2-27: The Power Transfer, Part 1

For their final mission together, the first six Rangers go to the deserted planet in search of the Sword of Light.

Last time on Power Rangers: The mind-controlling Beamcaster nearly defeated our heroes.


There was a post summarizing the first half of this season!


The Big Reveal

At a line of pay phones, there are a group of reporters, each speaking in their own language.  An English-speaking one reveals the “big scoop” that the three Angel Grove teens have chosen for the “world peace summit”.

Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy are at the Gym and Juice Bar counter, other teens nearby, as they all watch the news on the television.  The reporter starts in on the story.  Bulk and Skull are dressed up in old-fashioned Swiss garb, convinced they’ll be chosen.  Ernie is present as well.

As long foreshadowed, the trio is Jason Lee, Zack Taylor, and Trini Kwan.  The booklet accompanying the box set names him Jason Lee Scott so I’m going to say the news got it wrong (and the script, but maybe there were crossed wires on the writers’ parts).  Bulk and Skull are upset, while Kimberly is elated to tell the trio the news.

She, Tommy, and Billy head out to the park where the other three were taking a bike ride.  The news is given while it’s dusk and thus the scene is backlit.  Presumably this means that doubles were used.

Lord Zedd is smug and Goldar confident this means victory for them.  But Lord Zedd insists that he will personally destroy the Rangers.

The six are at the Command Center.  It’s noted that there were over ten thousand applicants… for Angel Grove or for the USA in general?  Because I can’t believe that Angel Grove is large enough to have ten thousand teenagers, period.  Zordon gives kudos to the trio as well.

Alarms suddenly blare, Alpha explaining that Lord Zedd is energizing some massive weapon.  Evidently Serpentina has been completed.  The teens re-realize the issue of the trio’s nearing departure.  Tor is reintroduced as well.  At Billy’s request, Zordon states some technobabble.

Zordon has decided to do a Power Transfer but the teens must go to the “Deserted Planet” where Tommy needs to retrieve the “Sword of Light” (Zordon beams a map into his hands).  The Command Center’s technology enables Alpha to teleport them to the far-off galaxy where this planet is located.

Huh.  That’s some serious power, going by the standards of the Stargate franchise.

They morph and go through space.  It looks like the “jetting” used in the second part of “The Ninja Encounter”.

Goldar goes to speak to Zedd on his throne.  The golden being’s “sources” have told him that the Rangers are going to “the farthest galaxy”.  At first Lord Zedd is baffled, Baboo and Squatt suggesting the heroes are going on vacation to his aggravation.  But then Lord Zedd recalls the Sword of Light and decides to use a “sleep machine” on Earth to prevent Zordon from choosing new Rangers.

Baboo and Squatt teleport down to the park where they start up the orb-like device with minimal trouble.  Finster is mentioned, presumably as the device’s creator.  Squatt wakes up Baboo before they teleport away.

Pink mist is emitted from the device, spreading across the park and knocking people out.

Out in space, Serpentina is gliding along.  In the cockpit, Lord Zedd wants to be famous “or better yet, infamous”.  Goldar is present as well (I think he’s the one actually piloting the vehicle).

Determination and Heroes

The six morphed Rangers arrive on the Deserted Planet, whose light has a reddish cast and there are floating objects in the sky somehow (orbs and pyramids, mostly).  Apparently the city has been abandoned for thousands of years (um, why?).  Billy opens up the map to guide the team through the streets to the statue holding the sword and wryly observes, “At least there won’t be any traffic to worry about.”

… Wait, when did Billy obtain the map from Tommy?

Serpentina then arrives.  Jason volunteers to distract Zedd while the others go after the Sword of Light.


Back at Angel Grove High, the bell rings and teens come out in the halls.  It turns out that Aisha, Adam, and Rocky have transferred there for some reason and have their new class schedules (and locations) on them.  As usual, they’re already wearing their colors as seen above.

Bulk and Skull come out of a classroom, spotting Aisha at her new locker.  The former flatters her and wants to help her, seemingly for no other reason beyond that.  The pink mist has reached the school, while Alpha is struggling to lock on the trio to teleport them to safety.

Meanwhile, Bulk is failing to unlock Aisha’s locker and ends up ripping it off.  Aisha, Rocky, and Adam crouch down to pick up the fallen items while the duo gets knocked out by the pink mist.  Alpha manages to teleport them to the Command Center just in time to their confusion.

When Zordon reveals he wants their help, Adam responds, “Of course we’ll help… if we can.”

Alpha clarifies that it was a “sleep cloud” with the viewing globe showing its effects to Aisha’s concern.  The plan is to teleport the trio downwind of the device so they’ll be unaffected and thus able to deactive the device.

On the Deserted Planet, Jason calls on his Thunder Zord (somehow getting the others on the platform) before engaging in battle against the massive Serpentina.

Goldar alerts Zedd about the trio going to the sleep machine so his boss commands to have Z-Putties sent down.

In the park, the trio fights the minions to no avail- they end up chained up to a tree.

Serpentina reaches the deserted city because Lord Zedd wants to destroy the statue and the Sword of Light.  The evil Zord goes into an upright mode and can shoot lightning from its mouth.  Jason’s mini-Megazord arrives, looking tiny compared to the other Zord.  He soon has to call upon Tor for aid to little effect.

The five arrive in a battered and rubble-strewn area to their worry.  Tommy finds the still-standing statue and sword.  But he can’t pull the sword loose as Jason shows up, wanting to retreat.  They all end up pulling on the sword at once.  It looks like that bit in “Once a Ranger, Part 2” was inspired by this scene.

Serpentina is destroying structures elsewhere in the city as the Rangers continue to pull on the sword.  Lord Zedd wants to destroy the whole planet, even after Goldar warns him that would all but drain Serpentina’s power so they’d have to recharge the Zord.  The button is pushed and red energy (?) starts to spread outward across the planet.

Despite their worries, the six continue to pull on the sword.

Alpha alerts Zordon that “Jason and the others” are in dire straits as are “Rocky and his friends”.  See?  The Red Rangers (current and future) get special treatment.  I wonder if in the heat of the moment the robot forgot for the former group that Tommy is now team leader.

Lord Zedd is triumphant, certain he will be victorious.


Finally, it’s revealed that Jason, Trini, and Zack have been chosen for the peace conference in Switzerland.  The episode, as all two-parters do, ends on a cliff-hanger: the trio hasn’t stopped the sleep machine and is basically held captive, while the six Rangers have a short deadline to obtain the Sword of Light.

I wish a Watsonian reason had been given for the trio’s transfer.  *blinks*  Also, won’t the six be marked absent from school?  Maybe they’ll be given a pass for celebrating Jason, Trini, and Zack being selected for the peace summit.

It was amusing when the camera did a double-take as it panned over the viewers at the youth center, going back to look at Bulk and Skull upon ‘realizing’ what the duo was wearing.  Again, they seem to be mellowing out some, but still have some character development to go.

Serpentina, the Eastern dragon inspired Zord, is first seen here.  I suspect it won’t be used often, but will be a serious threat whenever it is.  Lord Zedd’s impatience seems to be his fatal flaw, while Goldar is growing more interested in buttering up his boss than combat.

At times in this episode Jason’s voice when morphed sounds… off.  I suspect that someone else is doing his best to imitate Austin St. John’s voice and failing.  The show didn’t even bother hiring voice-over folk for Trini and Zack for the morphed scenes.


Next time on Power Rangers: Rocky, Aisha, and Adam officially join the team!


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