9-4: Ransik Lives

Wes gives the quartet a home, but then gets captured by Ransik, who reveals his backstory to the Red Ranger.

Last time on Power Rangers: Wes proved himself to a skeptical Jen.


Thematic Base

The quartet is on the beach among the rubble.  Trip is fishing while Katie and Lucas talk to Jen about how they can’t survive without money or food.  Does this mean that the previous three episodes all happened within the same day?  If so, that alone could explain loads about Jen’s attitude.

The green-haired guy just catches a shoe.  I already knew/suspected that Trip was the youngest of the group, but the booklet states that he’s “a teen genius from another planet”.  I’m kind of disappointed it didn’t even try to spell his home planet’s name.  But if he’s under twenty, that explains a lot about his perspective and his limited control over his psychic powers.

Wes drives up on his motorcycle and walks over, excited because he’s found a place for them to live.  Trip and Katie are excited in particular as the five head into Silver Hills, all of them carrying those yellow crate-briefcase-thingies.  It turns out the location is an old clock tower that’s owned by Mister Collins but is currently unused.

There’s only stairs, no elevator.  I think them going up the stairs uses CGI footage to make the space look taller than the actual set is.  The top floor is cluttered with junk, so the quartet isn’t impressed.  But then Jen gets impressed by the view, which gives them a good look at the city without drawing attention to their location.  The trio will go along with her being hopeful for the first time since Alex’s “death” (yes, I’ll be using that terminology throughout the season).

Just before it goes to the opening credits, Jen says, “Let’s turn this place into a home.”

Katie and Jen remove cobwebs while Wes and Lucas move the junk around.  Trip sets up Circuit on a ‘post’ for the robotic owl to use.  A brief cleaning montage ensues.

21st Century Habits

Nadira is watching a cartoon as the Cyclobots give her a pedicure and manicure.  She ends up using a super-long nail to move one’s head out of her view.  Ransik and Frax want to announce the former’s arrival and imminent takeover to the city.  The robot is grumpy while Ransik gets inspired to use television to inform the populace about him.

At his boss’ command, Frax re-animates Fearog.  The monster attacks a few Cyclobots before the robot tells him to “calm down”.

Katie uses her super strength to pull up the giant bell in the now-clean area.  Wes shows up with a trunk of modern clothes for the quartet to wear so they’ll blend in.  Katie and Lucas approve of their new garb.  A happy Trip gets a hat to conceal his forehead jewel.  Jen arrives, pulling on her leather jacket (which turns her outfit from preppy to badass).  These will be the outfits they’ll wear throughout the season, as the ‘limited wardrobe’ effect is in play.

Wes is clearly attracted.  A hungry Trip briefly hallucinates that a pigeon is edible; presumably this is to distract the viewers from the fact that Wes clearly wants to kiss Jen.  He and Jen head down the stairs, Wes admitting that he doesn’t want to go to his dad for money for Power Ranger related activity (presumably this is why he didn’t offer to house them at the mansion).

It turns out this place was once “Nick of Time Odd Jobs” according to an elderly man who’s looking for some folk to do a job for him.  Jen agrees to take a paying job, Wes going along with it.

The two of them are to paint a room.  They’ve changed into white coveralls and hats.  Jen also put her hair in pigtails.  The brunette is clearly more competent at this than Wes, who admits he’s unused to “manual labor” after tripping over a can, spilling it.  Though now I’m wondering why/how Jen painted, considering when’s she from.


Amused, Jen goes to get more paint.  I’m glad that the two of them are getting along better now, even though it looks like Wes is starting to nurse a crush on her (not that I blame him).

Going back to work, Wes pauses because Cyclobots are approaching.  He feigns nonchalance but then one of them spots his morpher so they attack him.  The fight is clearly sped-up for a reason that’s nearly inconceivable to me (he doesn’t have super speed nor do the Cyclobots).  Maybe the episode ran a bit long so they decided to speed up this bit opposed to cutting a scene…?

Nadira shows up, ‘asking’ his opinion on her manicure before elongating her fingernails.  Ransik takes over the television broadcast to gloat at the citizens of Silver Hills.

Back at the clock tower, Circuit alerts the trio and a hologram of the broadcast shows up.

Fearog is outside the city and blasts a hill as proof of his power.

After the broadcast, the Cyclobots bring Wes before Ransik.

Returning to the spot that was being painted, Jen is confused by Wes’ absence.  Trip’s hologram on her morpher alerts her that Ransik plans to destroy the city in an hour.  It turns out that Jen is already in Simon Tower, where the broadcast originated from.  Jen finds Wes’ hat and sees his footprints.

Bad Future

Wes is upset at Ransik for wanting to hurt innocents.  The mutant wants to tell Wes about “those innocent people”.  It turns out that eugenics is a thing in this future, which is scary- more so that it’s never called that in the episode.  Also, it looks that ‘test tube babies’ are standard, going by how both parents go to meet their infant child.

One tube falls over, breaking before sinking into the sewer.  It looks as if Ransik was ‘born’ full-grown.  Ransik, as a mutant, views himself as their nightmare.  One stormy night, a woman runs away screaming at the sight of him.  He was shunned as an outcast and decided to terrorize the city in response.

Wes figures out his scheme to rule the past instead of his present.

Jen gets dragged into a closet by her teammates before the brunette is spotted by anybody.

Meanwhile, Wes tells Ransik that “revenge is never the answer”.  I’m sorry, but is anybody having flashbacks to X-Men First Class even though that movie wouldn’t come out for another decade…?  Ransik tells Fearog to destroy him before teleporting away.

But a morphed Jen, along with the others, shows up to his rescue.  Katie easily breaks Wes’ handcuffs, and wanting to take out the monster Wes morphs.  The fight ends up on a street, Wes calling out Fearog as a bully.  The Time Blasters are used on the monster, who gets back up and deliberately exposes his mutant DNA so he’ll supersize.

Wes contacts Circuit and the Time Fliers are sent for.  Apparently the show will be doing the ‘traveling to the past’ sequence for the Zords each episode.  Wouldn’t it make more sense for the Zords to be kept in 2001 instead of traveling between the two time periods?  A Megazord is formed (I’m not sure what mode it is in).  There’s another cloud bounce and soon enough Trip has the Megazord switch to Mode Red.  Wes takes point in the destruction of the monster.

Prior to shrinking to ‘action figure’ mode, he claims, “You will never defeat me!”

The Time Fliers leave.

Skewed Perspectives

Back at the clock tower, the man thanks and pays the duo.  A pizza has been ordered.  Wes admits to Jen that he almost feels sad for Ransik.  Jen assures him that people did try to help him but he’s utterly evil.  Understandably, he trusts her over the supervillain yet I have to wonder… what are Jen’s sources that people tried to help Ransik?  It’s certainly possible that their idea of ‘helping’ was to not call the police or simply ignoring him opposed to antagonizing him.

Time for the team to eat pepperoni pizza and do a ‘toast’ together.

But the episode ends on the downer flashback of Ransik yelling no in the past… er, the future.


More and more Time Force’s future seems like a dystopia instead of the utopia the first episode’s opening narration tried to make it out as.  And I’m feeling that Ransik was heavily inspired by Magneto- the first X-Men movie had come out the previous year, after all.   The fact that Ransik survives this season implies that he was viewed as somewhat sympathetic by the crew.

Wes and Jen continue to bond and seem to be the ‘parents’ of the team.  Lucas is the aloof big brother who thinks acting aloof makes him cool, Katie is the caring and dependable middle child, and Trip is the naïve, idealistic baby of the family.  The team’s clock tower base acts as their home and place of employment as well.

Now I’m wondering when/how Nadira came into the picture.  I wonder if they’re not biologically related, but view each other as family regardless.  The timeline on Ransik’s life is unclear, but I suppose it makes sense that he wouldn’t go into that many details when talking to a foe.  It does seem that Ransik is now aware that Wes isn’t Alex.


Next time on Power Rangers: The Vector Cycles must be used when Nadira embarks on a new scheme.


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