2-34: Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

Aisha taking her responsibilities too seriously nearly causes Angel Grove to go up in flames.

Last time on Power Rangers: Lord Zedd tried to ruin the Rangers’ TV interview.


Fire Safety Week

Miss Appleby introduces Firefighter Newman as a speaker to her class about “the upcoming Fire Safety Week”.  Billy’s in glasses and Kimberly’s in jean overalls that are shorts too (if that makes sense).  Aisha finds him cute.  I have no clue where Adam, Rocky, and Tommy are- maybe this is a different class with Miss Appleby…?  After Newman does his spiel on fire safety and common sense, Bulk and Skull assume they’ll be fire safety co-captains.  However, out of the school’s essays, Aisha’s was chosen, making her fire safety captain.  Billy and Kimberly are happy for her.

Up in the moon fortress, Lord Zedd declares, “I’m going to make Angel Grove the hottest spot on Earth.”

Goldar thinks that Z-Putties with matches should be sent down.  Understandably finding that a stupid plan, Lord Zedd wants to use a fire-breathing monster to force the Rangers to surrender and/or “bring Angel Grove to its knees”.

Presumably on the following Monday, Aisha is giving a demonstration on fire safety.  Kimberly is wearing a fire hat, the two girls briefly going on a tangent on hairstyling.  Bulk and Skull arrive late, clad in firefighting uniforms and having a Dalmatian puppy on a leash, to give their own presentation.  This involves showing footage of the time Bulk’s father had trouble with the barbeque.

However, by plugging in one too many things, Bulk gets slightly electrocuted and nearly starts a fire despite both Aisha and Billy trying to warn him.  The rest of the class bolts up and towards the back of the room.  Adorably, Billy grabs Kimberly for protection instead of wanting to protect her.

Aisha easily puts out the small fire.  Miss Appleby recalls the class to their seats before Aisha reminds them that “water and electricity don’t mix”.  Bulk tries to fib about his intent, but Aisha gets applause as well as praise from the teacher.

Burning Too Hot

After school Aisha, Billy, Kimberly, and Tommy are at the Gym and Juice Bar with Ernie.  They’re putting up posters for Fire Safety Week, the supposed couple both in fire hats.  Tommy wants to go for a run with “the guys”, presumably meaning Rocky and Adam, so Aisha gives him a pile of posters to put up at various locations before she and Ernie head off to the kitchen.

Kimberly takes Tommy’s ‘helmet’ to put on Billy as the guys think Aisha is taking this too seriously.  The brunette points out that fire safety is important and her friend is doing “a very good job”.  Billy concedes, “Yeah, I suppose you’re right.”

Tommy leaves for his run while the other two are to put up the posters Aisha gave them in the hall.

Back in the moon fortress, Goldar goes to an enthroned Lord Zedd as the Flame Head monster is now ready but he first wants to use the Z-Putties to take out the “bothersome brats”.

Rocky, Tommy, and Adam are running in the park when the minions beam in and… dance, I think, which is supremely unintimidating.  A rock song plays as the trio fights the minions, readily defeating them.  Tommy opts to go back to the Youth Center to check in with the others.

Aisha puts pressure on Ernie when he figures he can fix the minor issues found by next week, but she feels there are no such things when it comes to fire safety.  Now both Kimberly and Billy are concerned by Aisha’s intensity, but she’s oblivious to her overreaction.  Billy has lost his helmet, but Kimberly is still wearing hers.

Tommy shows up to warn the trio that Lord Zedd must have another scheme afoot.  Aisha asks after Adam and Rocky, so he reassures her that they’re fine.  But she’s upset when she spots her flyers.  Tommy admits that they never got to the mall.  Aisha wants him to put up the posters there and at the library before she darts off to check on the exit signs meeting regulations.  Her three friends are bemused by how seriously she’s taking this.

Still in their gear, Bulk and Skull are out in the park.  When Skull is dubious, Bulk does a title drop in explaining his logic: smoke means fire, fire means trouble, trouble means Power Rangers.  He then asks, “You get it?”

“I’m sure I will someday,” Skull replies, still at a loss.  Bulk smells something, making Skull think he farted.  But they find a contained fire being used for a picnic.

Spotting said fire, Lord Zedd wants his monster to use it as an attack.  The Flame Head monster rides in on a white steed, setting the barbeque ablaze.

Currently oblivious, Skull suggests they just shout fire but Bulk thinks the Rangers are too smart for that.  When the Flame Head monster sets a trash can on fire behind them, Skull gets out “fire” hoarsely a few times before Bulk smells the flames.  The duo runs away as the monster sets more stuff on fire.  Screaming, they end up in the lake.

Adam, Rocky, and Tommy heard somebody yell ‘fire’ so they head over and see the flaming can.  The Flame Head monster shows up, threatening to turn Angel Grove into “French toast” if they don’t surrender.  Although they morph, the trio has flames repeatedly blown at them.  Tommy manages to kick the monster off the steed (although at least once referred to with male pronouns by the Rangers, the voice and appearance come across as more feminine to me- but most monsters are male).  The Flame Head monster blasts at them.

Moderation and Teamwork

Ernie complains to Kimberly and Billy about Aisha’s desire to see the juice machine’s wiring.  Yeah… I’m pretty sure messing around with a device like that without knowing what you’re doing causes fire hazards, not prevents them.  The TV on the counter starts in on a special report about the mysterious fires occurring in Angel Grove.  Aisha comes over, feeling this falls under her purview as fire safety captain.  Billy knows this isn’t a coincidence so Kimberly quietly suggests they go to the Command Center.  As they get up to teleport, Kimberly removes her fire helmet.


Once the trio is there, Zordon shows them footage of the current battle via the viewing globe to their worry.  Aisha suggests that she goes to the park while the other two stay and help Alpha 5 find a way to stop the monster.  Billy counters that they should all go help their teammates, Kimberly backing him up.

“Please, guys, this is my responsibility,” Aisha states.  Zordon backs up her plan.  Thanking him, she morphs and goes to where the guys are.

Upset, Lord Zedd sends down a group of Z-Putties.  When the guys start to battle them, Aisha tells them, “Guys, this is my battle now.”

She goes to ‘help’ Rocky, Adam, and Tommy in turn.  They’re bewildered and concerned by her clear desire to stop all the Z-Putties alone.  Given her relative inexperience, this is a valid worry.

Alpha 5 and Billy don’t think a chemical to “extinguish this monster” can be made before the whole city is ablaze.  Meanwhile, Kimberly is apprehensive about Aisha’s tactics.  Zordon tells Alpha to teleport the other Rangers to the Command Center.

Rocky expresses fear for Aisha just before they get beamed in, helmetless.  Aisha is frustrated, believing that she could have handled things.  Zordon let her go so that she could realize the importance of teamwork when fighting evil.  The senior trio concurs with that assessment.  Aisha admits that she has lots to learn about how to be a Ranger.

Everybody morphed, they go to the park where they are promptly blasted by the monster.  Despite what she just said, Aisha somehow takes point in creating an energy barrier to turn the flames back on the monster.  I’m willing to bet that this ability is never seen again.

After saying some puns, Lord Zedd sends down a BBomb8 to supersize the Flame Head monster.  This means it’s time for the Zord transformation sequence and then the Thunder Megazord creation sequence before the battle can begin.  Despite a pun of its own, the monster apparently no longer breathes fire.  The Thunder Saber is used to destroy the monster.

Later that day, the group is at the Gym and Juice Bar.  Aisha apologizes to her teammates about going overboard.  Bulk and Skull come in, upset that they got kicked out of the wannabe fire fighters club due to hiding in a lake during the fires.  Well, Skull’s mostly upset about losing access to the puppy.

Ernie and the others have a surprise for Aisha due to her hard work.  It’s a cake with lit candles on it, causing Bulk and Skull to panic, the latter splashing the other with a pitcher of water.  Happily, Aisha blows out the candles.  This breaks the streak of cakes at the Gym and Juice Bar ending up on people instead getting eaten.


While I am aware that this was an Aisha-centric episode, with her learning to tone down her responsibilities and accept help as well as give it, there were quite a few scenes of Billy and Kimberly interacting adorably.  Not helping is that although Billy has stopped wearing jean overalls, Kimberly now occasionally does so.  I don’t count that dark-hued garment Aisha wore over a yellow shirt for most of the episode, due to its color and that it’s clearly not jean-like in texture.  Adam, Rocky, and Tommy were all largely sidelined, but we did get a reminder that to some degree this is now a team of two trios rather than a group of six.  Tommy seems to be making an effort to bond with Rocky and Adam while Kimberly and Aisha continue to grow close, which hopefully means that will change in the future.

A genuine moral was learned here, given the lack of evil spell-casting that occurred.  Aisha learned that although being responsible is a good thing, it is possible to shoulder too much of it as well as to demand too much of it from others.  I’m vaguely reminded of that Arthur episode where DW had to learn a similar lesson after learning about fire drills and safety (at least I think that was the plot- it’s been a long time since I’ve seen any of the show).

I’m seriously starting to wonder if Goldar’s IQ dropped when he got his wings back (and has continued to drop over time).  Or Lord Zedd accidentally (or deliberately) fried Goldar’s brain a bit when doing so.  Because the golden lion’s threat level has steadily dropped since the season two premiere.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Next time on Power Rangers: The titular event nearly goes awry.



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