9-7: Short Circuited

Nadira captures Circuit to prevent the robotic owl from calling for the Time Fliers.

Last time on Power Rangers: Wes left his father’s shadow for the clock tower.


Plotting and Playing

Like last time, this episode opens up with the conclusion of a mutant’s mission.  Nadira is watching from nearby.  Failing to defeat the morphed Rangers while small, the monster exposes its mutant DNA to supersize.  Trip calls Circuit to call for the Time Force Megazord.  Initially upset, Nadira then gets an idea.

Near as I can tell, the Time Fliers don’t even need to combine to weaken the monster, instead using the “cyclone defense”.  Nadira laughs from where is she behind Circuit.  Now the Megazord, it gets out its Saber.  Circuit obliviously flies off just before Nadira can grab him to her displeasure.  The Rangers succeed in destroying the mutant in a huge explosion.  It’s an action figure again and the Megazord separates into the Zords.


At the clock tower, Trip is doing repairs/maintenance on Circuit while behind him Lucas and Wes play cards, complete with poker chips.  The green-haired alien accidentally uses his power to Lucas to learn what a good hand of cards he has, absently saying it out loud.  No longer believing that Lucas is bluffing, Wes takes back most of his chips from the central pile.  Upset, Lucas puts a bandage on Trip’s gem to ‘ground’ him a day from using his powers.  Trip opts to go on a walk with Circuit.

Nadira’s in the time ship, looking through the panels for Medicon.  She calls for Frax to locate him.  When the golden robot points out that he’s a quack, Nadira observes that’s what she needs.  Ransik shows up just as the animation chamber process occurs.  When Medicon comes out, he greets Nadira with, “Hello, nurse,” in a clear reference to Animaniacs (or the similar vaudeville bit).  Pleased, Nadira rubs at Medicon.

Trusting and Tricking

Trip is wandering around Silver Hills.  From in his backpack, Circuit tries to reassure him.  A woman runs by, being ‘chased’ by Cyclobots.  Trip goes into action to save her and help her hide from the Cyclobots.  When she reveals herself to be Nadira, he’s shocked and backs off.  Nadira lies that Ransik forced her to commit her crimes.

Circuit is rightfully suspicious, probably remembering like me that this whole mess happened because Nadira freed her father from the quartet on Ransik’s way to be shrunk down.  However, Trip opts to believe her sob story.

Nadira dislikes her hot dog while Trip’s in line at the hot dog stand.  Circuit tries to warn Trip, but he continues to trust Nadira.  He returns with her drink, Nadira lying about liking her hot dog.  The pink-haired woman gets manipulative, especially when Trip mentions getting the other Rangers.  Naively, Trip leaves behind his backpack when he goes to get another snack for Nadira.

While his back is turned, Nadira grabs Circuit and gloats when Trip realized what happened, going back to her normal white outfit.  She teleports away before Trip can get Circuit back.  In a train car, with the help of Cyclobots dressed up as nurses, Medicon is to ‘work’ on Circuit.  His efforts end up basically frying Circuit’s wiring, making him spout nonsense.  A happy Nadira tells Medicon to go wreak havoc.

Trip has on his sunglasses as he searches Silver Hills for Circuit.

Back in the clock tower, a hologram shows the latest mutant attack.  Katie realizes that Trip’s missing so Jen contacts him via morpher, complete with a mini-hologram of her.  The brunette tells him where to meet them, while the green-haired man can’t bring himself to admit to what happened.

The morphed quartet arrives to fight Medicon in an industrial area.  Trip arrives to help out Wes.  He tries to admit to what happened but then Cyclobots attack.  Katie uses her Chrono Saber on Medicon, seemingly blowing him up.  Wes praises her but then the monster supersizes.  When the blond fails to contact Circuit, Trip confesses what happened to Jen’s concern.  He doesn’t admit how it’s his fault though.

Everybody gets battered as the mutant continues its rampage.  Trip ends up demorphed.  Lucas takes advantage of that to remove Trip’s bandage.  When the green-haired man protests that it hasn’t been a day, the other guy has to spell out that Trip should use his powers when it’s important and that this situation truly is.  When Lucas tells him to “find that owl”, Trip promises to do so.  Lucas has faith in him as Trip fends off some Cyclobots as he runs off.

Victorious Virtue

Once he’s in a safe spot, Trip kneels down to use his gem.  Apparently, Circuit can sense him.  Trip heads off to the train yard while Medicon is smug as it stalks off, the other four Rangers trailing behind the massive mutant.  Riding his Vector Cycle, a morphed-again Trip zooms along while his teammates assist civilians.

Nadira gloats at Circuit just before Trip makes his big entrance.  The pink-haired villainess sics the dressed-up Cyclobots on him.  But Trip fights them and her off.  Medicon is still blasting stuff in Silver Hills.  The fight between Trip and Nadira ends when the latter teleports away.  Trip goes to work to fix up Circuit.  Among the nonsense that the robotic owl says is the sentence “green is my favorite number” which is sweet.

Ultimately Trip has to lightly thump Circuit’s forehead after doing the repairs to get the robotic owl back to normal.  Evidently Circuit is unaware of what occurred to him, as he’s surprised by Trip’s hug.

Jen is trying to rally the others just as Trip arrives on his Vector Cycle, Circuit flying behind him.  They’re glad to see him.  Circuit calls for the Time Force Megazord, which means the travel sequence again.  The Rangers get into their individual Zords to go after Medicon.  They use the same technique as in the opening scene.  Circuit encourages Trip and they have the Time Flies go into Mode Red for the Megazord.  The Chrono Saber is used to defeat Medicon, turning it back into an action figure.  The Time Fliers then go back to 3000.

The five are demorphed and in the park when Circuit shows up.  Trip apologizes to the robotic owl for trusting Nadira.  Katie knows that Xybrians (Trip’s species) tend to be trusting.  Wes assures the younger man that he likes that Trip is “totally honest and totally trusting” while Jen tells him “Don’t ever change”.

As the other three head off, Trip talks to Lucas about when to use his gem.  It briefly glows but Trip doesn’t say anything… and then Lucas steps in dog poop because Trip had been told not to tell if it wasn’t important.


This episode’s moral was a good one: just because your trust can be taken advantage of doesn’t mean that you should stop trusting others.  Trip was rather naïve in believing Nadira, though, given her frequent glee while engaging in villainy.  And although the Rangers have no clue, I and the other viewers know that she and Ransik have a genuinely close bond.  It is possible that if Trip’s gem hadn’t been covered, his powers would have clued him into Nadira’s scheme.  But then again, Trip doesn’t have very good control over them yet.

I wonder if the bad guys will try to obtain Circuit again, because the plan would have worked if Trip hadn’t repaired Circuit.  I suspect that Nadira didn’t want to destroy the robotic owl, because she wanted him permanently damaged to have the Rangers despair over not being good enough to repair it.  She underestimated Trip’s mechanical prowess.  Also, where exactly are the Rangers keeping the recaptured mutants?  In the clock tower?

This episode showcased the downsides of Trip’s innocence and psychic powers but wasn’t depressing about it, if that makes sense.  There are also clear benefits as well: Trip found Circuit with his powers, and his friends appreciate him for who he is.  Maybe Lucas will go easier on Trip using his powers now.

Next time on Power Rangers: Jen goes on a vengeful rampage.



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