2-36: The Great Bookala Escape

The team assists a friendly alien escape from Lord Zedd’s clutches.


Last time on Power Rangers: The titular event was nearly ruined by Cannontop.


UFO Crash Landing

Aisha, Adam, and Billy are playing Frisbee in the park when a small spacecraft flies overhead.  Nearby, Bulk is posting that the Rangers might be aliens (well, in the future he has a point).  He and Skull spot the spacecraft and Bulk excitedly takes photos… his friend then revealing that he still has the film.

Lord Zedd wants to capture the escaped alien for his diamond power source.  Wait, if he was previously captured, then how come Lord Zedd doesn’t already have it?  Maybe the alien was just nearly captured…?

The small, silver object crashes at the base of a tree.  Cautiously the trio nears it.  Billy theorizes that it’s a spaceship, observing the Japanese kanji on it.  Momentarily touching it, Adam learns that it’s still hot.  I suspect a non-Ranger would have been seriously burned but that having a morpher gives the user a minor healing factor (otherwise they’d all get more battered).  Aisha spots a ‘doll’ within.  Billy suggests the being is hibernating within.  Wait, then how’d he escape Lord Zedd’s clutches?!  Did the alien go into hibernation once it realized it was going to crash as a way to protect himself?

“The diamond power source” is on the spacecraft.  Billy contacts Zordon about the crash.  Zordon says that explains why Serpentena is nearing Angel Grove and wants the spacecraft brought to the Command Center.  As the teens still can’t safely touch it, Billy tells Adam to go get their blanket, presumably for their planned/already happened picnic.

Lord Zedd has Goldar fire the Zord’s cannons.  The blasts nearly hit the trio before they and the spacecraft manage to teleport away.  When Lord Zedd yells at Goldar, the golden winged lion wants to recharge Serpentena.  That makes the villain forbid that word from being used again.

Swapping Time

It’s explained that the rare “lightning diamond” could power Serpentena infinitely.  Bookala is the species’ own name as well as that of their planet.  Zordon has Billy put the diamond in the alien’s hands, which makes him grow to human size.  The blond is impressed by meeting a friendly alien.  Me?  I’m kind of unnerved by Bookala’s appearance- shallow, but true.


Already Bookala is copying their words to learn English.  Billy does his best to reassure him.  Aisha is inspired to have a plan to help the alien get away from the villains.  Kimberly’s amused and pleased that Billy has a “new friend”.

In a different work space than usual, Aisha is making a doll replica of Bookala while Adam makes a fake lightning diamond out of odds and ends.  Billy’s repairing the spacecraft.  Bookala is ‘supervising’ and now has a rudimentary grasp on English.

Bulk and Skull have a ‘plan’ to attract more UFOs.

Billy tries to reassure Bookala.  When the alien reveals that it snows on his planet, Billy wishes it did that in Angel Grove.  Suddenly the monster Weldo attacks the warehouse (?).  The trio morphs but the monster blasts repeatedly at them.  They just manage to get out and away.

Kimberly, Rocky, and Tommy are back in the Command Center.  Aware that their teammates need help, the trio morphs and teleports to them.  Weldo shows up to first taunt and then blast at them.  Billy angrily takes on the monster and apparently destroys it.  The blond, despite his worry, does his best to reassure Bookala.

Serpentena is nearing Earth.  A grumpy Lord Zedd orders Goldar to capture the lightning diamond.

The fake diamond and Bookala are put in the spaceship just before Goldar and some Z-Putties show up (the real Bookala is back at the Command Center).  A rock song plays as the Rangers fight the minions.  They start to fight Goldar as well, but the villain grabs the fake lightning diamond.  The heroes feign horror before the bad guys teleport away.  Billy then contacts Alpha about sending back Bookala.

Frauds versus Honesty

Both Goldar and Lord Zedd think they have succeeded at last.  The fake is put in a slot to ‘power’ Serpentena.

Back on Earth, Zordon tells the Rangers that it’s time for Bookala to make his departure.  Helmetless, the team say goodbye to the alien.  Billy expresses a desire to see the universe too before he and Bookala promise not to forget each other.  The alien somehow makes it briefly snow for Billy, awing all the teens.

Shrinking, Bookala then flies away in his spaceship.  It briefly goes by where Bulk and Skull are, the former certain he got it on film this time.

Lord Zedd is gloating to Goldar… when suddenly the alarm goes off because they’re losing power.  The fake diamond is now blackened, making them realize what happened.  They spot Bookala’s ship flying away but their efforts to fire on it fail.  In response, Lord Zedd turns the Bookala doll into a monster.

Since the Rangers aren’t fooled, the villain uses a BBomb8 to supersize it.  Then comes the Zord transformation sequence and the Thunder Megazord creation sequence.  Bad Bookala has a super-long tongue for some reason.  The Thunder Saber is used to free the Megazord, send the monster flying back, and destroy the fake.

At the Gym and Juice Bar, Tommy is training.  Kimberly reads a postcard from Jason, Trini, and Zack about their world travels to the others.  I believe it’s the next day, going by how they’re in different outfits now.  Yet Bulk and Skull are still chalky when they show up with their newly developed photos.  They gather a crowd around them to show them off… but they’re just of the duo instead of the UFO.


While this episode was mostly froth over substance, the underlying scheme was a terrible threat.  Bookala’s ‘lightning diamond’ would have kept Serpentena permanently powered, turning it from almost laughable to a devastating danger.  While at full power during “The Power Transfer” the Zord managed to pull a Death Star.  Lord Zedd might want to conquer Earth right now, but I doubt he’d shy away from destroying it if piqued.

Billy bonded with Bookala, but Aisha’s creative thinking was what saved the day (and the alien).  It was nice to see a friendly alien instead of a hostile one.  I appreciate how Jason, Trini, and Zack are still at least somewhat in contact with their friends and maybe even their replacements.

I’m guessing either the ‘lost dimension’ has been closed or will come back to haunt the team at a later date.  Admittedly the former is by far more likely.


Next time on Power Rangers: Aisha tries to get her Stone Canyon friend Shawna to accept her new friend Kimberly.



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