SG5-15: Summit

Daniel goes to the titular event while his teammates are at the Tok’ra base when Zipacna attacks it.

Last time on Stargate SG-1: RODNEY!  But seriously, McKay and Carter butted heads, Jack and Harry teamed up, and Colonel Simmons got arrested.


Return of Jacob/Selmak

I only recognized him later, but the male Goa’uld in this first scene is Zipacna from “Pretense”.  There are Goa’uld ships out in space, a beam taking Osiris/Sarah to Zipacna’s ship’s bridge.  It’s revealed here that Osiris and Isis were a team.  Zipacna finds Osiris’ host attractive before revealing he’s just an emissary for the powerful Anubis to the shock of the other Goa’uld.

By now, my memories of season eight are fuzzy but I definitely recall an episode with a ‘diner’ for the Ascended where Daniel met Anubis and I think Oma, the latter taking on/out the former as penance for helping him partially Ascend long ago before she realized his utter evilness.  Ergo, I know Anubis will be a major problem for SGC over the next few seasons.

After the credits, the SGC Gate is activating.  Walter, Hammond, Teal’c, and Sam are already present, Daniel and Jack arriving just in time to hear that they’re receiving the signal for the Tok’ra.  The iris opens and Renal, from “Enemies”, comes through.  The general greets her and refers to SG-1.

Jacob/Selmak is off on a mission.  When Renal reveals that a “serious situation” is brewing, Hammond wants to go to the briefing room.

Jack complains to Daniel, “It’s always ‘suicide mission’ this, ‘save the planet’ that.  No one ever just stops by to say hi anymore.”

The brunet is bemused by the other man’s sense of humor, as usual.

It turns out that the deaths of Apophis and Cronus caused a power vacuum that the remaining System Lords have been fighting over.  They now want to have a summit to work out a truce for this new galactic order.  Renal states that the Tok’ra want to take out the remaining System Lords there to Sam’s astonishment.

“Welcome to the dark side,” Jack observes wryly.

“This has always been part of our long-term plan,” Renal states before admitting, “We just weren’t quite prepared for the opportunity to present itself so quickly.”

At Daniel’s query, Renal explains that the summit will take place “at a space station in the Hassara system.  It’s considered neutral territory.  Security will be tight.  No weapons will be permitted on board.  And access will be by cargo ship only?”

“Defenses?” Jack asks.

“Impenetrable,” Renal replies.

Teal’c inquires, “Could we possibly gain entrance on one of the cargo ships?”

It turns out each ship will be scanned.  Each system lord will be allowed one human slave, no Jaffa allowed.  Any spy would have to speak fluent Goa’uld, making the humans lapse into an awkward silence… especially Daniel.

There is a picture of Sha’re in Daniel’s study as the brunet studies notes in another language.  Teal’c drops by, wanting his teammate to go since there’s no better option available.  The Jaffa bows his head when Daniel admits he’ll go.

SG-1 is going with SG-17, which includes Lt. Elliot on his first off-world mission.  Jack isn’t amused by Elliot’s excitement about meeting the Tok’ra.  After going through the wormhole, the humans are approached by Jacob/Selmak and a younger Tok’ra.  Sam and her dad hug.  I didn’t really notice until it was pointed out in the commentary, but everybody’s damp due to it pouring… yet it’s barely visible on-screen.

Aldwin is present to guide the new team on the Tok’ra base and policies.  The male Tok’ra was last seen assisting the team rescue Jacob/Selmak from Netu.  SG-1 and Jacob are at a table to discuss the mission.  One of the system lords attending is Yu.  Renal shows up and the Reol chemical from “The Fifth Man” is mentioned.

Lo’taur is the term used for the highest-ranked human slaves.  Daniel will use this (presumably modified) chemical to convince Yu he’s someone else.  Sam checks about Nirrti, as she’d recognize Daniel.  Jacob assures her that the Goa’uld is still “persona non-grata among the system lords” and none of the others have seen him.  Renal gives Daniel the container of two liquids that combine to make a deadly poison to symbiotes.

Sam has moral concerns as the dying symbiotes will release their own toxins, killing the hosts.  Jacob points out the toll taken by human hosts so it’s basically a mercy killing.  Going by the little we saw of Apophis’ host in “Serpent’s Song”, I can’t refute that.  Besides, past experiences have proven how easily the Goa’uld can fake being their host, so it’d be a definite risk to leave them alive.  This is harsh, but given what the system lords have done over the millennia it’s a kindness.  Jacob/Selmak expresses hope, as there are only seven major players left.  The rest of SG-1 is to wait at the base.

A bit later, Jack chases Jacob/Selmak down a hallway, as the colonel knows there’s something being held back.  Jacob clarifies that it is the ultimate goal of the Tok’ra to wipe out all of the Goa’uld.

Power Plays

There are Goa’uld ships out in space, and Osiris goes to speak with Zipacna again.  He points out that she (he?) is good at politics and he himself has his own mission to find the Tok’ra weapon.  Anubis has “methods” to get information out of Tok’ra spies.  Zipacna reveals his objective is to use the new weapon to destroy the Tok’ra before leaving.  Quiet, Osiris seems almost concerned for some reason.

Jacob/Selmak and Daniel are in costume now, the former explaining why the system lords keep human slaves around.  The Jaffa are the military class and besides, lo’taur are handy in case there’s the need for an immediate host switch.  Jacob knows that Daniel is concerned that Jaffa would be impacted by the poison as well.  The older man finds it odd that the Goa’uld aren’t showing any population growth for the first time (ever?), but they’ve been a plague in the galaxy for millennia and need to be taken out.

Aldwin is showing around the other team, Elliot being endearingly curious.  Jack finds the group to check in on them.  Aldwin is oblivious to Jack’s sarcasm, so the colonel leaves to hang out with Teal’c instead.

Daniel and Jacob/Selmak are in a chamber, possibly that of a spaceship.  The name of the slave he’ll be pretending to be is Jarren.  Jacob isn’t sure why Daniel shouldn’t prick himself with the chemical, which he admits scares him and should scare the younger man as well.

Renal and Sam are in a Tok’ra laboratory.  Sam’s a bit upset that the Tok’ra managed to save the symbiote Lantash over the human Martouf.  It turns out that his brain tissue has been studied (while not stated, hopefully this means they have a plan to prevent more zatarcs).  Renal makes a good point in that Martouf would have wanted to prevent further zatarcs as well.  Besides, Lantash still has many of his former host’s memories.

Yu has a dramatic, fancy compound.  Jacob finds Jarren, an Asian man, pouring tea in a chamber.  Daniel zats him.  Jacob gives him a bit of reassurance and a reminder to pour from the right.  Heading deeper into the chambers, Daniel encounters Yu.  The brunet manages to inject the chemical and thus make Yu think that he’s Jarren.  Now the system lord wants his tea, but Daniel remains uneasy.

Alarms blare in the Tok’ra base, so Jack and Teal’c go to where Sam and Renal are.  According to their sensors, there is “a fleet of mother ships bound for Revanna”.  Aldwin joins them to warn them that their Gate is being blocked via the Goa’uld activating it.  By the time the wormhole will automatically shut down the ships will have arrived.

There’s a big space station with an impressive view.  Daniel, in the ship, does the greeting/intro.  They pass the scan.  Yu warns him to be on his guard around the other system lords and their slaves.

Everybody is flustered down in the Tok’ra base.  Aldwin wants to make new tunnels to spread out the risk from the imminent bombings.  Renal cuts the base power so that the ships will have to randomly blast at the surface instead of being able to aim accurately.  The scientist is certain that the Tok’ra will die bravely against the Goa’uld.

Jack is grumpy about her fatalism.  Renal counters that they lack the military resources of the Goa’uld so they have to depend on “disguise and subterfuge”.  Their bases are designed to stay hidden.  Her human host emerges to admit that the only sample of the Goa’uld poison is with Selmak and it would take weeks to synthesize more.

In the space station, Yu and Daniel go down a corridor whose doors slide up to reach a chamber where Yu’s arrival is announced.  The system lord talks to Jarren about his remaining peers as they circle the room.  Legend says that Bastet and Kali teamed up to destroy Sobek.  Baal likes exploding gifts, there’s a mention of Sokar, and he’s a poor loser.  I vaguely recall that he’ll be a major player in the future as well.  The redheaded Morrigan’s servant is a spy who caused the death of Yu’s previous lo’taur.  Olokun, who is of African descent, might want Jarren’s head as well.

I must point out that all of them have attractive hosts, underscoring Kendra’s comment made in “Thor’s Hammer”.

Baal approaches to speak with Yu about how there’s a “coward” who keeps attacking the remaining system lords.  His/her goal is to sow discord among them.

Back on Revanna, gliders are blasting the surface.  The commentary reveals that those are real explosions.  It’s chaotic down in the tunnels, rubble falling on people in multiple places.  Elliot wants to save a guy, but then more rubble falls.

The main ship’s pilot speaks with Zipacna, who views the Tok’ra as “rats”.

Jack, Teal’c, Sam, and Renal reach Aldwin, Elliot, and an injured SG-17 member.  The rest of the team has died.  Poor Elliot is shell-shocked as Renal takes them to the infirmary.  Putting the poison formula on a crystal, she then erases it from their computer system.

“We’ll die before we give up our secrets,” she declares.

“You know,” Jack notes, “we really should come up with a new strategy, one that does not include us dying.”

Teal’c wants to find out what’s going on above.  Renal tells Aldwin to take them to the secondary ring room, as the surface sensors were powered down along with the rest of the base.

Daniel contacts Jacob via radio about what’s going on.  There are currently seven Goa’uld present, a male one having just arrived, but an eighth is expected.  Apparently, the newcomer will be involved/mentioned in “The Sentinel”.  The commentary explains that Jacob/Selmak is in a cloaked cargo ship nearby.

The infirmary is getting battered and Major Mansfield is heavily injured.  The latest batch of rubble breaks the glass container with the still-healing Lantash within.

Aldwin, Jack, and Teal’c have reached the surface, with lots of blasted areas visible.  Multiple alkeshes have landed to release lots of Jaffa warriors.  Teal’c explains the Goa’uld strategy.

Jack fails to contact Sam via radio, making him want to head back so they do so.

Big Reveals & Cliffhangers

The system lords are discussing their mysterious new enemy.  Kali reveals she saw mostly Jaffa in Cronus’ armor but some in Olokun’s.  He admits that one of his mother ships switched allegiances when surrounded.  Baal is skeptical, but Olokun’s grumpiness seems genuine.

A guy announces that the final guest is present.  The door lifts up to reveal Osiris, who says, “I hope I’m not missing all the fun.”

Daniel walks off a bit, turning away in shock and panic.  I’m a bit bemused how they know this is Osiris’ new host… unless they can ‘sense’ each other to the point of recognition.  They can tell that Sam was briefly possessed, after all.

Olokun admits that her (his?) request wouldn’t have been considered under normal circumstances.


Yu calls for Jarren, forcing Daniel to pour the system lord his tea.  Osiris sees his face but doesn’t call Daniel out on his presence.

There’s now a Tok’ra versus Goa’uld battle down in the tunnels.  Aboveground, Aldwin tells Jack and Teal’c that the Jaffa have breached the tunnels.  The trio runs towards the woods but nearly gets hit by a glider.  Those explosions were real as well.  Due to how he fell, Aldwin’s neck snapped, instantly killing him.  Gliders are still incoming so Jack and Teal’c continue into the woods.

The infirmary is utterly trashed.  Upon waking up, Sam goes to check Mansfield’s pulse.  Judging by the fact that she takes his dog tags, putting them in a pouch, I’m presuming he’s dead (which was the show’s intent according to the commentary).  Slowly she makes her way through the wreckage.  Renal has died as well, so Sam takes the crystal containing the formula for the symbiote poison.  Elliot is only alive due to the fact that Lantash is doing his best to heal the young man’s severe injuries.

Lantash admits, “I had no choice.”  The ‘if I wanted to live’ was implied.  As Lantash has to focus on keeping them alive, Elliot will be doing the talking from now on.  Once he’s back in charge of himself, Sam does her best to reassure Elliot given the circumstances.

Jack and Teal’c have gone back into the tunnels, only to find lots of dead Tok’ra.  The two duos reunite and sum up their experiences to each other.  Distant laser volleys are heard, so it’s time to head out.

Daniel heads down a hallway into Yu’s quarters to contact Jacob about Osiris/Sarah’s presence.  The brunet is confused about why his cover wasn’t blown… and then the blonde shows up to talk with him.

The quartet is in a tunnel as more rubble occurs in the distance, blocking their way out and trapping them.  In the midst of this, Teal’c gets in an “indeed”, which I haven’t been keeping track of as well as I should.  Still, he’s been saying it.


I had a revelation about Jack’s insistence on him and his teammates (and allies) surviving in this episode.  That’s a major switch from his death seeker attitude back in the original movie, which did essentially happen in this reality as well.  Him wanting himself and friends to live is incredibly heartwarming from that perspective.

Since the commentary admitted this was supposed to be a single episode except there was too much to cover in that time frame, I’ll be posting the latter ‘half’ next week.  Also, I’ve been working on the sequel to Constancy so I haven’t been able to do much blog stuff lately.  Besides, this pair of episodes lack ‘part one’ and ‘part two’ in their names.

The commentators admit they wanted nine System Lords originally, but pared it down to seven.  There’s also some fun stuff about their research into mythology.  They also appreciate using the internet for that.  At this point for them there are 112 episodes, which is just past the season six two-part opener.  The original plan was to bring back Martouf as well as Lantash, but the actor wasn’t available.  That’s what led to Elliot’s involvement.

As brought up in the commentary, the costumes here are all gorgeous.  There’s also an acknowledgement that they’ve been dealing blows to Earth’s allies this season- the Tollan, now the Tok’ra, and there’ll be a reminder of the Asgard-Replicator war later on (at least, I assume that’s what they were hinting at).

On this disc, ‘Michael Shanks’ Video Diary’ has him arriving for an interview, there’s a bit on “The Tomb”, but most of it showcases this two-parter.  There’s some funny cuteness between him and Osiris/Sarah’s actress Anna-Louise Plowman.


Next time on Stargate SG-1: Daniel deals with Osiris while his teammates cope with Zipacna’s attack/invasion on Revanna.



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