9-1: Force from the Future, Part 1

The villainous Ransik manages to escape to the past, followed by Jen, Katie, Trip, and Lucas.

Last time on Power Rangers: Queen Bansheera was defeated by Lightspeed Rescue and Diabolico.


Capturing Ransik

The initial narration clarifies that in the year 3000, the only major villain left on Earth is Ransik.  One dark night, Time Force personnel surround a building (among them are Lucas, Trip, and Katie but the camera doesn’t give them special focus).  I’m amused by the fact that they use A and B teams as names.  Within is a smug Ransik, who wants to rule the past if he can’t rule the present.

A morphed Alex shows up to arrest him.  In the background are minions with weapons at the ready while the room’s lighting flickers.  The fight is briefly interrupted by the opening credits and theme song, both of which I like.  It’s just Alex and Ransik, the minions just standing by for some reason.  It turns out Ransik’s ability is pull bone-like weapons out of his body, which is both useful and creepy.

Jen rides up on her motorcycle to ask the captain, “Where is he?”

There’s an explosion to her concern, but a still morphed Alex comes out with a handcuffed Ransik and a device.  Demorphing, it turns out Alex has brown hair.  The captain goes over to give him kudos.  The gizmo is “the heart of a time-warping device” and everybody thinks disaster has been averted.

After the captain leaves, Jen hugs her boyfriend.  Katie hugs Lucas and Trip, the former not happy about it.

Then it’s time for Ransik’s trial elsewhere, a pink-haired woman in black among those present.  Katie has faith in the system where Lucas doesn’t, while Trip has a robotic owl companion named Circuit.  Out on a balcony are Alex and Jen, overlooking the city at sunset.  They want to spend more time together now that Ransik has been stopped.

It turns out Alex has an engagement ring and slides it onto her finger even before he pops the question.  But Jen hugs him and agrees to marry him.  The intercom states that the court is about to reconvene as the judges have reached a verdict, so the couple heads back into the courtroom.

Three holograms pop up, with the sentence of “cryogenic detainment for life”.  Nadira nods at her stoic dad, the crowd applauding as the restrained Ransik is led out of the room.  Jen is concerned.

That night, Ransik is to be transported to the jail in a truck.  Lucas is driving, while Katie and Trip will be on cycles out front.  Jen reassures the captain before entering the the back of the truck with a smiling Ransik.  She’s prickly while he’s smug as the truck leaves the city.  When the tires screech as the truck halts, Ransik laughs as Jen contacts Lucas.

To the Past!

Nadira feigns unconsciousness until Trip and Katie approach, then the pink-haired woman attacks them and magically shifts into her white outfit.  There’s suddenly a bright light as a flying vehicle approaches.  At Jen’s command, Lucas keeps driving but the flying vehicle repeatedly blasts at the transport truck.

Ransik keeps laughing as the truck crashes.  Frax and Nadira go to greet Ransik, where it’s revealed that Nadira is Ransik’s rather spoiled daughter.  But it looks like they’re actually fond of each other, in contrast to Olympius and Bansheera.  A battered Jen wants to attack, Ransik repeats his earlier statement that “the future is full of surprises”.

Jen collapses as the trio walks off.  It’s still dark when Jen contacts the captain, who’s grumpy to learn this news and relieves them of their duties.

It turns out Trip is a Xybrian, whose species apparently have telepathic/empathic abilities.  Lucas gets forceful about why Trip didn’t sense anything.  Apparently the green-haired man doesn’t have strong abilities or can’t control them very well.  Katie comes to her friend’s defense and ends up embracing him comfortingly.

It’s about dawn when the trio reaches the jail.  Inside, a criminal is put into cryogenic detainment, which entails the being getting shrunken down to action figure size and frozen.  It’s very creepy and frankly makes this society closer to a dystopia than a utopia.  Nadira shows up to take out the guards before a second criminal can undergo the progress, but one of them manages to hit the alarm.

The Time Force central area is alerted to the prison attack, Alex ready to go in his police car elsewhere in the city.

Back at the jail, Nadira is grossed out by the toad-like monster she inadvertently rescued.

Lucas is cranky at the captain for firing them (I thought they were merely suspended…) while Jen blames herself and her team for the attack.  Trip now gets a telepathic signal of Nadira, Ransik, and Frax at the prison with the device from earlier and tells the others what he saw.  During this vision, his green forehead jewel glows.  Lucas wants to contact the captain while Jen wants to immediately go after Ransik.  That’s an interesting bit of characterization- Lucas initially seems more prone to rebellion, but is actually more by-the-book than Jen is.

They get a hover-car to stop.  Jen is prickly towards the equally grumpy driver.  Katie brings up being “polite” before throwing the guy out of his car.  Lucas is put in charge of driving.  Trip apologizes to the guy before heading over to join his teammates.

Ransik and Nadira are pleased to put their plan into action, Frax cackling.  But the security hologram shows there’s a morphed Alex nearby, so Ransik wants to take care of him before time-traveling.  The two guys end up facing off of a roof before battling.


The quartet heads on the stairs as the two battle it out.  Ransik gets out a second blade from the back of his neck and manages to attack Alex’s back, causing a major explosion, just as the quartet reaches the roof.  Jen does a big “No!” in response.

Alex goes “Jennifer” before demorphing and collapsing.  She goes to his side as Ransik teleports away.  The other three stay uneasily where they are.  Alex mentions a “time ship” and gives her his morpher, saying there are four more on it.  He wants her to capture Ransik.

Jen goes, “I promise I’ll catch him.”

He touches her cheek before falling unconscious to the trio’s sorrow.

Ransik is back in the prison and Frax starts up the time warp and the prison leaves.

Medics arrive to take care of Alex.  A furious Jen wants to go after Ransik.  They go into the time ship and start up the ‘time sequence’.

A guy alerts the captain to the situation.

Jen has faith in Lucas’ driving skills as the time ship prepares to leave.  There’s a brief hologram of the captain which Jen shuts off.  The time ship goes down a runway and through a portal, with the time travel sequence looks very colorful and nonsensical.


A major issue I have with this season’s concept is the fact that how readily people from 3000 can blend in with those in 2001.  Look at it this way- would people from 2000 have that easy of a time blending in back in 1001?  I think not.

Other than that, this was a solid start to the ninth season of Power Rangers.  The main villains were introduced, as were four of our heroes.  I’m a bit baffled by the idea that there were five morphers with only the Red one- Alex’s- activated.  Andros’ example from the start of In Space isn’t to be emulated.

Characterization thus far: Jen’s fiery and determined, Katie’s strong-willed and kind, Trip’s awkward and sweet, while Lucas is prickly but straight-forward.  I’m not sure whether or not Alex’s a jerk or if he just will feel replaced by Wes later one.  Yet he only seems close to Jen here.  Furthermore, there’s the fact that he ought to have known his morpher was keyed to his DNA.

Lastly, the captain seems fairly rigid.  I don’t understand how Nadira managed to attend her father’s trial if she’s so involved with his criminal activity.  The white Time Force uniforms with grey and black detailing are all right.

At some points, the CGI is pretty obvious, but this season did air in 2001 on television, so I’ll cut it some slack before under those circumstances the show is doing a good job.

I have to wonder how well Ransik planned this out, because I don’t get why he didn’t have his minions attack Alex in their first battle.  Or maybe he just has a sense of honor when doing one-on-one battles?

Plus, I am starting this season about a month before its 16th anniversary!


Next time on Power Rangers: Wes activates the Red morpher and there’s a first battle.



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