2-35: Scavenger Hunt

Lord Zedd wants to ruin the Rangers’ fun.

Last time on Power Rangers: Aisha took her responsibilities too seriously.


Riddles and Searching

In the park, Kimberly reads a clue to Adam and Tommy.  The three are a team for a scavenger hunt (or as it turned out, their team of six split into two to divvy up the clues).  Kimberly, who’s wearing a jean jumper, pieces together that the answer is a red car when she spots one.  Tommy takes a photo of her and Adam by it with a Polaroid, underscoring just how long ago this show is set.  The brunette is giddy about doing a scavenger hunt to the bemusement of Tommy and Adam.

Goldar is lurking behind Lord Zedd as the villain states, “So, they like to play games, do they?  Well, I’ll send them on an endless scavenger hunt through every dimension in the universe and with the Power Rangers gone, Earth will be mine for the taking.”

… Um, what?  Are there lots of ‘pocket dimensions’ in the PR universe then?  Maybe some of them were seen in Mystic Force, then, rather than being their own universes (so to speak).  Where’s that book on Ranger-metaphysics when you need it?

As usual, the ‘headquarters’ for the scavenger hunt is in the Gym and Juice Bar.  A bespectacled Billy, Rocky, and Aisha are at a table there, dealing with their clues.  Rocky and Aisha are dismissive when Bulk and Skull show up in Middle Eastern style garb, aware that they must be up to something yet again.  It turns out they’re going to use the woman “Gypsy Abollonia” and her “special gypsy powers” to discover who the Power Rangers are.

Bulk is confident while Billy doubts she has any powers.  Although the woman is offended, the blond remains skeptical.  The trio gets started on their ‘quest’ and their behavior is more offensive than funny to a modern perspective, given that Romani is an actual subculture.  But then again, it is true that this show’s crew had some… closed-minded individuals on it, as David Yost can sadly attest.

A crowd has gathered around them, curious and amused.  Bulk and Skull end up dizzy, while the Ranger three aren’t threatened at all by this supposed risk to their secret identities.

Lord Zedd is scheming about “the lost universe” and sending the Rangers there.  He’s arrogant, while Baboo and Squatt are eavesdropping from behind a wall.  Goldar tries to ask what to do, but ends up being shut up then to be told later on (I don’t get it either).

Billy, Aisha, and Rocky are in the garage lab.  The blond figures out their latest clue is a cannon; luckily a younger cousin left one here so they decide to leave after obtaining it.

Inspired, Lord Zedd wants to use the cannon.  He has to explain to a dubious Goldar that he’ll turn the toy into a monster.  To avoid any mistakes, Lord Zedd tells him to take the whole bag.

Cannontop versus Rangers

In the park, Aisha tells the guys that they have two clues left.  Rocky hopes the others are doing okay just as some Z-Putties beam in.  Aisha notes, “They may be, but we’re not.”

A rock song plays as they fight the minions at the picnic shelter area.  Billy ends up throwing the bag a Z-Putty to keep it from attacking him, unwittingly playing into their plan.  Three triumphant Z-Putties teleport away with the bag to the trio’s bafflement.  Aisha wants to contact the others.

Kimberly, Tommy, and Adam are in the school halls, looking for a clue, when Billy contacts Tommy via communicators.  Kimberly gets worried as Billy checks that they’re okay.  Tommy and Billy wish each other luck on the game.

They then encounter Gypsy Abollonia, Bulk, and Skull to their astonishment.  Antics ensue to the Rangers’ amusement.  Happily, Kimberly realizes the clue is a whistle so they run off to get one.

Glowing red, Lord Zedd laughs evilly and checks that Goldar followed his instructions.  Using his magic staff, Lord Zedd creates the monster Cannontop.

At the Command Center, the alarms blare.  Alpha 5 alerts Zordon, who tells him to activate the viewing globe.  The floating head states, “We will have to be vigilant.  Lord Zedd’s schemes have grown steadily more dangerous since the three new Rangers were empowered.”

Since that two-parter, here are the villains’ plots in order: Scorpina tried to get Adam out of the way, Goldar tried to ruin Adam’s self-esteem, a very close call with the Scatterbrain monster and its amnesia-inducing beam, Rocky was enchanted to, well, just want to have fun (and nearly everybody got turned into balls briefly), the Show Biz monster tried to ruin the team’s TV interview, and the Flame Head monster tried to do long-term fire damage to Angel Grove.  To be fair, overall these schemes are fairly dangerous- certainly more so than most of Rita’s.  I think Zordon has a point.

Billy’s communicator beeps and Zordon tells them about the new monster and its powers.  The trio morphs.

Zordon has Alpha contact Tommy.  The other three are in the park when Tommy is told about there being a new monster on the loose.  They morph, all six going to where the monster is in the park.  The monster blasts twice at them, holding them off.  Tommy dodges a blast.  The others combine their weapons into the Power Blaster to weaken Cannontop.

Lord Zedd sends down a BBomb8 to supersize the monster as a result.  Adam gets worried so Aisha encourages him and by extension their teammates.  There’s the usual Zord transformation sequence and then Tommy calls for the White Tigerzord.

White Tigerzord lets the Red Dragon (in Warrior Mode) ride it.  Alpha alerts Zordon that “the lost dimension” has been opened to their fear.  Tor is called for by Saba, although it was called Ptah for some reason.  Going into its upright mode, Tor attacks.  White Tigerzord goes into warrior mode and then the Ultrazord is formed.

As the battle takes place, the “Tiger Power” song plays.  Mega-Tigerzord is mentioned, while Zordon has faith in Tommy as the Rangers’ leader when Alpha frets.  A powerful blast takes out the monster, the Red Dragon still in warrior mode coming over to shake the Megazord’s hand.  I’m having trouble keeping all the various combinations straight in Mighty Morphin.

Briefly glowing red, Lord Zedd angrily blames the other three villains.  I surmise that Finster is being smart and still hiding out in his workshop.


Back in the Gym and Juice Bar, a team might have gathered all their clues while the Rangers just have one more to find.  Ernie, overhearing the last riddle, figures out that it’s the Power Rangers.  I suspect the team might have had a hard time with that one otherwise, given how they don’t quite realize how others see their heroic alter egos.

Bulk, Skull, and Gypsy Abollonia show up just as Ernie brings over his photo of the super heroes.  Fed up with her apparently false powers, Bulk and Skull fire her, upsetting the woman.  I have to wonder if she’s as much of a fraud as Billy (and now the duo) thinks.  Magic powers are real through the series- psychic powers just as much.  It’s possible that the woman did pick up on some vibrations… the trio did keep running into the team.  Maybe there’s a Watsonian reason for that as well as the obvious Doylist one.

The six teens get up to turn in their clues to the judges.  A pair of Hispanic girls have missed one.  The judges look over the team’s clues as they wait by eagerly.  The Angel Grove High team is declared the winners to their pleasure.  Although the team was ‘mixed’ for splitting up to find clues, they were back to Billy-Kim-Tommy and Rocky-Adam-Aisha when standing at the judges’ table.  I think the teens are not quite a cohesive whole yet.


Um, is the ‘lost dimension’ still open or did it close when Cannontop was destroyed?  Hopefully that will get addressed at some point.

It was sweet to see how invested Kimberly and Billy in particular got about the titular event.  Of course, they seemed to have the easiest time solving the riddles, which might be part of it.  That’s another reminder that the brunette is smarter than she prefers to act.  And she was in a jean jumper (is that the word?), further underscoring the parallels between them (though looking through my past screen-caps showed that Trini was in jean overalls at least once, to be fair).

Overall, it was a team-centric episode, with them working together to fight evil and win a game.  Tommy continues to be the best fighter on the team, but Billy has greatly improved since becoming a Ranger and the other four are highly competent as well.

The depiction of Gypsy Abollonia was… awkward to say the least, but then again, the subplots with Bulk and Skull frequently can be for other reasons.  I really am curious whether or not she had any actual powers.

Zordon is concerned about what more dangers Lord Zedd has planned for the heroes, which is a valid point as the villain has consistently been more threatening than Rita Repulsa.


Next time on Power Rangers: The team assists a friendly alien.



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