2-20: Opposites Attract

Billy’s polarizing gauge is stolen by Lord Zedd to create the monster Magnetbrain.

Last time on Power Rangers: Lord Zedd’s monsters ruined Tommy and Kimberly’s date in the park.


Solar Storm Ahead

In the Gym and Juice Bar, Billy is showing off his latest creation, “a polarizing gauge”, to Trini as there’s a solar storm today.  The blond wants to collect data on it for the science club.  Kimberly and her friend Laura arrive, Billy instantly smitten with the latter.  The two of them are leading a hike for a group of Angelets to learn how to use a compass, thus the uniforms.

Once Laura and Kimberly are out of earshot, Trini teases Billy about his crush and encourages him to join them.  Billy doesn’t think she’d like a nerd like him (I’m paraphrasing) and besides, he has to collect data on the geomagnetic field.

Up in the moon fortress, Lord Zedd comments on how this happens once every hundred years.  Huh.  I wonder what the significance is of that beyond the obviously Doylist ones; is there a specific astronomical event that causes it or is magic involved?  In any case, Lord Zedd explains to Goldar that his plan is use Billy’s device to create a powerful monster that’ll take advantage of the solar storm.

Ernie has the supplies ready for the hike.  The Angelets arrive and want to help out Laura and Kimberly.  Bulk and Skull aren’t amused by the tiny girls.  They have a plan to use their homemade device to contact the Power Rangers.  Billy reminds them that there’s an “electromagnetic phenomenon” today but the duo dismisses the idea that there’ll be any trouble.

Laura, however, is worried about the hike.  Kimberly points out they have compasses so they’ll be fine.  Evidently she’s forgotten that compasses are linked to the magnetic field and thus will be impacted if something drastic enough occurs.

Tommy, Jason, and Zack are exercising in the other half of the room.  Although Tommy’s worried for his girlfriend, Jason and Zack are aware that Kimberly knows the woods so she’ll be fine.

Billy has gone back to his lab to do some final preparations for his data-collecting.

Kimberly has led the Angelets to “base camp” out in the forest.  The two teens tell the girls to use the “buddy system” and that the perimeter is marked with red flags so they know if they’ve gone too far and have to turn back.  Elsewhere in the woods, Bulk and Skull have set up their device.

Billy is in the park with his technology.  Lord Zedd spies on him so that he can tell Goldar to go steal the polarizer once it’s been activated.  As the wind picks up in the park, Goldar and some Z-Putties beam in to attack and commit the theft.

By now Billy has a relatively easy time fighting the Z-Putties.  However, Goldar manages to steal the device and teleport away.  One Z-Putty is not happy to be left behind.  Billy takes out the remaining minions.  As the wind blows, Billy wants to go to the Command Center.


Lord Zedd gives Goldar orders.  The winged lion puts down the gizmo and teleports away.  Making a pun, Lord Zedd then transforms the gizmo into Magnetbrain before making more puns.  The monster is commanded to destroy Earth’s polarity.

The Angelets get confused by their compasses (see!) while Bulk and Skull are out of it.  Things get out of whack at the Gym and Juice Bar as well, Zack in particular getting very confused.  The three guys know they need to get to the Command Center.

Bulk and Skull are struggling and something happens with their device.  At first they think they succeed but then they notice a ‘bear’ nearby so they flee.  I put bear in quotation marks because it’s clearly a costume.  A fairly realistic one, but a costume nonetheless.  Evidently getting a real bear for an afternoon wasn’t in the show’s budget.

Laura and Kimberly are dazed by the wind and the fluxes in the magnetic field but they manage to find the Angelets.  Kimberly is aware this isn’t the solar storm Billy was talking about earlier.

Lord Zedd tells Goldar to take some Z-Putties and to go destroy the Pink Ranger.

Claiming it’s to go get a Park Ranger, Kimberly leaves.  Laura has the Angelets start to sing songs to keep up morale.  Kimberly contacts Zordon, who tells to teleport to the Command Center where the others already are.


She beams in.  The viewing globe shows Magnetbrain and Billy explains the situation.  The planet will be destroyed if this keeps up.  Next it’s learned that Goldar and Z-Putties are in the woods near the girls.  Both Tommy and Billy volunteer to go fight them.  Zordon picks Tommy to go, telling Billy to focus on stopping Magnetbrain with the others.  All six morph.

The five face off against Magnetbrain in an industrial area.  The monster proves himself to be powerful.  Some Z-Putties beam in so the Rangers start to fight them.  The show cuts between Tommy fighting in the woods and the others’ battle for a while.

In the end, the remaining villains teleport away from Tommy.  Then the five combine weapons to form the Power Blaster to weaken Magnetbrain.  As a result, Lord Zedd sends down a BBomb8 to supersize the monster.

Jason calls upon the Zords and the Megazord is formed.  Soon enough the Rangers manage to destroy Magnetbrain, returning both Earth’s magnetic field and Billy’s gizmo back to normal.  Lord Zedd grumbles that he should have recalled that science and monsters don’t mix.

Back at the Gym and Juice Bar, Kimberly and Laura hand out “bravery badges” for the Angelets being calm in a stressful situation.  Bulk and Skull arrive, traumatized by their close encounter with the bear.  The girls want to help them out.

Billy shows up with his device and it turns out that Laura is just as into science as him and wants to learn about his devices.  The Angelets continue to tend to Bulk and Skull.  The other Rangers and Curtis are at the counter, mostly amused by this.  Richie is behind the counter at work.


This was a Billy-centric episode, showcasing he has continued to hone his brains but also has developed brawn over his time as a Ranger.  However, he’s still insecure around girls.  Please note I’ve been trying to look for any indication of the opposite due to David Yost’s experience, but Billy spends almost all his time with Trini and/or Kimberly.

Overall, this was a nice but run-of-the-mill episode.  I appreciate getting an episode that spent most of its time on my two favorites, Billy and Kimberly.  Things seem to be settling down for a bit until the major shake-up in the near future.

Because I can’t help it, insert a Magneto reference here because of all the electromagnetic stuff featured in this episode.


Next time on Power Rangers: Tommy gets kidnapped by Goldar (again).



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