2-44: Return of the Green Ranger, Part 1

Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa enact a complex scheme to take out the heroes.

Last time on Power Rangers: There was an evil wedding, but the honeymoon was ruined by the heroes’ victory.


A Foreshadowing Assignment

Miss Appleby gives the class homework to do over the three-day weekend, about ‘which history period would you like to live in’.  I’m assuming it’s an essay, but no other guidelines are stated.  Bulk and Skull are grumpy over it, even though I’m pretty sure that the assignment is mostly ‘fluff’.

Outside the school, Kimberly and Aisha are light-heartedly discussing it as Rocky and Tommy approach.  Adam and Billy are already seated at a table.  I’m assuming that this is an outdoor study area of some kind.  Rocky wants to be a Viking, while Tommy wants to visit King Arthur’s court.  Um.  Tommy, I hate to break this to you, but it’s very probable that King Arthur didn’t exist- and if he did, the tales of that era are highly exaggerated.

Goldar and Lord Zedd discuss the Ghost, one of Rita’s friends, in the moon fortress.  Knowing better than to boss his wife around, Lord Zedd sends Goldar to ask her nicely to involve him.  While Lord Zedd doesn’t want her to fail him, he’s a bit confused about why he married her.  Okay, so maybe it’s at this point the love potion is starting to wear off.  Goldar fails to nudge his boss into figuring things out, especially as the boss is gleeful over the plan to send the Rangers back in time.

Uh… we just did a two-parter literally called “Rangers Back in Time” even if it was about de-aging opposed to time travel.  I think Zedd is running out of ideas and is just putting new bells and whistles on his previous ones.

Billy reveals that he’d like to work as Einstein’s assistant, which is adorable.  Adam wants to go back to the Renaissance because it was “romantic”, earning the two girls’ cooing.  Sickened, Bulk and Skull leave the space instead of continuing to thumb-wrestle.  Kimberly has been working on her assignments, with only English left (which is probably the essay).

Mind Games

A galaxy and some constellations are seen for some reason.  Rita is bowing before the Ghost of Darkness to ask for the “Wizard of Deception” so that the Rangers can be sent back in time.  The White Ranger must be destroyed beforehand to keep him from rescuing the others, but there’s a plan to do that as well.  Thanking the Ghost, Rita is pleased that her husband will be happy.

Bulk and Skull are walking in a park when the Wizard of Deception finds them and mind-controls them with the command of getting a sample of Tommy’s hair.  When the duo gets stuck in a loop, the Wizard has to magically compel them into motion.  He’s not amused by their level of incompetence.

In the moon fortress, Rita finds Finster to give an info-dump on the plan of using an evil Green Ranger to take out the White Ranger.

Walking over a bridge in the park, Tommy and Kimberly are talking.  The latter wants to read a book outside, which is adorable.  They’re holding hands and he’s willing to join her.  It looks like the show has finally remembered that they’re dating.  The mind-controlled Bulk and Skull are approaching ‘sneakily’.  Tommy suggests they go watch a movie but Kimberly is going to the mall with Aisha later.  They decide that he’ll work out for a while and then meet up with them later.


When they fail to obtain some of Tommy’s hair, Bulk and Skull flee.  I feel like it’s worth noting that Bulk has actual scissors while Skull simply moves two of his fingers as if he did.  Both Rangers are baffled by the duo acting odder than usual.  Kimberly leaves to meet up with Aisha, it being restated that Tommy will join them later.

The Wizard of Deception undoes his mind control, making Bulk and Skull fall unconscious.  The villain is annoyed about how he has to do everything.

Tommy’s walking along in the park when the Wizard teleports in to laugh evilly.  A pleased Lord Zedd sends down a group of Z-Putties.  Ergo Tommy contacts Alpha and Zordon about the situation.  A worried Zordon reveals that he and the Wizard of Deception were rivals back in the day.  Alpha contacts the others.

Tommy is fighting the minions.  Rocky, Adam, and Billy are doing their homework when Alpha contacts them so they leave.  Zordon briefly info-dumps on the Wizard’s powers.  The quintet teleports to a field to fight the Z-Putties as a rock song plays.  Tommy is fighting nearby and the fight scene feels longer than usual.

Held still by two Z-Putties, Tommy gets knocked out by the Wizard of Deception.  One minion uses scissors to get a lock of Tommy’s hair and the minions gleefully teleport away.  Tommy wakes up as the others come over, worried about him.  Billy suggests they contact Zordon.  When they do so, the sage is worried about what the next phase of the villains’ scheme will be.

Double Trouble

The Wizard of Deception uses his magic to create an evil Tommy that he’ll command.

Billy got informed off-screen about the villain’s powers.  Tommy has a headache, so Rocky steps up to try rallying the team’s spirits.  They decide to go about their day.  Feeling off-kilter, Tommy decides to go home while his evil self is lurking nearby.

A pleased Lord Zedd contacts the Wizard of Deception about the rest of the plan.  The Wizard is confident that he’ll succeed.  Lord Zedd is similarly certain that he and Rita are “unstoppable” together.

The evil Tommy manages to trick the Rangers into showing up at the park so that the Wizard of Deception can send them back to colonial times magically.  They’re all stressed out… not helped by the fact that one woman promptly accuses them of being witches.  They try to say that they’re time-travelers, but that doesn’t help matters.

Redcoats have arrived, leading to a chase scene.  A young woman ends up helping them by getting them safely into a barn to hide.

Back in modern times, Tommy encounters his evil self.  On that cliffhanger, the episode ends.


I’m curious about what sort of backstory there is between Zordon and the Wizard of Deception.  Certainly, this villain’s powers and cleverness does make him a dangerous threat to our heroes.  But there wasn’t an awful lot to analyze in this episode.  I mean, Aisha wore overall shorts again and this episode is where it hit me that she now has multiple mini-braids instead of curls.

Once again, the focus is on Tommy.  To be fair, the villains have a point in that by taking out the leader they’ll have a much better chance of taking out the other Rangers.  At this point, the villains are on the brink of victory- five of the Rangers are trapped in colonial times while there’s an evil Tommy to take out the real one.

Besides hair including DNA, I have to wonder if the importance of taking Tommy’s hair was an allusion to Samson (even if there wasn’t a Delilah counterpart).  I get why they’re wearing different clothes Doylist-speaking, but I’m kinda curious why that is on a Watsonian level.

Maybe in the next episode, the five Rangers will seek out the Command Center to explain things to the Zordon of that time.  That’d be amusing.


Next time on Power Rangers: It’s Tommy versus Tommy while his teammates try to find a way back to their own time.


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