15-22: One Fine Day

The team’s picnic is ruined when they come across the Fearcats’ latest scheme.

Last time on Power Rangers: There was awesomeness due to Adam, Tori, Kira, Bridge, and Xander.


Not a Picnic

Rose is on a couch in the rec room, reading a book on advanced physics as she chews gum.  Tyzonn is sitting on the opposite ottoman, watching her.  When she moves, he moves to sit next to her and asks her about what she ate for breakfast when seven before going to college and what she ate when eight at college.  This is confirmation that Rose went to college super early.

The other four Rangers are off on a picnic as they have the day off.  Tyzonn is lacking awareness as he continues his queries about her breakfast at age eleven, so she decides to join the others instead of reading.

Mack, Will, Dax, and Ronny are trekking in a meadow, each of them wearing their color.  Will does a title drop and there’s another confirmation about it being their day off.  When Dax complains, Mack opts to wear the backpack with their gear as he has super strength.  The brunet talks about how he hasn’t gone on a picnic in over ten years, back when Andrew had more time while Spencer made the food.

Huh, it was mentioned back in “Kick Into Overdrive, Part 1” that Andrew Hartford has been searching for the Corona Aurora for about a decade.  So basically, Andrew became a workaholic due to his obsessive search for said artifact.

Rose, having changed clothes, runs up to them.  Before she was in a red with black trim top and a black skirt; now she’s wearing a black and white striped hoodie over a pink top and black slacks.  The quartet quickly realizes she stopped reading and joined them due to ditching Tyzonn.  However, the blond runs up with her book.  To Rose’s annoyance Will invites him along on the picnic.  Evidently the concept of picnics bemuses Tyzonn.

The group spots Norg heading into the nearby woods.  Dax wants to follow the possible Bigfoot to become “famous-er”.  Deeper in the woods, the Fearcats want to find the Centurion Torch to use it against the Rangers.  Benglo creates a force field to keep out “any interruptions”.

Spencer alerts Andrew that there’s an abnormal reading.  When the butler recalls that the team is off picnicking when Andrew wants to contact them, he opts not to put them back on duty just yet and promises to contact them if things get more serious.  Since they’re alone down in the base, the two men talk about how much things have changed over the past few years.  It’s been two years since Mack’s arrival and six months since the start of Operation Overdrive.  I’m assuming they’re excluding the six-month preparation time skipped over back in the premiere.  This confirms something’s up with Mack, but he’s oblivious to it.

The Fearcats are searching for the Centurion Torch in the woods while the Rangers are searching for ‘Bigfoot’.  Ronny finds his footprints, Rose pointing out how they just stop in the middle of the path.  Tyzonn is weirdly proud about her observation.  Rose is aggravated so Dax pats her shoulder.  The group ‘bumps’ into the force field, which Tyzonn recognizes as Lamporian.  Due to his abilities, he can get through.  If they all hold hands, thus being in “physical contact” via “organic matter”, they will all be able to pass through.

Tyzonn and Rose get through, but then Mack can’t get through with an electric shock.  That leaves him, Will, Dax, and Ronny on the other side of the force field.  Rose and Tyzonn are baffled why it didn’t work.  It looks like the blond is a bit off-kilter.

Benglo and Mig realize that Tyzonn has entered the force field.  One of them (Mig) goes to find him while the other (Benglo) continues the search.  Unfortunately, in their ‘upgraded’ modes it’s hard for me to tell them apart unless I look closely.

The plan is to find the force field’s ‘seal’ that powers it and break it to turn it off.  Tyzonn admits that Lamporian force fields are used by the Fearcats, upsetting Rose that he’s only mentioning this now.

Ronny is confident that Rose and Tyzonn will find a way to shut down the force field.  Mack gets out the Sentinel Sword and activates it, causing a transformation sequence.  It turns out the Sentinel Knight is also bemused by the idea of picnics.  Ronny explains the situation, so he starts to punch the force field repeatedly.

From Within

Rose and Tyzonn hear Norg groaning.  When they find him, Rose doubts it’s safe to approach.  But Tyzonn approaches anyway, Norg explaining loudly he has a thorn in his foot.  Tyzonn pulls out a truly massive thorn from the creature’s foot to his confusion.  Norg hugs them both.  Rose realizes that the creature is a yeti and her list of adjectives leaves Norg “blushing”.

Mig finds the duo, leading Norg to run.  Morphing, the two fight the Fearcat.  Tyzonn is weakening during it, however.  Rose and Tyzonn retreat as he’s weak and Rose knows they have to find the seal.

The Sentinel Knight continues to punch as the four Rangers lounge behind him, dismayed.  Stopping, the Sentinel Knight is upset that he couldn’t help.


At a waterfall, Tyzonn admits that passing through the force field left him weakened as he patches himself up.  Rose brings up his recent odd behavior towards her.  He’s sheepish that she’s noticed and confesses he’s been trying to get to know her better since she tends to talk about what she knows rather than who she is.

Rose admits she tried to be special by learning everything possible.  The two end up bonding as he reassures her.  Once he’s fixed up, it’s time for them to go find the seal.

Benglo finds the Centurion Torch.

Tyzonn and Rose find the glowing purple seal in the dirt; he tells her breaking one line in the seal will undo the force field.  Before they can do anything about it, though, they get blasted by a Fearcat.  An unmorphed battle ensues, Tyzonn telling her to break the seal while he fights Mig.  When he blasts at her, Tyzonn panics.  But she manages to use her zip shooter to break one of the seal’s lines, thus breaking the whole.

But her pleasure is short-lived as Mig tosses aside Tyzonn before blasting him.  Doing a ‘Big No’, Rose runs towards the unconscious blond.  Mig is smug as Rose panics.  Angry, she morphs while kneeling before getting up to battle the Fearcat.

She ends up falling down a small cliff but manages to get back up to blast him.  Benglo shows up in a giant robot, reporting to Mig that he found the torch, which is now lit.

Mack comes to Rose’s rescue while on his HoverTech Cycle Will blasts Mig.  Dax and Ronny go to Tyzonn’s side.  Mack activates the Sentinel Knight, which means a second transformation sequence, and then asks him to help Tyzonn.

Rose contacts Spencer about the Zords, and the DriveMax Ultrazord is formed to take on the helicopter giant robot.  Activating the Centurion Torch, the Fearcats use its power to blast the Rangers.  As they clash in midair, a second blast starts to overheat the Ultrazord.  Rose remains determined to find them.

The Fearcats are baffled by the Rangers’ determination.  In the end, the Ultrazord manages to take out the giant robot and obtain the torch.  Landing in a meadow nearby, the Fearcats start to squabble.

When the five return, Mack is wary of Norg, who’s doing a shaman-like dance around Tyzonn.  Waking up, the blond thanks Norg.  The yeti recognizes Mack, who acknowledges they’re all Rangers so he flees.  Mack references how they met back in “Follow the Ranger”.

Tyzonn gets up.  Rose admits while in college she ate “scrambled eggs on toast” every day before giving him a hug.

Norg returns to the ice cave where Flurious is annoyed with him.

Five of the Rangers enter the rec room where Andrew and Spencer greet them.  Ronny arrives late to give Andrew the lit Centurion Torch.


This episode is a breather after the awesomeness that was “Once a Ranger”.  Tyzonn and Rose end up bonding.  Rose wants to be special by knowing things while he assures her she’s special just by being herself.  The Fearcats search for and briefly have the Centurion Torch.  Its importance in the quest for the jewels will likely be revealed next episode.

I’m left wondering if maybe there was supposed to be an implication of Tyzonn having a crush on Rose, which is weird given both the past (where he seemed almost sweet on Ronny) and the future (Vella).  Rose and Tyzonn’s interactions seem a bit intense for ‘just friends’ here, but then again they are teammates.

Evidently the Sentinel Knight is going to be a more frequent presence in the show now that he has a physical form.  Norg continues to be annoying but overall harmless.

It’s confirmed that something is up with Mack: he has memories going back over a decade, while Andrew and Spencer know he arrived just two years ago.  This is definitely going to be a problem in the near future.  And it’s strongly hinted that Mack lacks ‘organic matter’ by him not letting go of Rose’s hand until that strange electric jolt.

Given how rarely the team is allowed time off (see: “Lights, Camera, Dax”) I wonder if this is a specific anniversary in Andrew’s mind.  Possibly Mack’s arrival or just the six-month mark of Operation Overdrive.  Though I’m left baffled why Andrew would have a kid when he was single-mindedly going after the Corona Aurora.

I have no idea where the other two factions are.  Possibly off still licking their wounds after that melee against eleven Rangers.


Next time on Power Rangers: Will, Ronny, and the Sentinel Knight get captured by Moltor and the Fearcats.


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