9-3: Something to Fight For

Trip mediates between Wes and Jen; the Zords are used for the first time.

Last time on Power Rangers: The quintet faced off against Ransik & his minions for the first time.



The prison ship is out in the woods.  Nadira is gleeful about their loot.  In the other room, Ransik is having some sort of reaction to her and Frax’s concern.  His skin is bubbling, which is terrifying.  She calls for her “Daddy”; downing a vial of liquid from a secret compartment, Ransik is able to put his mask back on (a hand hid that part of his face beforehand).  Stepping in the main room, he assures her that “everything’s fine, my sweetness”  and wants to get to ‘work’ but Nadira remains worried for her dad.  It’s endearing that the two of them do truly care about each other.

The quartet is back at the exploded time ship.  Trip fails to move a chunk, but Katie with her super strength can pick it up easily.  This enables the green-haired guy to retrieve a yellow box with a model in it.  Lucas is trying to point out to Jen that they’ll need help when a hologram activates.

Captain Logan is told by Jen the general situation.  Katie points out that Ransik has “a whole prison full of monsters” so they need “backup”.  But for whatever reason it’s impossible to send “any human help” but weaponry can be sent back in time.  The captain tells the quartet, “You’re our only hope” which has to be a Star Wars reference.

Jen assures him that they won’t let him down.  Um, Jen?  Remember what happened last time you assured him that things would go smoothly…?

In the city, Philips is driving along a limo with Wes in the backseat.  The younger man is complaining about neckties but has the limo stop when he stops Nadira and a Cyclobot so he can get out.  The butler isn’t okay with this but evidently doesn’t know how to stop him.

Nadira and some Cyclobots are robbing a bank when Wes shows up to her annoyance.  Gluto and more Cyclobots arrive.  Wes does his best against the minions but ends up surrounded so he manages to get out of the bank.  A smug Nadira gets out her fingernail extensions (I could swear this was a power for an evil mutant in the original X-trilogy).

A morphed Jen cuts one off as she leaps down.  She, the trio, and Wes soon escape.  Nadira gets grumpy at Gluto.  Elsewhere, the quartet is demorphed.  Wes and Jen get into an argument, Lucas admitting that this is a ‘game’ to Wes.  Jen claims he has never had to fight for anything in his life.

Wes has no response to that so Jen stalks off.  Trip clearly wants to reassure Wes but gets cowed by the brunette twice.

Nadira and Gluto return to the prison.  Ransik gives his daughter’s injury a kiss, which is weirdly heartwarming.  It turns out that Ransik wants to use the prisoners to take over the past to her glee.

Losing and Making Connections

At the mansion, Mister Collins meeting with some business folk about Bio Synth and introducing Wes to them as his heir.  Wes steps out onto the balcony to flashback about Jen’s scathing commentary.  Trip is down in the grounds to talk to Wes.

In my liveblog this is my ‘observation’ at this point: OH TRIP YOU ADORKABLE PRECENDENT TO BRIDGE.  Am I wrong?  I think not.

Jumping down to Trip, Wes thinks Jen might have a point about him being a “spoiled brat”.  Trip reveals his alien nature and abilities to assure Wes he knows that’s not the case.  Next, Trip pulls up a hologram of Jen and Alex to explain what happened to his doppelganger and what he meant to Jen.  I’m going to say that Alex is Wes’ because timeline-wise, Wes came first.

Wes hides behind a planter when his upset dad steps out onto the balcony, looking for him.  Trip is long-gone by the time he looks back over at the pool.  He grows determined.

Trip is back on the beach with his teammates.  Jen is a little way off, staring at her engagement ring, to Trio’s concern.  Wes shows up to concede that Jen has a point and reveals he knows about Alex.  The brunette promptly looks over at Trip, who ducks down.  But Wes still wants to help Jen.  In any case, Wes wants to fight because otherwise neither of them will have a future.  There’s a title drop in here.

Jatara is to be re-animated.  Cyclobots power the device and it’s all very dramatic (I suspect it’ll become more run of the mill in future episodes).  Ransik is delighted that it worked and gives commands to the monster.

Police cars drive to where Jatara lands.  The monster blasts at their riot shields.

Circuit and Trip alert the others that there’s mutant DNA at the harbor.  The quartet starts to head out.  Jen says “one more chance” before tossing the red morpher over to Wes.  Hang on.  As far as I can tell, Wes succeeded in his previous usage of the red morpher and only failed with the bank robbery because he was alone and morpher-less.  Then again, it is basically canon that Jen’s being unfair to Wes at this point.

They morph; the others share a screen while Wes is by himself.

Zord Time!

Trip decides to use the Time Jet as it has “supersonic speed”.  The model ‘expands’ and they ride it to the harbor, Wes and Jen snarking at each other.  They jump down to take on Jatara, Jen holding up her badge.

The five get blasted down by the monster who then attacks Wes.  The Red Ranger wields his Chrono-saber and ends up exposing Jatara’s mutant DNA, making the monster supersize.  Wes isn’t amused by being told about this occurrence after it happens.  As Jatara hides blasts, the group hides.

Circuit contacts Captain Logan, who sends the five Time Fliers through the portal to 2001.  Once they arrive, Jen calls for the Time Jet via her morpher so they can ride up to the Zords and get into their indivudal cockpits.

“Mode Blue” of the Megazord is called for and created.  The five are in the central cockpit, Jen downloading the data to guide them in piloting.  Wes is cocky against Jatara.  The Megazord faces off against the monster in a building-filled area.

Somehow the Time Force Megazord ‘bounces’ off a cloud.  Once Jatara is weakened, Circuit tells them to go to “Red Mode” which means the Zords split up and then reform in a new configuration that includes a shield and saber to wield.

Jen has Wes use the Time Force Megazord Saber to blast Jatara in an impressive explosion that ends with the mutant as a small figurine again.  Jen puts the still-smoking figurine in a canister before powering down.  The others follow suit.


Katie notes that Wes was critical in helping.  Wes tries to hand back the Red morpher but Jen admits he has earned it and that “we need you”.  Pleased, Katie gives him a tight hug.

Jen acknowledges, “Maybe we have a chance after all.”


The Zords were used for the first time here, which is a bit unusual as they’re often introduced in the second episode.  Jen continues to butt heads against Wes.  Trip is a sweetheart, and Katie wants everybody to be friends as well.  Lucas is a bit more cynical, but not as much as Jen is.

I think Jen’s teammates are cutting her some serious slack as it’s probably been a few days at most since Alex’s ‘demise’.  That does explain a lot about Jen’s attitude here.  It doesn’t help that Alex and Wes could be identical twins (they are played by the same actor).

The show is largely focusing on the connection (or lack thereof) between Wes and Jen thus far.  Wes’ father seems to be a prominent if stifling part of his life.  It looks like Wes wants to grow beyond his rich upbringing to help others because it’s the right thing to do.


Next time on Power Rangers: Ransik unloads his backstory onto a captive Wes.



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