2-29: Goldar’s Vice-Versa

Goldar and Scorpina work together to try taking out the team, starting with Adam.

Last time on Power Rangers: Rocky, Aisha, and Adam joined the team.


Sadie Hawkins Dance

Rocky and Adam are sparring at the youth center, with a sizable crowd of teens watching on.  Apparently it was a demonstration, as Billy arrived too late to see it due to him being on the vice-versa dance committee.  It’s basically a Sadie Hawkins dance where the girls ask the boys instead of the other way around as was the social norm back then.  I doubt such dances are still common.

It turns out that Rocky has been asked by Jessica Peterson while Adam hasn’t been asked to attend with anybody.  Moments after Billy assures Adam he’s the same boat, Laura from “Opposites Attract” shows up to speak to Billy.

Bulk and Skull are moping over a pile of snacks when their gender-swapped counterparts show up.  Bulk’s counterpart wants to ask Skull to the dance and Skull’s wants to ask Bulk.  Neither boy is enthused about the idea.

Billy returns, excited that Laura asked him to the dance.  A mopey Adam leaves to the worry of Billy and Rocky.

Lord Zedd is amused by Adam’s plight.

Apparently the dance is on Friday the 23rd.  This episode aired in November 1994.  That year there were two such dates- one in September and the other in December.  There aren’t any holiday decorations, however “Zedd’s Monster Mash” takes place on Halloween so this must be just before Christmas… right?  The booklet doesn’t seem to indicate there being a Christmas-themed episode in this season.

Aisha catches Adam by his locker.  Her friend Sarah Diaz apparently likes Adam, so she encourages him to go hang out after her volleyball practice to see if she’ll ask him out.

Bulk finds an eye-patch-wearing Skull (why, I don’t know) because someone stuck a note in his locker about the writer having what they want and to meet them in the hall after school.  They conclude the note-writer has knowledge about the Power Rangers’ secret identities.

Lord Zedd glows red, wanting Golder to prevent Adam from reaching Sarah because that would ruin his upcoming scheme.

In the park, Adam spots Sarah at the volleyball pit.  He tries to remind himself “she’s just a human being” but he admires her for her looks, intelligence, and athletic ability.  Aw, Adam, you sweetie.  But suddenly Z-Putties beam in to his annoyance.  As a rock song plays Adam fights them off but by the time he’s defeated them Sarah has left to his despair.

Bulk and Skull are hiding in a classroom as their gender-swapped counterparts are out in the hall (for whatever reason, the teen girls aren’t named in the episode).  The guys end up deciding to go out a window rather than stay in hopes of encountering the note writer.

At the youth center, Kimberly and Aisha are sympathetic to Adam’s plight.  It’s basically assumed that Kimberly asked out Tommy, but it doesn’t seem as if Aisha ever asks out anybody to the dance.  In that case, I wonder why she and Adam didn’t attend together as friends.  Possibly Aisha figured Adam wouldn’t like being asked by her out of ‘pity’ or was holding that back as a last resort.

New Girl?

After Kimberly leaves, Adam and Aisha spot a strange girl skillfully doing martial arts.  The crowd applauds after she finishes.  She heads over to talk to Adam, introducing herself as Sabrina.  As she cozies up to him, Aisha gets suspicious (especially how the other girl just flat-out ignores her except to shove her duffel bag at her).

Ernie calls Skull and Bulk over as he has a note for them.  It says to meet with the writer at the youth center in five minutes.  But when the gender-swapped duo shows back up, the guys hide behind the bar to Ernie’s annoyance.  To his credit, Ernie doesn’t reveal their location to the girls, although his efforts to get them to move away from the bar fail.

After Sabrina leaves, Aisha comes back over to try to get Adam to be more reasonable about his budding crush.  It turns out he and Sabrina have agreed to go hiking tomorrow and Adam offers to have Aisha come along.  But at the locker room entrance, ‘Sabrina’ is pleased at how the plan is progressing.


The trio goes to the park the next day, Sabrina grumpy about Aisha’s presence (all but whacking her in the face at one point when Adam isn’t looking) while Adam just wants them to be friends because he is a cinnamon roll.  Lord Zedd gloats to Goldar and Z-Putties up in the moon fortress before they beam down before the trio.  It turns out that Sabrina is Scorpina, agitating Aisha.  Goldar magically binds her and Adam to a tree in hopes of drawing out the others.

Billy and Kimberly (who’s wearing a jean ‘dress’ over a pink tee) are at a table in the youth center.  Miss Appleby gives them kudos for getting things ready for the vice-versa dance.  She ends up expositing to them that the last new girl was Aisha.

To the Rescue

Rocky and Tommy come over, already worried about Adam missing their work-out session.  When Billy comments on how he went hiking with Aisha and Sabrina, Kimberly points out what Miss Appleby said.

The quartet goes to the Command Center, where Alpha brings up the duo on the viewing globe.  Rocky doesn’t know who Scorpina is while Tommy’s grumpy about having to deal with her again.  Zordon warns them that Goldar is with her.

They morph and go to where the group is.  More Z-Putties beam in (wait, what happened to the last batch?).  Tommy goes after Goldar and Scorpina while the other three take on the minions.  Aisha admires Kimberly’s moves as the fight continues.

Once the Z-Putties have been defeated, Billy uses his Power Lance to free the duo so they can morph.  Aisha is still grumpy at Scorpina.

Smug about Tommy being annoyed, Lord Zedd sends down a BBomb8 to supersize Goldar and Scorpina.

Tommy contacts Zordon, who reveals that Alpha has prepped the Thunder Ultrazord just in case.  The Zord transformation sequence occurs and then Tommy calls upon his Zord before the Thunder Megazord is formed.

He has the White Tigerzord go into warrior mode before using “White Tiger Thunderbolt” on the duo.  The Zord goes back into ‘tiger’ mode and the Thunder Ultrazord is formed, which involves Tor.  The blasts batters both Goldar and Scorpina, who teleport away to Lord Zedd’s rage.

Dance Time

Billy and Laura are among the teenage couples dancing at the youth center that Friday.  Sarah Diaz finds Adam, who quickly grows flustered.  It turns out that Sarah didn’t ask anybody; after some nudging from Aisha, the two go off to dance together.

Bulk and Skull are at the refreshments table when a grumpy Ernie finds Bulk another note.  They turn around to see the girls, only then realizing that they wrote the notes.  The girls believe they are the duo’s true loves and gets them to dance and even kisses them, high-fiving each other afterwards as the boys are prone on the floor.

The Rangers are amused by these antics.


The opening credits now includes Adam, Aisha, and Rocky instead of Zack, Trini, and Jason which means plenty of new clips.  Amusingly enough, Adam’s actor is credited as “John Bosch” here although the booklet retroactively calls him Johnny Yong Bosch.  Overall, this was an interesting episode.  It did involve a now-defunct concept in the ‘vice-versa dance’.

Billy and Kimberly continue to be adorably close.  The team now seems to be in two trios: the old guard and the new.  But Aisha continues to admire Kimberly, while Tommy seems to be bonding already with Rocky and Adam (or at least he’s trying to).  Kimberly and Tommy are presumably dating, but they don’t seem extra-close to me.

Scorpina returns here, after a brief sighting in the first episode of the season.  I’m presuming that they’ve recast her so that she’ll be making more regular appearances from now on.  Lord Zedd has a slightly Rita-ish plan here where he’s inspired by the Rangers’ daily lives, but it did work better than most of hers.  Adam was completely taken in ‘Sabrina’; the issue was that Aisha wasn’t.

The Bulk and Skull subplot was weird… particularly given how I doubt their female counterparts will be seen again.  It was merely filler, although appropriately thematic.  Now I’m hoping they’ll go back to actually plotting to unmask the Power Rangers.


Next time on Power Rangers: The titular artifact is used on Adam.



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  1. This is one of my favorite Power Rangers episodes. I love the part where Goldar and Scorpina say “he who fights and runs away” “lives to fight another day”.

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