends with both.  Billy and Trini work well together to solve technological issues facing the team.  He and Kimberly are good friends as well.  It’s definitely interesting to see the team dynamics this way.

Amusingly enough, to a degree Lord Zedd’s plan did work.  After the monsters were defeated, Tommy and Kimberly didn’t resume their date and instead opted to hang out with their teammates.


Next time on Power Rangers: Lord Zedd steals Billy’s latest invention for his new evil scheme.



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