15-30: Two Fallen Foes

The team goes in Greece and ends up dealing with Kamdor and Miratrix for the last time.

Last time on Power Rangers: There was a clip show.



Rose narrates over some footage of a solar eclipse at some ruins.  Five robed people form a circle around a pedestal on which is the Octavian Chalice, which according to Rose’s data has magical powers during a solar eclipse.  Tyzonn makes the link between the solar corona seen during such an eclipse and the Aurora Corona.  Rose wants to ask the Chalice where the fifth jewel is.

“That’s amazing,” marvels Dax.  “Could you also ask it where I left my keys?”

Ronny and Rose laugh, leading Dax to amend, “I mean, you know, after.”

Andrew gives kudos and Will asks about when is the next solar eclipse.  In an absurd ‘coincidence’, it’s this afternoon, so the team has to head out after Andrew gives Rose a special watch.

Norg, wearing a lacey apron and cap, is mopping the ice cave floor and plans to dust Flurious’ throne next.  But Flurious is cranky about the yeti’s actions and just wants the jewels of the Corona Aurora.  He blasts Norg’s feather-duster.

The team is at some ruins in a forest when Kamdor and Miratrix blast them down.  The former taunts Will about the blue sapphire, making him upset.  The six Rangers morph, Miratrix going after Mack first as he has the Chalice.  But he tosses it to Ronny.

Kamdor blasts at Mack, nearly hitting Miratrix.  Will takes on the blue being while Miratrix fights Ronny.  The villainess uses her sword to somehow open up a crevasse, with a tug-of-war over the Chalice ensuing.  Mack as the Red Sentinel Ranger attacks Miratrix just as she obtains the Chalice.  The artifact ends up on the ground.

Ronny retrieves it while Kamdor fights multiple Rangers.  Mack goes to Ronny’s defense.  Angry at Miratrix’s failures, Kamdor vanishes along with her.  The six demorph and Rose’s watch alerts them that the eclipse is starting.

In a field, a kneeling Miratrix apologizes but Kamdor dismisses her potential to succeed.  Enraged, Miratrix vows to prove herself and make him kneel to her before storming off.

The team reaches the temple ruins.  Rose has the others form a circle, holding hands around the Chalice on its pedestal.  Will comments, “I never believed in hocus-pocus until I got this job.”

Ronny is wide-eyed as the moon all but blots out the sun.  The Chalice activates; Rose continues to give instructions to her teammates before asking her question to the Octavian Chalice.

Miratrix shows up and grabs the Chalice to get more power.  Rose does a Big “No” as Miratrix transforms and supersizes into a bluish owl-like creature.  Ronny and Tyzonn are put in charge of trying to break the connection while the others take her on.

The four morph and activate the Battle Fleet Megazord.  In a forested, hilly are they struggle to fend off the owl-Miratrix.  Rose reports that the Chalice is continuing to give Miratrix power.

Due to a force field, Tyzonn and Ronny can’t reach the Chalice nor can their blasters knock the Chalice off its pedestal.  It’s now storming, drenching the duo as well as the supersized beings.  Owl-Miratrix starts to drain the Megazord of its power as well.

Tyzonn uses his mercury power to briefly hold open the force field so Ronny can use her super speed to get the Chalice.  Ronny checks on Tyzonn afterwards.

Owl-Miratrix falls down but gets back up.  Rose confirms that Miratrix’s power levels have fallen.  The Battle Fleet Rollers are used and she’s blasted back down to her normal mode.  The Battle Fleet Megazord is triumphant as the eclipse ends.

Back to Basics

The Chalice glows and turns into a golden plate to the surprise of Ronny and Tyzonn.  Kamdor blasts them both and obtains the plate.  He then traps Miratrix into the jewel necklace, claiming he always just wanted to use her, before leaving.  Tyzonn and Ronny are both horrified by this display of backstabbing.

Smugly he returns to his cave hideout, unaware of Norg hiding behind a nearby rock.  Kamdor wants to use the blue sapphire against the Ranger; he dismisses Norg’s gasp as being from a cave rat.  Briefly getting the jewel out from its secret compartment, he creates a massive purplish orb out in space.


Leaving his cave, he then gloats as he holds the plate aloft.  Back in their base, the Rangers are bemused by him trying to bait them as they watch the current footage.  But then they learn of a massive object heading towards Earth.  Will decides to take on Kamdor while the others focus on stopping the object.

Norg is searching the cave for the secret compartment.  Sitting down, he despairs that Flurious will never like him.  Somehow he manages to have the blue sapphire land in his lap.

A morphed Will finds Kamdor in a field/quarry.  Kamdor goes into “duel mode” for some reason prior to starting the battle.

Nearby, the Ultrazord is blasting at the nearing magic object thingy.  In the cockpit, Tyzonn is in Will’s usual seat.  Kamdor creates clones of himself to batter Will, who in turn briefly calls upon the HoverTech Cycle before using the Drill Blaster.  The Ultrazord is struggling against the magic object, ending up using its full power.

Still wearing the Defender Vest, Will uses his Drive Slammer against Kamdor.  Up in the sky, there’s an explosion as the others destroy the magic object.  Very battered and weary, Will and Kamdor each land one more blow on each other.  Will falls over while Kamdor seems to be fine, but then the blue being explodes.

Will returns to the base with the golden plate to the delight of his teammates.  Dax jokes about running a background check on all the girls he dates from now on.  Andrew gives kudos to the team, singling out Mack, who just goes, “Thanks, Mister Hartford”.

Rose focuses on the plate while Andrew makes a hurt face (again, this is his own fault).  It turns out they’re going to have to return to Egypt.

Flurious is upset when Norg slides down.  After a few tries, the yeti manages to get Flurious’ attention long enough for him to realize he has brought back the blue sapphire.  Norg is hopeful he now has Flurious’ affection, but the other being is still frigid.  Downcast, he sits down.

The SHARC arrives at the pyramids and the team goes back to the same underground chamber.  Rose uses the golden plate to lower a Jackal statue’s arms to open up a secret chamber.  There’s a tomb-like structure within that’s sealed shut.

There’s a brief montage as Will tries to open it up to no avail.  Rose finds a symbol for the key that will open it up.

It turns out that Moltor has been spying on the team from his lair.


It’s amusing- the Fearcats were the last faction introduced and the first to be destroyed.  Kamdor and Miratrix were the third introduced and the second destroyed.  Flurious and then Moltor were the two factions introduced back in the first episode, and they’re still around.  I have to wonder if the show is being deliberate about this to a degree.

Maybe it’s just due to it coming after the very lackluster “Way Back When”, but I enjoyed this episode.  Will and Kamdor’s battles were impressive visually, and the plot was moved forward as the heroes worked to locate the fifth and final jewel.  There was another nod to the semi-estrangement between Mack and Andrew.  Rose continues to be the brains of the team, while Ronny and Tyzonn continue to work well together.

There’s just a pair of episodes left in the season!  This season is one of the few which doesn’t have a multi-part finale.  Mighty Morphin 1 & 2 (and technically 3), Zeo, and Jungle Fury are the others.

Eclipses are awesome and tend to show up in media.  The symbolism here was a bit heavy-handed, though.


Next time on Power Rangers: The team traverses the world to find the fifth and final jewel.


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