9-9: The Time Shadow

The new Zord comes to the team’s rescue from a supposedly mysterious source.


Last time on Power Rangers: Jen tried to get revenge for Alex through Fat Catfish.


It turns out that the previous episode’s ‘next time’ segment didn’t feature Katie time-traveling is because that’s not the episode that was aired next, despite the DVD order.  I checked via Wikipedia and frankly, the snippets match up to this episode.  Therefore, I’ll be briefly going out of DVD order to do filming order.  After “The Legend of the Clock Tower” things will sync back up.  I have no clue how this issue arose, but I will try to catch other jumbles.  No promises, though.

Back to your usually scheduled review!

Attack at Bio-Lab

Mister Collins is at a research facility with his weapons specialist Doctor Lavoy, some other scientists, and a group of reporters.  “The Raimei Destroyer”, which resembles a Zord, has been completed after two decades of work.  It’s shown in a large room before the group heads over to a laboratory elsewhere in the building.

Um, what?  That’s 1981, over a decade before Rita Repulsa’s escape.  It had to be a practical plan from the beginning as Mister Collins is not the type to build castles in the air.  Is there a longer history of epic battles than shown…?  Maybe the Mystics versus Underworld war did impact ‘the human world’ somehow… or something.  Now I’m confused.

Izout, a mutant, and some Cyclobots invade the building.  Mister Collins and the others can hear the racket in the distance.  The intercut between Super Sentai footage and Power Rangers footage is more obvious than usual.  Under Izout’s supervision, a Cyclobot steals zirium powder as Mister Collins watches on.  The robotic minions are left behind to keep the humans hostage while the mutant leaves with the container of zirium powder.

After the credits, the morphed quintet arrives outside the building only to split up- Wes and Lucas go one way, the other three another.  Nearby, Frax is given the stolen zirium powder.  He phrases it as a reward for the mutant to go destroy the Rangers.  After Izout leaves gleefully, the golden robot shows his true scornful feelings.

Wes and Lucas rescue the hostages in the lab, taking out the Cyclobots.  The former nearly goes “Hi, Dad” at the sight of his father, showing that he still misses him.  For his part, Mister Collins seems confused why the Red Ranger seems to know him (and/or he senses something familiar about the hero).

Jen, Katie, and Trip find Izout in a plaza-like area.  The mutant blasts them down, but then Wes and Lucas show up to arrest the criminal.  The latter offers a peaceful arrest, but Izout rejects it.  The quintet teams up to weaken the mutant, who exposes his mutant DNA in response.

Lucas contacts Circuit, so that the Time Fliers are sent to the past.  The Rangers are suddenly in their cockpits and the Megazord is formed, with the Time Jet as a blaster.  Going by the color scheme, I’m saying it’s in Mode Blue.  The battle takes place in a rubble-strewn area.  Jen realizes too late that “it’s a trap” and the grenades go off, causing the Time Force Megazord to fall down.

In their civvies, the five land on the ground.  Somehow the Time Jet manages to independently save the day before the Megazord travels back to the future.  Wes is still concerned about it, though.

Technical Difficulties

Captain Logan reports to his underlings that due to the extensive damage, the Time Force Megazord can’t go into battle “for a while”.  Evidently neon-hued clipboards are a thing in 3000.  Through a security camera, a dark-haired man in sunglasses is eavesdropping from another room.  Look, the show is trying to conceal his identity, but it’s pretty clearly Alex.  A “test run” simulation is run on the Time Shadow, a new Zord, in a large room elsewhere that Alex also has camera access to.

Mister Collins and Doctor Lavoy are confused in an office of the former’s.  As they view the powder as a waste product of a process, they have no clue why it was stolen.

On the time ship, Frax is scheming.  Ransik and Nadira are being pampered by Cyclobots and Gluto in the main area.  The dark-haired mutant throws one minion into a wall, trashing it, when it dug in too deeply while massaging him.  The eavesdropping Frax is offended by Ransik’s claim that robots are “useless”.  Going to his own little lab with Cyclobots, Frax is doing a process with the powder, turning it into a crystal to his glee.


Wes is baffled back in the clock tower; he and his teammates are at a table, watching a hologram.  Something I caught on my re-watch is that he got coffee/tea just for himself and Jen.  He’s playing favorites due to his crush.  Circuit reveals that zirium powder can be converted into “trizirium crystals” with the right technology.  Jen points out, “But trizirium crystals shouldn’t be discovered for another hundred years.”

Well, Frax is from the same time period as the quartet, so it’s understandable that the robot knows the process.  Maybe the brunette is afraid that the theft might clue in people that there’s something special about it a century before they ‘ought’ to?

Lucas observes, “Power like that can change the future,” making Jen and Katie visibly uneasy.

Giant Mecha Rampage

Frax is working on his “robotic masterpiece” as he finishes up the creation of the trizirium crystal.  He’s confident that his robot will succeed where mutants have failed.  Frax and the activated Tronicon go into Silver Hills to prove robotic superiority.  Yet somehow Frax’s action to supersize it looks identical to the whole ‘exposing mutant DNA’ thing.  Maybe that was a Super Sentai holdover…?

There’s shaking so the Rangers look out the tower window to see the giant robot attacking.  Morphed, the five run through a street.  Jen’s worried but Wes is the one who contacts Circuit.

Captain Logan informs the blue robotic owl that the Megazord can’t come.  Lucas is concerned as the group narrowly avoids some rubble.  Wes is certain that they can/should keep fighting, while Frax is even more certain that he’ll be victorious.

Doctor Lavoy informs Mister Collins about the attack, so they decide to use the Raimei Destroyer.  Mister Collins has faith in the scientist.  One of the pilots looks rather like Eric but I doubt it’s him.  This franchise is not subtle about its foreshadowing.  See its effort to be mysterious about Alex in this very episode.

Circuit flies over to explain things to the team- that the Megazord can’t come and that this foe is a robot, not a mutant so they can’t “freeze” it like they normally do.  I suppose freezing is the term for the whole ‘action figure’ process?

The Raimei Destroyer arrives to the group’s astonishment.  Frax is baffled as well.  Doctor Lavoy is essentially backseat driving from his lab as Mister Collins watches on.  The Rangers do their best to help out with their Vortex Blasters (presumably on the highest setting).  The scientists are clearly pleased about how well things are going, while Mister Collins is more serene.

However, Frax knows the full power of the trizirium crystal.  The Raimei Destroyer gets heavily damaged by Tronicon.  Doctor Lavoy tells the pilots to eject just before the video footage goes to static, making Mister Collins noticeably upset (showing that he does have a heart).

Alex is watching the battle via a screen in 3000.

The weakened Rangers are by some rubble when Circuit checks on them.  They go to get the injured pair of pilots to safety.  I suspect if one of them was Eric, Wes would have recognized him.

Anyway, Alex sends the Time Shadow through the time portal to 2001.

The Rangers are blasting at Tronicon to hardly any effect, ending up cornered.  Jen remains determined to keep fighting.  As Tronicon prepares to take them out, Frax grows even smugger.

Totally Eclipsed

Suddenly there’s an unnatural eclipse to the confusion of Wes and Circuit.  The Time Shadow arrives ‘through’ it to batter the robot before switching from jet mode to mini-Megazord mode (it’s upright and humanoid).  It having sent data to the robotic owl, Circuit can tell the team that this is the Time Shadow Megazord.

“It’s fantastic,” marvels Jen.

Frax is annoyed and has a ‘trick’ planned.  Lots of missiles are fired back and forth.  However, Tronicon ends up damaged and Frax falls down when the building he’s on gets impacted by the battle.  The quintet finds Frax, who’d rather fight them than surrender.  Except the golden robot calls upon some Cyclobots instead.

The team takes them on before getting to Frax.  Tronicon and the Time Shadow Megazord continue to fight.  The music isn’t the typical sort of battle music but somehow fitting regardless.  In any case, the new Zord triumphs over the robot, destroying it.

The eclipse starts to end.  Frax gets a moment to despair over the loss of his robot before the Rangers find him.  Although he refuses to surrender, Frax teleports away opposed to continue fighting right now.  Katie and Trip are confident that they’ll win with the Time Shadow on their side as the new Zord leaves through the ending eclipse.

While communicating with Captain Logan, Jen is pleased and Trip enthusiastic.  The captain admits that he’s not the one who sent the new Zord.  Katie inquires, “If Time Force didn’t send it, then who did?”

Captain Logan states that he wants to find that out before ending the hologram communication.  Jen stands up, her arms crossed.  I think she’s now slightly worried about the intentions of whoever sent the Time Shadow.

Speaking of which, it’s back in its little Zord Bay space.  Alex is at his console in the other room, silent.


This was a solid episode that introduces the titular Zord.  Mister Collins has Bio-Tech taking a more active approach regarding the villainous attacks on Silver Hills, even if the timeline is baffling to me.  Though this episode brings up the first indication that this isn’t a stable time loop scenario.  Wes continues to be adorably smitten with Jen.  Frax isn’t as loyal to Ransik as he seems.

Going by how clandestine he’s being, I suspect Alex is operating outside of Time Force.  Captain Logan seems to be honestly oblivious as to who created and sent the Time Shadow.  Of course, the fact that Alex is keeping his continued existence a secret from possibly everybody says some concerning things about him.

Not an awful lot happened here, but I enjoyed this episode even if the Rangers largely took a backseat to the other subplots.


Next time on Power Rangers: A mutant from the X-Vault attacks… it’s clearer than ever that somebody involved with this season was inspired by the X-Men movie.


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