9-2: Force from the Future, Part 2

The quartet needs to find somebody with nearly identical DNA to Alex’s to activate their morphers so they can battle Ransik and his forces.

Last time on Power Rangers: Lucas, Trip, Katie, and Jen traveled back in time after the escaped criminal Ransik and his cohorts.


A Long Time Ago

The episode opens with the prison’s arrival near a warehouse.  Ransik, Frax, Nadira, and the toad monster teleport down.  It turns out that Ransik has some degree of telekinesis while Frax can use his robotic skills to scan weaponry.  Nadira has super strength, lifting up the security guard to demand the year (2001).  Repeating it, Ransik is pleased that there’s no Time Force around to stop him.

The time ship is emitting smoke on a beach.  Circuit wakes up Trip, alerting the green-haired man that there’s a “fuel leak”.  He goes to wake up his teammates Katie, Jen, and Lucas.  I suspect this reveals he likes Katie best, Lucas least, and Jen’s in the middle.

The brunette grabs the yellow box of morphers and the quartet runs out of the time ship just in time.  As it explodes, they briefly fall down.  Getting back up, Katie checks on Trip and thanks him.  Landing, Circuit is proud of himself for saving them before informing them they’re in Silver Hills in 2001.

Handing out the Chrono morphers, Jen is firm that it’s their fault Ransik escaped and thus they have to capture him.  Jen locks in her DNA to her morpher first by putting it on, the trio following suit.  Lined up, they walk into the city.

By pressing a point behind an ear, they activate grey sunglasses for “scan mode” before splitting up to search for the escapees.  While dramatic, it’s also a bit amusing.  A guy puts on his motorcycle helmet and when he leans down to pick up his keys, Jen bumps into him.  He then drives off, Jen looking after in momentary confusion.

Nadira has gone to a jewelry store and wants to ‘pay’ in “nuts and bolts”.  She scatters a handful on the floor and the season’s minions are formed.  When she shifts into her white outfit, chaos breaks out and police arrive to attempt to stop the villains.

Trip alerts Jen that he’s picked up on “mutant DNA”.

The Missing Link

Okay, so the subtitles call the toad monster Bruno but the credits call him Gluto (I’m not quite sure which Nadira is actually saying…).  The booklet that came with the boxed set doesn’t seem to refer to him at all.  For the time being I’ll go with Gluto.

The point is, Gluto is flattering Nadira to her pleasure when the quartet arrives to face off against the villains.  They call out “Time for Time Force!” but they don’t morph to their confusion.  Nadira mocks before siccing the Cyclobots (the minions) on them.

Even without being morphed, the quartet takes on the robots.  I think the knapsack Trip wears typically contains Circuit.  Jen heads after Nadira and they fight in a plaza.  But she ends up grabbed by a pair of Cyclobots, Nadira telling them to destroy the other woman before she teleports away.

Before they can fire on her, the motorcyclist from before arrives to save the day.  He’s already wearing a red shirt.  Once it’s safe, he removes his helmet and poor Jen promptly has a freak-out.  Upon arriving, Katie and Lucas are also shocked while Trip’s happy (though it’s possible he just flat-out thought at first this guy was Alex).

Katie notes the resemblance.  Bemused, the motorcyclist leaves.  Circuit shows up to explain why the morphers didn’t work- the Red morpher needs to be used first in order to activate the others.  I suppose it has to be a group setting…?  In any case, the Red morpher is already coded to Alex’s DNA.  Jen’s not happy when Katie points out that the motorcyclist could do the job.  Lucas points out it might be their only chance.

A dressed-up Wes is in a mansion’s kitchen, admiring (and tasting) the food being prepared.  The butler Philips tries to get him to pick one of two jackets for a board meeting, though he does concur that they’re dull.

Jen’s in the adjoining foyer, waiting for him.  Mister Collins shows up and is grumpy, particularly when Wes uses Jen to get out of the board meeting and the duo leaves.  The butler is a bit amused but Mister Collins certainly isn’t.

Just outside the mansion, Jen admits she needs his help about the morpher.  I’ll give Wes a pass on not knowing what one is.  Alas, Jen’s story does sound crazy and I can’t quite blame Wes for disbelieving her.  Demons and aliens and magic ought to be common knowledge in the main PR-verse by this point, but time travel could still be considered impossible.  Then again, he ought to have considered what happened with their second encounter- robots were attacking her.

Upset, Jen snaps at him, “You’re nothing like him”.

After receiving a hologram of Trip about Ransik being in the city, Jen storms off.

Red but Rejected

Ransik, Nadira, Frax, and Gluto are in Silver Hills with more Cyclobots on a rubble-strewn street.  Jen shows up and holds up her Time Force badge.  Ransik taunts Jen before getting out a leg blade and blasting down the quartet via an electric blast from it.

Evidently Ransik also believes that Alex is dead, taunting Jen about her dead fiancé as he picks her up.  When he tosses aside Jen, Wes leaps in to keep her from crashing into a car.  He asks her, “So, is it too late to help?”


In response, she hands over the Red morpher, telling him “It’s yours” as the others surround them, and Wes activates it.  The five line up, Nadira confused by Wes’ presence and Ransik convinced he’s killed him already.  Wes is confused by them ‘recognizing’ him.  Calling out “Time for Time Force!” the quintet morphs for the first time.  It’s a full screen for each- Wes, Lucas, Jen, Trip, and Katie in that order.

Four of them are excited, while Jen’s still irritable.  Cyclobots blast at them but the quartet can do that Matrix-thing to dodge them.  Wes can’t, but it turns out their suits do protect them (I suppose only to a certain extent).  As they fight the minions, Circuit flies in to suggest they use their weapons.

Wes, Lucas, and Jen get out their Chrono-sabers while Trip and Katie get out V3 and V4 (color-coded giant gun thingys).  Ransik soon teleports away to Jen’s frustration, but she’s soon battling Gluto.  The toad-like monster can fart-fly, which is all kinds of weird.

Frax, Nadira, and Gluto team up against the quintet but get weakened by a blast/explosion so Frax teleports them away.  Jen in particular is upset by this.

They power down.  Wes, Katie, and Trip are in a good mood; Lucas and Jen are not.  Wes even waves a hand before Lucas’ deadpan face.  Taking away the Red morpher, Jen claims they don’t need Wes’ help anymore.

Clearly hurt, Wes just goes “Whatever” and walks off, rolling down his sleeves.

Lucas observes, “He’s a good fighter.”

“We can get along just fine without him,” Jen insists.

The dark-haired man states, “I hope you’re right.”

Clearly Lucas is a case of ‘prickly exterior, gooey interior’.  He affects not caring when in fact he cares a lot.  He also seems to be more objective than Jen in regards to Wes (not that I can blame Jen for being biased).


It seems that like the previous season, there’ll be ‘previously on’ and ‘next time’ segments to frame the episodes.  Huzzah!  This two-parter was a solid start to the ninth season.  Admittedly we saw more of Lucas, Katie, Trip, and Jen than Wes, the broad strokes of the five Rangers’ personalities were made.  Mister Collins was briefly seen, but that cameo was enough to see how rigid and upper class he is.

Jen is definitely going to be suffering from the loss of Alex, not helped by Wes’ mere existence.  And she’s clearly blaming herself more than anybody else for Ransik’s escape (and thus it’ll be made more clear that also means she’s holding herself responsible for what happened to Alex).

‘Mutants are bad’ seems to be a theme here.  Based off of my prior knowledge of the season, I have to wonder how much the writers were influenced by X-Men comics and the first movie.  It’ll be a while before we meet him, but Eric Myers’ personality is a lot like Erik Lehnsherr’s.

In any case, the current quartet of core villains looks like they’re off to a good start in terms of being memorable, even if their motives are murky.  Collectively they displayed quite a few powers in this two-parter and I have to wonder if they have any more- or if these powers will be regularly used.  Their effectiveness, I’m less sure about.


Next time on Power Rangers: Wes actually joins the team and they get a Megazord thanks to the captain.



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