9-8: Jen’s Revenge

Jen goes on a rampage against Ransik and his forces, still hurting over losing Alex.

Last time on Power Rangers: Trip rescued Circuit from Nadira’s clutches.


Early Birds

It’s amusing how twice now the episode after I’ve asked a question has the answer.  In this case, the episode opens with Circuit and Trip checking that the crygogenic containment chest in the clock tower is functioning.  I’m going to presume it was either in one of the yellow chests brought there or they salvaged it from the time ship.  Lucas is checking on his hair.

Upon his alarm ringing, Wes falls out of his bed up in the loft.  Ouch.  I’m guessing his Ranger durability is why he’s fine.  He’s under the impression that this is early to his teammates’ scorn.  Odds are that this is six or seven in the morning, which would be early for many- particularly in the upper class that Wes grew up in.  His hair still suffering from bedhead, Wes asks after Jen.  Katie responds, “Training, as usual.”

Jen is indeed doing so out in the tree.  She has wrapped rope around part of a tree’s trunk to train against as a makeshift punching bag that she’s imagining is a laughing Ransik.  Eventually she collapses against it and takes off her gloves to look at her engagement ring.  The brunette flashbacks to Alex saying “Jennifer, will you marry me?” after the box.  That’s… not quite how it actually went, possibly implying that Jen already has on rose-tinted glasses regarding him.

Wes shows up in a track suit and obliviously, cheerfully teases her.  Asking if she wants someone to train with, he jokes, “Because I bet I’m tougher than that tree.”

Showing off some moves on him, Jen states that she is tough and observes how he’s a late sleeper before stalking off to Wes’s confusion and hurt.

For the Moolah versus Out of Rage

Frax reanimates the mutant Fat Catfish (yes, really) for Ransik.  The bounty hunter is given half his payment (a silver chest of bills) now and half when the Power Rangers are destroyed.  Nadira is having a makeover, given by Cyclobots, while Frax taunts Fat Catfish being willing to do it.  Fat Catfish, out of annoyance/pride, destroys some of the minions.  Ransik and Nadira are amused, but Frax is upset by the loss of his robots and wants all robots to be treated fairly.

Nadira decides to lure off the mutant for a shopping trip in Silver Hills.  Fat Catfish gets upset when she leaves (with the stuff) after he’s run out of money.  I suspect she did this deliberately for two reasons: to get stuff as well as manipulate the mutant into fighting the Power Rangers to get more money to spend on her.  It’s typical villainess behavior to pull such stunts on unsuspecting males and happens frequently in Power Rangers.  Well, Vypra basically used Marina to get to Chad instead of doing any such plan herself, but Scorpina, LeeLee, and Miratrix each went after a male Ranger personally.

He randomly blasts in several directions, pumped up to defeat the Rangers.  Morphed, the quintet shows up.  There’s a black-and-white flashback to Alex and Jen originally containing this bounty hunter.  Fat Catfish then taunts Jen about Alex having been “destroyed”; I suppose Nadira told him the ‘good’ news during their shopping trip.

Angry, the others attack him while Jen is frozen.  She flashbacks to the first episode- specifically, what happened to Alex.  Jen decides, “No!  I won’t let his death be in vain.”

Charging at Fat Catfish, Jen’s wrath causes her teammates to back up out of intimation.  They try to have her calm down, Lucas directly intervening as her V5 is set on ‘destroy’.  While Jen’s teammates try to restrain her, the frightened mutant retreats.  To their concern, Jen stays firm on wanting him destroyed.

Robots Win at Chess

Finding Fat Catfish cowering in an alley, Frax taunts him.  Once he’s gone, the golden robot is pleased as he’s scanned the mutant into his voice-and-image replicator.

In her civilian garb, Jen sits down on a park bench.  She spots a young couple getting engaged a few yards away, causing her another flashback to the moment of their engagement.  From some bushes, Frax ‘flips’ a card at the brunette.  A hologram of Fat Catfish appears, offering her a deal to get her off his back by giving her Ransik.  Frax is pleased by putting his plan into motion as a baffled Jen stands up.

That night, Katie is sleeping.  Jen gets up from beside her to head down to get her white Time Force suit out of the closet to wear instead of her pink pajama set.

The villains are gathered in a warehouse.  Frax has clearly framed Fat Catfish, having told the mutant that Ransik wanted to see him but telling Ransik that Fat Catfish wanted to see him.  Obviously Ransik is going to trust his supposedly loyal golden robot over the bounty hunter, especially when Jen shows up and her comment backs up Frax’s side of things.  The brunette starts to fight a bunch of Cyclobots.

Waking up for some reason, Wes finds Jen’s pajamas on a chair and realizes there’s an empty slot and hanger in the closet.

Meanwhile, Jen is getting battered by an amused Ransik.  Pulling a blade out of himself, Ransik begins to gloat… but then needs/demands his serum as he’s in massive pain due to his skin starting to bubble.  Yes, it’s clearly CGI, but the scene retains its creepiness sixteen years later.

Her morphed teammates arrive, wanting to get Jen home.  Frax gives Ransik the serum while Fat Catfish blasts at the retreating quintet.


Bandaged up and clearly battered, Jen wakes up on the table, covered in bedding.  Wes is sleeping in a chair next to her, to the brunette’s fond amusement.  Pulling her hand out of his, she then gently touches it.  Admittedly the above screencap shows mostly the room’s interior (which is nifty), but there is a sense of what a sweet moment it is for both of them.

Fat Catfish is rightfully mad at Frax when a morphed Jen arrives on the Time Jet to fight them.  Leaving hurriedly, Frax fibs “I think I left the teapot on” as Jen battles the mutant.

A Team United

Jen’s leather jacket now draped over his shoulders, Wes wakes up to realize Jen’s gone… first checking under the bed before calling for the others.  Oh, Wes.

This time Jen has the edge over Fat Catfish.  When he’s on the ground, her blaster on his chest, the mutant pleads for mercy.  Jen states, “I’ll give you the same mercy Ransik gave Alex.”

Her morphed teammates show up.  Trip pleads with her, Lucas points out that killing him would make her the same as them, and Katie tries to remind her of her oath to Time Force.  Agreeing that Jen has the right to be angry, Wes then asks, “What would Alex do?”

That makes Jen stand down, both Wes and Trip sitting down out of sheer relief.  The former tells her, “You made the right choice” while Trip requests, “Please do not scare us like that again.”

“Yeah, it’s too much,” Lucas concurs.

Katie finishes it off by saying, “You could say that again.”

Fat Catfish gets up, ready to fight again.  Jen retains the upper hand due to powerful but nonlethal attacks so her foe exposes his mutant DNA to supersize.  The brunette contacts Circuit, leading to a shortened travel sequence for the Time Fliers and the Rangers going into their cockpits.

I now know that the ship mode is all five Zords combined.  They then use the “cyclone defense” against Fat Catfish.  The switch to Mode Red is made to continue the fight, Wes giving Jen point in wielding the Megazord Saber.  Afterwards, the ‘action figure mode’ Fat Catfish is put into containment by a beat-up Jen.  Wes comes over to shut the container, the other three standing nearby, telling her, “Come on.  Let’s go home.”

Trip puts away the latest container in the chest (cupboard?).  Excited to put away Ransik, Katie shakes Trip’s shoulders playfully to his amusement.  More seriously Lucas notes, “Let’s hope it’s soon.”

Wes finds a still bruised Jen out on a balcony, admitting to her, “I know I’m not Alex.”

As he helps her back into the clock tower’s interior, she assures him, “But I don’t want you to be like him.  In fact… I like you just the way you are.”

“You do?”

“Yeah, I do.”

Giddy, Wes basically cheers before hugging her.  The other three topple over from where they were spying on the duo.  Lucas gets up fastest and starts to whistle.  Jen hastily shoves Wes away.  Katie and Trip do a comedic interpretation of what just occurred.  This is an understatement, but any retelling I do wouldn’t convey the sheer hilarity of it.  Wes warns them to run and Jen gives chase, but all five are all pretty light-hearted about the situation.

Not only is this a cheery way to end a serious episode, it highlights that Wes isn’t a ‘replacement goldfish’ of Alex for Jen.


It’s hard to believe that I’m already a fifth of the way through Time Force as I’ve now finished the first disc.  Here, Jen redirected her anger at Ransik for ‘destroying’ Alex at his underling Fat Catfish.  Not helping was the fact that the mutant was originally contained by the couple.  I’m a bit baffled by the references to Fat Catfish being a bounty hunter, as they usually capture criminals instead of being them.  Maybe he was too aggressive and/or had helped Ransik in the past.  Er, the future.  You know what I mean.

Despite her continued grief over Alex, Jen is growing close to Wes.  The group’s interactions are all believably friendly, but there is definite, growing chemistry between Wes and Jen.  It’s clearly not just due to the physical similarity even before Jen’s reassurance at the episode’s end.

The moral here was that revenge isn’t the answer, which is already a background theme due to Ransik’s own motivations.  Which Lucas did refer to; he continues to be a good second-in-command for Jen.  Trip and Katie are more playful than anything here, while Wes acts as the heart for Jen when her moral compass gets skewed by wrath.

It’s definitely interesting how the Time Force weaponry has various settings.  Both future seasons (this one and SPD) prefer capture over destruction of their foes.  Of course, the other seasons lack such technology to contain their threats, which are often more serious than run-of-the-mill criminals.  RPM may or may not be in the future, but Venjix and his robots are too dangerous to keep alive in any capacity, for example.  Still, it’s nice that the franchise based off of blowing up monsters is idealistic enough to believe that the monsters won’t always have to be destroyed in the explosions (there need to be explosions always, because they live by the Mythbusters motto that everything can be improved by them).


Next time on Power Rangers: Frax schemes and Mister Collins is up to something.


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