9-11: Uniquely Trip

Trip tries to find what he brings to the team.

Last time on Power Rangers: Katie coped with the knowledge that this is an unstable time loop.


Green’s Envy

Trip is talking to a bored Wes about the Electro Booster in the clock tower, with Circuit nearby.  The others run by as there’s a mutant attack so Wes heads after them.  Circuit reassures Trip that his invention is cool but the green-haired alien doesn’t believe him.

Cyclobots are attacking civilians.  A young girl gets freed due to the morphed Rangers’ arrival.  The mutant Redeye has the minions charge so the Rangers run forward as well.  The fight is seen after the opening credits, with Trip doing poorly.  Jen takes on Redeye like the badass she is, making Trip sad about his comparative lack of skills.  Wes is equally badass and shoots the monster, the nearby civilians cheering.

When Redeye gets back up, four of the Rangers get out their Vector Weapons.  Trip trips over some rubble before getting out his.  To great cheering the Rangers defeat the mutant.  Some kids hug four of the Rangers.  As Trip’s off to the side, he doesn’t get hugged.

On a park bench near a playground, Trip mopes.  His mood only worsens when four kids play ‘Rangers’ but none of them choose to use the Green Ranger costume.  Though it’s adorable that kids play at being Rangers.

In an amusing montage, Trip goes on a training regimen.  Circuit is baffled by his odd behavior.

Frax reanimates Electropede with Ransik and Gluto watching on.  The mutant starts to ‘chow down’ on the time ship’s electricity, shorting it out.  Ransik tells him to eat Power Rangers if he’s hungry (again, this supports the idea that Rangers have more energy than standard humans).  A damp Nadira enters the chamber, hairdryer in hand, to complain about the power outage.

Lucas and Wes are arm wrestling when Katie and Jen come in, wearing white jumpsuits as they have another painting job lined up.  When Katie wonders what Trip is up to, Circuit tries to cover for him.  But when they hear him make noise upstairs, they go to check on him.  It turns out that he was having trouble weight-lifting.  The girls can’t help but be amused by his attempt.

Lucas and Trip are walking along when the former gets distracted by an attractive woman.  His smoothness gets her to respond positively to Trip’s awe.  Thus he gets a ‘makeover’ and tries to act like Lucas.  His effort ends in total disaster (the girl he picks out ends up in a fountain to her understandable anger).

Electropede is eating at the power plant.  Circuit alerts Lucas and Jen, who head off after the latter tells the robotic owl to contact the others.  A morphed Wes arrives on the scene first but doesn’t have much luck against the mutant.  Jen, Lucas, and Katie all fail to weaken Electropede as well.  Trip arrives last, eager to help out and does okay (or least not badly) at first.  The other Rangers arrive morphed.

The mutant ends up draining the power from the quartet’s blasters, while Trip drops it while trying to twirl it like Wes did with his in the previous battle.  After blasting Trip, Electropede teleports away.  The others go to help Trip, who’s frustrated.



Trip wakes up on a cot back in the clock tower, tired and bruised up.  His teammates are talking with Circuit, who informs them that the blasters have been drained and once recharged would only get drained again.  Jen and Wes act as the disapproving, worried parents towards Trip.  The brunette has Trip stay put so he can rest.  Katie is adorably fond towards her friend.

Circuit tries to reassure a mopey Trip.  The green-haired alien points out that Katie’s strong, Lucas is cool, while Jen and Wes are “awesome fighters”.  Please note that Jen and Wes are considered a unit by him.  Trip doesn’t know (or rather, has forgotten) what he’s good at.

Electropede has found another power plant to eat at.  He’s guzzling down energy from cables when the morphed quartet arrives.  In response, he shocks them.

Back at the clock tower, Trip realizes that the mutant literally consumes power and therefore needs to be overwhelmed with energy.  I’m suddenly recollecting how the Master was (or rather, will be) defeated at the end of Mystic Force.  Circuit is pleased that Trip has an idea as the Green Ranger goes to work on his Electro Booster.  He now knows that he’s the brains of the team.

The quartet’s V weapons get drained and Electropede redirects the energy back at them.

The four Ranger kids from earlier are playing on their scooters nearby, causing them to end up trapped in a corner.  Gasoline is leaking from a barrel towards the sparks emitting from a torn cable.

Frax is gleefully watching the fight as Electropede starts to drain the four Rangers of their power.  Trip arrives on the Time Jet to come to his teammates’ aid.  He hands over the Electro Booster to Wes for wielding against the mutant, but before that can happen Frax calls upon some Cyclobots.

With the new weapon, Wes easily blasts them apart.  The kids are still trapped, with the ‘Red Ranger’ calling for help.  Wes takes on Electropede, Trip telling him to use the inverse mode to overload the mutant.  It works to turn him colorless.  An angry Frax exposes Electropede’s mutant DNA to supersize him.

Wes contacts Circuit, who’s already sent for the Time Flyers.  The Megazord is formed and the Time Shadow arrives, making it dark due to the eclipse.  Power cables are used to jolt the mutant and soon enough the Shadow Force Megazord is formed, making it daytime again.

The “Time Target” attack is used to revert the mutant back into action figure mode.  Jen and Lucas give Trip kudos, whose psychic powers activate to alert him to the kids’ situation.  He goes to the kids’ rescue via the Time Jet to their relief and joy.  They take off just before the explosion… it looks like their scooters got blown up.

Trip is now amused by his earlier foolishness, as he’s now clear that he brings intelligence and psychic abilities to the table.  When Katie contacts him about being needed at the park, he rushes over.  It turns out she got the secret of his recent behavior out of Circuit.  So his teammates all wear silly green wigs as a way to show their appreciation for him (and to mimic what he did with Lucas).  Nearby, the four kids are all wearing Green Ranger costumes now.  There’s a group hug for the team


The moral here was fairly straightforward: to be yourself and that you do have special abilities that will be helpful/useful.  But maybe some more overlap could be helpful- if Wes had been more invested in Trip’s new invention, maybe that downward spiral wouldn’t have occurred or at least not have been so serious.  The ending scene does make it clear that his friends do appreciate Trip, even if they don’t always get what he’s up to.

This was very much a breather episode between the seriousness of the X-Fault last time and the big internal reveal next time.  I couldn’t take the kids’ situation as seriously as it merited, since the genre ensured their survival.  The major villains were mostly afterthoughts, while Electropede was a one-note character centering on his gluttony.  Most of the episode was about Trip attempting to change himself to be more like his friends instead of staying true to himself.

Katie and Trip continue to be close, platonic friends while Wes and Jen are clearly shifting into the team dad and mom roles.  Lucas is the aloof yet well-meaning big brother, Katie the affectionate and brave middle child, while Trip is the intelligent but naïve baby of the family.  This team has a more familial dynamic than most seasons’, in which the Rangers are friends and occasionally sibling-like.


Next time on Power Rangers: Mister Collins introduces the Silver Guardians… who include Wes’ former friend Eric.


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