2-28: The Power Transfer, Part 2

Rocky, Aisha, and Adam successfully join the team as Jason, Trini, and Zack must leave.

Last time on Power Rangers: The original six went on their final mission together.


Ballsy Move

The trio is still chained to a tree, Z-Putties nearby.  One of which has the key that would undo the lock on the chains.  The wind is changing, meaning that if they don’t act soon they’ll be asleep as well.  Adam reaches his leg out towards a soccer ball to Aisha’s confusion.  He has Rocky move behind the tree before calling out to ‘Rocky’ to run away.  When a Z-Putty approaches, Adam uses the soccer ball to destroy it and manages to obtain the keys as the others run towards the tree.

Freed, they take on the minions more successfully.  The trio each has a turn with the soccer ball before it’s used to destroy the sleep machine, which leaves a burn mark on the grass.  They’re excited about having achieved victory.

Serpentina is going to destroy the Deserted Planet.  The Rangers are tugging away at the sword and are getting worried.  At Tommy’s request, Billy gets out the map and realizes it came with a ring (to be fair, I barely noticed that last time).  The blond puts the ring on the statue’s finger and the Sword of Light is freed.  Tommy tells the other boy, “You’re a genius.”

Goldar tries to get Serpentina closer to the planet while Lord Zedd just wants to destroy it already so he pushes a button.  Lord Zedd thinks this means the universe is now his.

Jason contacts Alpha 5 just as there’s a huge red shockwave expanding over the planet.  Lord Zedd is smug about him getting to conquer Earth with the Rangers out of the way, as the statue has been destroyed along with the rest of the planet.

Titular Event

Alpha is worried back at the Command Center.  Trini and Zack beam in first, followed by Jason and Kimberly.  Billy then arrives and takes off his helmet to get to work to ensure Tommy’s safe arrival.  Zordon trusts him even though Alpha is fretful- rightfully so, as Tommy safely arrives and removes his helmet too.

Jason and Kimberly go to him first, followed by Trini and Zack.  The other four Rangers remove their helmets.  Zordon reassures Trini, Zack, and Jason how retrieving the Sword of Light was their final quest and tells the group, “Behold, I present to you the new Power Rangers.”

Adam, Aisha, and Rocky teleport in to Tommy’s pleasure.  The trio is pleased at having been chosen as well.  Tommy is told by Zordon to hold the sword high above his head, transforming it, as the six put their helmets back on and the power transfer takes place (meaning there are briefly two Red, Yellow, and Black Rangers each).

Zordon gives a speech to Jason, Zack, and Trini that ends with, “The power will always be with you and will protect you” which I swear is a Star Wars allusion.  The trio teleports away; Billy and Kimberly are a mixture of nervous and excited.

It’s time for Zordon to give another speech, this one aimed at the newcomers.  Rocky has “strength and knowledge”, Aisha is “spirited and clever”, and Adam is “watchful and intelligent”.  The group removes their helmets and does a secret handshake-like thing and Zordon gives a third speech, this one about heroics and the guidelines/rules of being a Power Ranger.

Kimberly whispers happily to Tommy while Alpha greets the newcomers as Rangers.

First Battle

Lord Zedd is grumpy that Serpentina is going slow due to a lack of power and thus creates the southern-accented monster Silver Horns out of slime.

Zordon and Alpha alert the group about said monster.  Helmets back on, they go to the park to take on the monster, who calls them “power puffs” and blasts at them repeatedly.  Z-Putties are beamed in and a rock song plays as the Rangers fight the minions.

Lord Zedd realizes that Zordon succeeded in performing a power transfer and is upset at Goldar for his ‘lie’ about the Rangers not making it out in time.  In response, the villain uses a BBomb8 to supersize Silver Horns.

Tommy contacts Zordon, who tells him to use Tor.  Rocky wants to fight Silver Horns while the others take on the approaching Serpentina.  Um, Rocky, I think that might be biting off more than you can chew for your first battle as a Ranger.  The new Red Ranger calls upon his Zord and the mini-Megazord (I don’t know what it’s actually called, probably ought to Google that) is formed to take on the monster.

As I suspected/predicted, Rocky doesn’t do well against Silver Horns.  The sky darkens overhead as the battle continues.  Elsewhere, the five other Rangers see the impressive Serpentina land in Angel Grove.  Tommy goes to help Rocky while the others stay to fight Serpentina.

The White Ranger theme song plays as Tommy calls upon his White Tiger Megazord and it goes into warrior mode.

Lord Zedd is certain of global victory but when he presses buttons his Zord’s eyes go dark.  According to Goldar, Serpentina is out of power but Zedd tries to reactivate it anyway.

Silver Horns takes on both Zords.  Tor shows up at Tommy’s command.  Meanwhile, the other four call upon their Zords.  A rock song plays as the platform of Zords arrives, Rocky’s joining in.  Including Tor, the Zords team up to take out Silver Horns.

Lord Zedd scathingly calls Goldar “Thomas Edison”.  Serpentina has just enough power to get them home, apparently, so after vowing to “destroy them all” Lord Zedd has Serpentina take off into the sky back towards the moon.


The viewing globe shows a taxi as Jason, Trini, and Zack are at the airport to head to Switzerland.  Frankly, the imagery is blurry and distant enough that I call stunt doubles.  The helmetless Rangers have returned to the Command Center and they give each other kudos.  Zordon congratulates them as well, warning them that it’s only the beginning.  Alpha praises Zordon’s judgment in choosing new Rangers.

Zordon warns them to avoid using force whenever possible, which seems contrary to the genre as a whole.  I suppose he wants them to only use as much force as the villains do and not get into the habit of overkill…?

The six do a fist-group-thingy and call out “Power Rangers!”


The emphasis was on the arrival of Adam, Aisha, and Rocky opposed to the departure of Zack, Trini, and Jason.  Huh, that’s interesting- if one trio is in alphabetical order, the other syncs up with it if in reverse-alphabetical order.  In any case, at least the show will now stop sidelining half the team (admittedly by making the new trio half of the team, but still).  I will miss Jason, Trini, and Zack but I am excited to move onto having Rocky, Aisha, and Adam officially part of the team.

Billy continues to be the brains of the bunch and Tommy remains team leader.  Kimberly’s hopeful and basically the ‘heart’ of the group.  I suppose Rocky, Adam, and Aisha will have to sort out for themselves what their roles in the team will be in upcoming episodes.

Serpentina is a dangerous threat, but only as long as it has been charged up with energy.  Lord Zedd continues to blame his failures on his minions instead of his own short-sightedness.

Zordon got to make a lot of speeches this episode.  Yay?  To be fair, this is a major moment in Power Rangers history: the first replacement of team members.  After the Angel Grove era, however, it became a rare practice.


Next time on Power Rangers: Goldar and Scorpina team up against the heroes on the eve of the vice-versa dance.



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