15-25: Things Not Said

Mack is shocked to discover that he’s an android.

Last time on Power Rangers: Will rescued Ronny and the Battle Fleet Megazord was used for the first time.


Going Virtually Viral

Mack is showing off an old photo album to the other guys.  Dax picks up on a discrepancy in one of the photos involving a fishing trip about the shadows: the tree has one but little Mack doesn’t.  Mack brushes it off as he knows he was there as was his dad while Spencer took the photo.  Spencer is silently awkward, having arrived during Dax’s comment, before telling the quartet that they’re needed below.  Dax frowns as he puts down the photo album.  Once they leave, Spencer goes to look at the photo.

Andrew has been working on translating the stone tablet, with “the star of Isis” up next.  Rose has been working on a hybrid of robotics and the Sentinel Knight’s power.  When Dax wants to use it, Rose points out, “Not unless you want to get fried like a Sunday-morning egg.”

Dax still has to think it over to the disapproval of both Mack and Rose.  In any case, the new program is to enhance Zord capabilities.  The alarms then blare.

When they arrive at the building, Mack’s concerned it’s a trap so he goes one way while the others go another.  Within are Kamdor and Miratrix, the former creating the monster Datum out of the nearby technology.

Back outside, Ronny notes, “Kind of quiet around here.  Too quiet.”

“Don’t say that,” responds Dax.  “Whenever someone says that in a movie, something bad happens.”

Datum shows up moments later, leading Dax to go, “See?”

Tyzonn takes point in the five Rangers morphing.  Inside the building, Mack finds Kamdor and Miratrix while his teammates struggle against Datum outside.  Mack fights Miratrix, who’s upset that Kamdor isn’t helping out.  The blue being revives and supersizes Datum.

Ronny contacts Mack, leading him to retreat.  Miratrix remains grumpy but Kamdor is blasé.

Mack arrives in the Battle Feet, Tyzonn staying behind when the others leave.  Datum wraps them up with cords and zaps them.  Tyzonn shouts encouragement from below.  Will has them separate into their individual Zords to escape the cords but then they form the Battle Fleet Megazord to easily destroy Datum.

Miratrix is confused when outside the building Kamdor goes, “Datum was successful.”

In the elevator leading down to the base, Dax is pleased with himself and the team, pointing out how they defeated Kamdor and “my ex” faster than usual.  Concurring, Will amends, “It was almost too easy.”

As they enter the base, the power briefly flickers off.  Andrew explains they had a computer virus that “shorted out our electrical grid” but the back-up generator kicked in.  To everybody else’s concern, Mack is on a loop of saying “Good thing”.

Mack the Android

Mack then wakes up and is confused; he’s in the base with Andrew and Spencer.  It turns out his head got detected from his body and within the neck is robotics.  As his head’s put back on, Mack is very confused and scared.  Spencer suggests it’s time to tell Mack the truth now… which has the creepy implications that if Mack ever got a clue before that Andrew messed with his memories.

Completely freaking out, Mack thinks he’s dreaming.  Andrew admits that Mack is really “a little over two years old” and admits Mack’s childhood memories are false.  Having an emotional meltdown, Mack exits the base.

Kamdor and Miratrix have relocated to a cave base that frankly looks like their old one.  Thanks to the computer virus, Kamdor obtained the fourth jewel’s location from Andrew’s systems.  It’s in Florida!

In the mansion proper, Mack is greeted by his relieved teammates.  Mack wants to tell them “something important” but then the alarms blare.  They’re a bit confused when Mack wants to stay behind, but Will points out they have to go so they do.  Of course, at this point they can probably justify it as Mack not being quite recovered from whatever happened.

SHARC flies across the sky, the morphed quintet finding Kamdor and Miratrix in the Florida Everglades.  Kamdor creates five monsters which the Rangers struggle against.  Kamdor tells Miratrix to stay and fight the Rangers while he goes to find the jewel.

Taking his HoverTech Cycle, Will goes after Kamdor.  They end up dueling.

Tyzonn ends up in a pond, with the other three not faring much better.  Dax lampshades the concept of calling on the Zords prematurely, but Ronny can’t call upon them.  I think it’s implied that it has to do with the computer virus.

Will continues to fight Kamdor, who blasts him down before leaving to find the jewel.


Mack is moping at the billiards table when Spencer finds them.  At first trying to gently reassure him, the butler then tells him to “snap out of it”.  When he acknowledges that Mack is suffering from “shock and disappointment”, Mack scoffs that’s an “understatement”.

Spencer assures him that Mack is loved by his father, his friends, and even by Spencer himself.  Andrew shows up to report that the Ranges are in trouble and the Zords are down.  Mack decides to go, opting to take Rose’s untested new robotic weaponry with him.  After he leaves, Andrew admits he’s afraid of losing his son.  Spencer points out that he’ll have to take that risk.

Will returns to the group, Mack showing up moments later.  Wait.  If the others took the SHARC, then how did Mack get to the Everglades?  Did the Sentinel Knight teleport them there?

Kamdor finds the fourth jewel, a ruby.

Miratrix is snarky.  Mack reveals he has the Sentinel Sword, scaring Rose.  Mack successfully becomes the Red Sentinel Ranger to the shock of everybody else.  Honestly, it’s not a very visually interesting or impressive Battlizer compared to the others I’ve seen thus far.  That, or I’m affected by how little I enjoy this episode.

But it’s effective, as Mack easily takes out the monsters.  The team surrounds then surrounds Miratrix.  Kamdor shows up with the jewel and blasts the six, Miratrix super leaping to his side.  Demorphing, the six watch the villains leave.  But Ronny manages to use her super speed to snag the fourth jewel just beforehand.

Kamdor goes “No!” in the distance as he realizes he’s been “pickpocketed” to use Will’s phrasing.  Rose is baffled by Mack not getting fried by her new technology as she knows it wasn’t safe for human usage.

The show then cuts to the six Rangers in the rec room, Mack having explained the truth about himself.  Ronny and Tyzonn both reassure him that they still care for him and don’t see him any differently, Tyzonn pointing out how the team accepted him despite being an alien.  Dax tries to point out all the cool stuff Mack can do as an android.  Putting a hand on Mack’s shoulder, Will assures him as well.

Andrew and Spencer show up.  The five exit to take the jewel down below for safekeeping.  Andrew wants to talk with Mack, who understandably isn’t interested.


Everybody feel better now?


So yes, this is the Battlizer episode and the Big Reveal episode.  The two are interconnected, as it’s only by learning he’s an android that Mack knows he can safely use the new technology as a Battlizer mode.  Thankfully his teammates are remarkably understanding: possibly they’ve seen enough weirdness to be blasé and they did briefly meet Alpha 6.

Andrew is… Andrew.  He claims he built Mack since he was too busy to find romance and thus have kids the ‘biological’ way, but if he’s too busy for a romantic relationship what made him think he could handle having a parental one?  I’m suddenly concerned that either Mack was shut down for periods when Andrew and Spencer were busy, or if Mack was created in part to keep Spencer company while Andrew was off on adventures.

There’s also the fact that adoption and foster care exist.  I’m going to be cynical and assume Andrew wanted all the fun of being a parent without much of the hard work.  It’s not like he lacked the space or money to adopt.  In fact, it probably would have been cheaper than building such a human-like android.

On the one hand, I get why Spencer had to give some ‘tough love’ so Mack could refocus on saving the day and helping out his teammates.  On the other, it’s been a matter of hours at most since Mack’s life was turned completely upside down.  He just found out his entire existence has been a lie and most of his memories are false implants.  I think having a freak out is not only understandable, but justified.

Mack’s actor did a great job showing the complex emotions Mack underwent upon this discovery.  I wanted to give him a hug for most of the episode.  Andrew means well, but clearly has Issues if he thought building an android son was the best way to be a parent.

In other news, Kamdor and Miratrix’s alliance is clearly imploding, even if she hasn’t quite realized yet just how little Kamdor respects her.  Will is coming off a lot better than I remember, though my view of him has probably been colored by later reports of Samuell Benta being a jerk.  Dax was actually genre savvy for once.  Ronny and Rose continue to be compassionate and brilliant respectively.  Tyzonn played a relatively small role, but he’s clearly invested in helping out his teammates.

Spencer continues to be more of a mentor than Andrew.  While a bit prickly at times, the butler has a good heart and generally knows better what to do with emotions than his boss.  He’s the one who encouraged Andrew to tell Mack the truth… I have to wonder if Spencer just kept quiet the other times and Andrew mind-wiped Mack about the incidents, because I can’t believe this is the first time that something like this occurred.

To be fair, the show did repeatedly foreshadow this, starting with Mack’s very name.  That doesn’t keep me from disliking Andrew’s life choices.


Next time on Power Rangers: Mack has an identity crisis.



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