2-24: The Ninja Encounter, Part 3

When the trio is rescued, they end up learning the identities of the Power Rangers.

Last time on Power Rangers: Lord Zedd succeeded in preventing the quartet from being rescued.


Running Out of Time

Billy isn’t sure how to save the trio despite Zordon’s assurances.  Tommy’s also worried about the captives.

In the cave, the Serpent of Darkness has almost completed its transformation.

Kimberly is upset about the Terror Blossom being on the loose.

Aisha wants to find a way to escape as the snake slithers down the rock.

In the moon fortress, Lord Zedd is smug on his throne.

The snake is slithering along to the worry of Adam and Rocky.  Mr. Anderson attempts to reassure them.  Aisha does her best to be hopeful, while their teacher is worried about his son.  I’m not sure why the show cut back and forth so much for its beginning- possibly to catch up viewers in lieu of a ‘previously on’ segment.

Bulk is trying to care of Jacob, who apparently needs his diaper changed.  Skull returns with boxes of diapers.  Neither teen wants to change the diaper.  Bulk tosses a coin and loses, so he has to do it.  A sort-of montage occurs as Bulk continually fails to change the diaper, usually by tearing them as he tries to open them up.  Ultimately, Skull’s bandana is used as a diaper when they run out.

The Command Center alarms go off to the concern of the trio.  The Terror Blossom is nearing the power plant, leading Kimberly to point out the consequences.  Billy is relieved that his device has started to unfreeze Jason, Trini, and Zack.  Once the whole team is back in action, it’s time to attack the monster.

Goldar reports to Lord Zedd, who uses a BBomb8 on the monster.  Terror Blossom notes, “That’s the best fertilizer I’ve ever used!”

Tommy calls upon his White Tigerzord.  The others call upon their Thunderzords, which means the transformation sequence and then the Megazord creation sequence.  Despite the monster’s blasts, the White Tigerzord charges.

The trio refuses to surrender to a triumphant Goldar, as the snake is ready to forcibly convert them to evil.

Tommy and Saba are in their Zord’s cockpit.  The Megazord is ready to attack but gets blasted again.

Alpha is panicky.  Zordon contacts Tommy about the captives’ dire straits.  Jason and Zack are put in charge of fighting the monster while the other four beam in to near the cave to fight the guarding Z-Putties.

To the Rescue!

In the cave, the quartet is unnerved, especially as the snake has crawled onto Aisha.  Outside it, the quartet are fighting Z-Putties.  Elsewhere, Jason and Zack are in the Thunder Megazord, fighting Terror Blossom.

Billy and Trini head into the cave, to the trio’s delighted shock.  Billy takes on the snake while Trini uses her blaster to dissolve the chains.  She and Mr. Anderson teleport away to find Jacob.

Aisha, Adam, and Rocky run out of the cave to fight Z-Putties, as apparently more have arrived.  Kimberly alerts Aisha to aim for the Z.  The trio’s fighting skills are showcased.

Billy struggles against the serpent, which is trying to bite him, as the fight continues outside.  There’s special effects failure as it’s clear in most shots that Billy’s fighting a rubber snake.

The Thunder Saber is used against the monster, destroying it in a flurry of petals.  Glowing red, Lord Zedd yells at Goldar and still wants his own elite fighting force.

The five defeat the last of the Z-Putties and head back into the cave, Tommy and Kimberly going to Billy’s rescue.  Tommy tosses the snake aside while Kimberly blasts it away.  Billy’s struggling to breathe so they remove his helmet.

The trio recognizes Billy to their shock, making him, Tommy, and Kimberly all sheepish.  For solidarity, Kimberly and Tommy remove their helmets as well.

Mr. Anderson and Trini have teleported to a hill, where she tells him where to find his son.  A father-son reunion occurs, with Mr. Anderson grateful towards Bulk and Skull.  Although pleased with themselves, they don’t ask for payment.

Lord Zedd glows red to the concern of Baboo and Squatt, who are hiding behind a wall.  Apparently he still wants the trio as his warriors.

Currently they’re in the Command Center as Zordon does a speech.

Rocky goes, “This is amazing!”

Shh, Rocky!  Let the man talk,” Aisha tells him.  Thoughtfully she adds, “I think he’s a man.”

The six Rangers are unmorphed behind them.  It turns out that Alpha did a background check on the trio to confirm that they’re good citizens.  Zordon has them vow not to ever reveal the Rangers’ identities.


Mr. Anderson, Jacob, Bulk, and Jacob are at a picnic table area in the park.  Adam, Aisha, Billy, Kimberly, Rocky, and Tommy all show up (Kimberly’s now in a tank top instead of her earlier sweater) to greet the quartet.  Skull understandably declines the return of his bandana post-washing, and neither boy is interested in baby-sitting Jacob again, them quickly retreating at the offer.

Kimberly and Aisha have already bonded, it seems.


The show continues to be obvious in its set-up for the next two-parter.  To be fair, the fight scenes were pretty cool.  I just was not amused or impressed by Billy rolling around with a rubber snake.  Jason, Zack, and Trini continue to be side-lined, and I suspect Rocky, Aisha, and Adam will show up in the next two episodes.  It’s hard to believe I’m over halfway through Mighty Morphin as a whole already.

Bulk and Skull were good citizens for once, although they didn’t seem to have particularly enjoyed taking care of Jacob until his dad showed up.  I doubt either Mr. Anderson or Jacob will show up again; they seem to have mostly existed to link the Rangers’ A-plot and the duo’s B-plot together for this trilogy of episodes.

Alpha 5 is capable of doing background checks with the Command Center’s technology, which is kind of creepy.  Zordon’s vow ceremony was very serious, though I suppose it is a serious topic to ensure that the Power Rangers’ civilian identities stay secret.


Next time on Power Rangers: Lord Zedd wants to ruin a teen summit.


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