2-22: The Ninja Encounter, Part 1

Goldar captures the winners of a ninja tournament, along with a teacher of theirs.

Last time on Power Rangers: Tommy got captured and faced off against multiple monsters for Lord Zedd’s Halloween ‘party’.


Baby Chase

In the park, the six are having a picnic and listening to music.  For whatever reason, Tommy’s in a sleeveless green shirt.  Elsewhere, a trio of teens is roller-blading and greets Mr. Anderson and his toddler Jacob.

Back with the Rangers, their mini TV has a commercial for the upcoming ninja tournament finals.  Kimberly comments on that one of the trios being “obnoxious clods”.  Billy brings up that their competition is “three guys from Stone Canyon High”, which Kimberly notes as being right outside of town before hoping that they win.

Bulk and Skull go by with strange devices.  I think they made scooters by welding together about three skateboards each.  Why they did that, I have no clue.

Lord Zedd has a plan to use the three jerks against the Power Rangers as they’re already halfway evil.

Mr. Anderson is nearby with Jacob.  The stroller ends up rolling down into one of the motorcycles belonging to the three jerks.  The guy heads down to put Jacob into his stroller and to apologize, but the three jerks are disproportionately upset over the matter.  The stroller ends up rolling away, Mr. Anderson hurrying after his son.

The trio of teens goes into action, briefly encountering a guy with long planks on the path because that’s the rule of chase scenes.  The boy in grey does backflips at one point because why not?  Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy hear the racket and end up joining the chase.

Bulk and Skull end up hearing the racket, the former wanting to rescue the baby.  Jacob is remarkably blasé over the whole thing.  More shenanigans ensue.  Ultimately the stroller is nearing a small cliff; both pairs of guys give the girls aid in going far enough to stop the stroller.  The two trios converge and greet each other.  Mr. Anderson shows up, grateful that his son is okay.  Tommy introduces himself and his friends.

The other trio introduces themselves: Rocky, Aisha, and Adam.  It’s Hank Anderson and his son Jacob to clarify to the Ranger trio.  Bulk and Skull are grumpy at a nearby picnic table area, wrecked.  Mr. Anderson and his son leave.  The teens chat; apparently the newcomers know Mr. Anderson since he’s one of their teachers at Stone Canyon High.


They agree to meet up at the ninja tournament later, the Ranger trio leaves.  Adam, Aisha, and Rocky are in good spirits, as seen above.

Lord Zedd plans to put the ninja trio into the “Cave of Despair” to convert them to his side and gives a speech to Goldar about what to say, emphasizing that they have no choice but to join him.


As usual, the event is held at the Gym and Juice Bar.  The Hasper City team is the three jerks, clad in all black.  The Stone Canyon trio is similarly disguised in white.  Going by the fact that Tommy, Billy, and Kimberly are wearing different clothes I’m presuming this is the next day.  Only the backs of the other three Rangers are seen for when they go to sit down elsewhere, which implies to me that these are doubles and not the actual actors.  Also in the crowd are Bulk and Skull as well as Mr. Anderson and his son.

Then come the matches.  I don’t know much about martial arts, but I’ll trust the Ranger three when they comment how the black ninjas fight dirty while the white ninjas don’t.  In the end, the white ninja team wins.  The black ninjas are upset, as are Bulk and Skull.

Mr. Anderson has Bulk hold Jacob so he can properly cheer on the victors.  Kimberly is surprised that when the white ninjas unmask, it’s the trio from the park.  Skull and Bulk are surprisingly fond of Jacob.

Tommy and Rocky chat post-match, with the other four nearby.  Mr. Anderson and Jacob leave.

Goldar gives his boss the bad news.  While upset, Lord Zedd wants only the best for his evil forces so he wants the victors captured, even if they’re goody-two shoes.

Mr. Anderson gives kudos to the trio as he puts Jacob in his booster seat.  Goldar and some Z-Putties show up.  The trio are stuck fighting Z-Putties elsewhere while Goldar uses magic to capture the trio, who struggles against the yellow magical bonds to Goldar’s amusement.  The Ranger trio continues to fight Z-Putties.

Bulk and Skull spot the situation as Mr. Anderson ends up pulled in as well, all four getting teleported away by Goldar.  They go to check on Jacob in the car, relieved to see he’s okay.

Billy, Kimberly, and Tommy defeat the rest of the Z-Putties.

When Jacob starts to cry, Bulk decides they ought to keep an eye on him until the Rangers show up.  They’ve left with the baby by the time the trio arrives at the front of the Gym and Juice Bar.  Zordon is contacted and he acknowledges the situation before telling Alpha to contact the others.

The team teleports to the Command Center where Zordon uses the viewing globe to show that Jacob is with Bulk and Skull.  Alpha goes, “He’ll be safe for the time being… I think.”

Zordon reveals that the captives are in Lord Zedd’s “secret dimension”.  The quartet is chained up in a cave with Z-Putties as guards.  Goldar gives a speech about how awesomely evil Lord Zedd is and how they have no choice but to join him before teleporting away.  Mr. Anderson is stressed out and worried over his son.

Bulk, Skull, and Jacob are in the park.  Bulk tries to give Jacob the various foods in his bag, but the upset toddler isn’t interested in any of them.  Skull finds a bottle, as I suppose they must have brought along Mr. Anderson’s bag, and accidentally squirts Bulk in the face.

The two start to sing the teapot song to try cheering up Jacob, stopping when two teenage girls walk by, talking about the football game instead.  Once the girls walk past, they resume singing.

The quartet are in the cave.  Once the coast is clear, Aisha gets a hairpin out of her hair to try picking the lock with.


It is hilariously obvious what the show is setting up for, largely thanks to just how sidelined Jason, Zack, and Trini are in this episode.  Rocky, Aisha, and Adam are introduced here as honorable, skilled, and compassionate martial artists.

Tommy is team leader, while Billy and Kimberly continue to be a good team.  Though I’m not sure why the ‘chasing the baby’ scene had to take up a good fourth of the episode.  Mr. Anderson looks kind of like David Bowie to me, while Jacob is a typically cute toddler.  I doubt either will be seen outside of this trilogy of episodes.

Rocky is just wearing a reddish vest for his first scene, although at least it’s buttoned.  Aisha is wearing a yellow shirt under an overall dress.  Adam wears a grey tee with black trim.  In addition to being very nineties, their outfits strongly hint at their future Ranger identities.

On another note, it’s nice to see the first glimpses of Bulk and Skull being altruistic here.


Next time on Power Rangers: Lord Zedd forces the team to deal with the Terror Blossom and Hatchosaurus instead of rescuing the quaret.



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