2-31: When is a Ranger Not a Ranger?

Bulk and Skull come to the amnesiac Rangers’ rescue.

Last time on Power Rangers: Goldar attempted to use the titular artifact on Adam.



In class, Adam does a report on kaleidoscopes.  Miss Appleby is snarky when Skull raises his hand, as she doesn’t want stupid questions asked.  Bulk asks about what the tallest building is, causing the teacher to clarify the queries need to be about Adam’s report.  Bulk confesses to Skull that he didn’t understand anything said.

Lord Zedd does a title drop and wants to use the kaleidoscope’s traits to take out the Rangers.

Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy are in the park with said device near a lake when some Z-Putties attack.  A rock song plays as the trio fights the minions, easily defeating them.  However, Lord Zedd creates the Scatterbrain monster out of the kaleidoscope.  Kimberly connects the dots of what the monster was created from and they morph.

The monster uses its powerful, multicolored beam on the trio, which causes them to demorph as they now have amnesia.  Neither guy recognizes Kimberly, although Tommy finds her cute.

Adam, Aisha, and Rocky are playing with a Newton’s Cradle at the Gym and Juice Bar.  Bulk and Skull’s attire causes Ernie bemusement.  It turns out that the duo is going on a stakeout, most likely to find the Power Rangers, but they then get distracted by the trio’s gizmo.  Rocky manages to partially hypnotize them, but the trio leaves through the locker room when their communicators beep.  Bulk and Skull ‘wake’ up as a result.

The trio arrives at the Command Center, Rocky worried what the emergency is.  Zordon explains the situation, complete with visuals via the viewing globe.  Adam and Aisha are now fretting over their friends’ predicament.  Zordon tells them to get the others back to the Command Center so they’ll be safe and so they can help them.

Rocky states, “We’ll take care of them.”

… Um, Rocky, that was nowhere near as reassuring as you intended.

Anyway, Zordon warns them to avoid Scatterbrain’s beam before they teleport to the park.

Half Down

Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy are still concerned and baffled.  Thanks to his vocabulary, Kimberly clues in that the blond must have been a Brainiac.  The other three show up, Rocky explaining who Billy is.  Aisha tells Kimberly that they’re best friends.  When the brunette doesn’t want to shop everyday anymore, this makes Aisha realize just how powerful this monster must be.  Tommy wants to know about the monster, so Adam tries to explain the situation.

The trio is uncertain about leaving with these apparent strangers when Goldar and some Z-Putties beam in.  Despite Goldar’s effort, they still know better than to go with the villains so the group teleports to the Command Center.

Tommy, Billy, and Kimberly are unnerved by the Command Center and Zordon, although the blond is impressed when Alpha 5 shows up.  I’m pretty sure Billy repeated his initial assessment of the robot from “Day of the Dumpster”.  Zordon hand-waves why he can’t just restore their powers while they have amnesia.  Kimberly is more confused than ever, so Zordon states who they are and then Alpha clarifies what Scatterbrain did to them.

Aisha asks Adam how they can reverse things.  He suggests if they deflect the monster’s beam through a prism, the effects will be reversed.  Adam and Billy are to team up in the lab while the others go to the park.

Bulk and Skull are doing their stakeout when the quartet beams.  From their hiding spot, the duo promptly freaks out, quickly theorizing that the Rangers only act like dweebs to prevent a broken pedestal from their current perspective.  As the quartet leaves, Bulk wants to get closer.

Adam and Billy arrive in the garage lab; impressed, the blond gets distracted.  The other teen clarifies that it is Billy’s own lab before asking where he keeps his prisms.  But of course, Billy can’t remember that.

When the quartet finds the Scatterbrain monster at an open field, Rocky and Aisha morph.  Bulk and Skull are utterly shocked to have discovered the Power Rangers’ identities.  Rocky and Aisha narrow get out of a beam’s way.  Kimberly and Tommy can’t do anything to help while Bulk and Skull keep approaching on their bellies.

To the Rescue

Having found the prisms, Adam and Billy teleport to where the others are.  Bulk’s response is, “More dweebs?”

The monster manages to mind-whammy Adam, enabling the duo to partially realize what’s going on.  Soon Rocky and Aisha have their memories erased as well, the prisms landing near Bulk and Skull’s hiding spot.  The six other teens are confused and worried while Scatterbrain is triumphant.


Bulk and Skull announce their presence, the episode suddenly taking on a Wild West feel, complete with a tumbleweed going by.  The monster is irritable, but Bulk tells it, “Draw, you yellow-brained skunk,” as they have the prisms behind their backs.  In the process of using said prisms to restore the Rangers’ memories, they themselves get a bit mind-whammied.

The Rangers, now morphed as a result of the refracted beam, go to the duo’s sides.  It looks like they only lost the last few minutes or at most a few hours as Skull can recognize the Power Rangers still (also because it would have come up had the duo lost any more memories than that).  Tommy tells them that they rescued them.

An upset Lord Zedd uses a BBomb8 to supersize the Scatterbrain monster.  Rocky calls for the Thunderzords, which means the initial transformation sequence and then the Megazord creation sequence.  As the theme song plays, the battle takes place but the Rangers are easily victorious.

At the Gym and Juice Bar, Bulk and Skull are recounting a modified version of their tale to a crowd.  The others don’t believe that the duo rescued the Power Rangers and leave as Kimberly and Aisha come by.  Ernie shakes his head as Bulk and Skull come over to the bar.

Joining them, Kimberly and Aisha reassure the duo that they believe the guys rescued the Power Rangers and puff up their egos a bit since they’re so mopey.  Bulk and Skull are pleased by this attention, but the girls stand firm on not wanting to date them and leave.  This means the duo now wants ice cream.


This episode is largely about Bulk and Skull, who prove that they have inner heroes and discover the Power Rangers’ identities.  Sadly, both developments are erased due to Scatterbrain’s ability.  Hopefully, though, the team will now be kinder to the duo now that they know they’re capable of good deeds.

The new trio has settled into their roles as superheroes.  That one line indicates that Tommy and Kimberly are still dating, but it’s still more subtext than text.  We just hear a nervous huff from Kimberly, not see her reaction to being called cute.  Although lacking his memories, Billy retained his memories and interest in science.  Which makes me wonder if Kimberly isn’t as invested in shopping as she acts- it wouldn’t be the first time she put on a ditzy girl act (see “Day of the Dumpster” and “Something Fishy”).

Scatterbrain was an unusual but dangerous opponent to the Rangers… at least when small.  Once supersized, the Rangers scarcely had any trouble with him.  Lord Zedd continues to be a more dangerous foe than Rita Repulsa, but let’s be frank: that’s a fairly low benchmark to meet.

I’m not terribly keen how Miss Appleby treats Bulk and Skull.  Yes, they can be aggravating at times, but she’s the adult authority and should act accordingly.  They’re not going to behave better if they’re treated as if nothing more is expected from them.  In contrast, look at Ernie- unless it directly impacts him and/or his business he keeps any snark to himself.


Next time on Power Rangers: Lord Zedd puts Rocky under a spell.


One thought on “2-31: When is a Ranger Not a Ranger?

  1. As we all know, Bulk and Skull’s reaction to temporarily discovering the Rangers’ identities is identical to their similar reaction when the Space Power Rangers revealed their identities to all of Angel Grove in Space’s “Countdown to Destruction” (“Them?!”), as both episodes have the same writer and director, as well as a four-year gap between them.

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