9-16: Bodyguard in Blue

Lucas protects a scientist’s young daughter from the mutants.

Last time on Power Rangers: Eric gained control over the Q-Rex and the Silver Guardians.


For Science!

Mister Collins gives a news conference about the Quantum Ranger being the new leader of the Silver Guardians.  Doctor Michael Zaskin will be doing research in an effort to give the others Ranger technology.  The team is watching via a hologram in the clock tower.  A miffed Wes turns it off and leaves the room, leaving the others to be quietly worried.

In his office, Mister Collins has a brief chat with Doctor Zaskin and Eric about figuring out the secrets behind the Power Rangers.  Suddenly I’m wondering Bio-Tech hasn’t hired people from the Aquabase.  Surely they’re still not needed since the Lightspeed Rescue team isn’t.  Maybe Angela Fairweather was the only one with actual knowledge of how the morphers and such functioned?  And she likely is too ethical to work with/for Mister Collins.

After the credits, Doctor Zaskin is getting ready to leave for work in his car.  His young daughter comes out to get her goodbye kiss, so he hugs and kisses her repeatedly.  Moments after she goes back into the house, a mutant appears near the scientist.  It’s only in the closing credits that his name Klawiox is revealed.

Realizing her teddy Theo didn’t get a kiss, the daughter comes out to see her dad under attack by Nadira, Klawiox, and some Cyclobots.  Nadira sics the minions on her.  Her name Holly is revealed when Doctor Zaskin calls it out when he’s telling her to run.

Holly hides in a TV box in an alley from the minions.  As she wanders through the city, she witnesses Lucas be a badass against a jerk in the aftermath of a car accident.  He’s then smooth towards two young women, giving them his card as he and his friends do odd jobs.  When he’s at his car, Holly pops up to hire him as her bodyguard.  She’s actually pretty snarky- it’s adorable.

Eric comes into the office to alert Mister Collins about the kidnapping.  He tells the younger man to get the scientist back.  Saluting, Eric leaves.  I wonder how they found out- were there security cameras, or was there evidence left behind when somebody went to check the house when Doctor Zaskin didn’t show up for work?

Tied to a chair somewhere, Doctor Zaskin is being interrogated by the mutant.  He’s refusing to talk since he knows they’ll only use the knowledge to destroy Silver Hills.  Nadira plans to capture his daughter to force him to talk.  Suddenly I’m half-worried that somebody used her against Ransik at some point in the past and that’s how she knows this plan will work.

Eric and some Silver Guardians are searching for Doctor Zaskin.  In the car, Holly gives in to tell Lucas her address, adding that the robots who took her daddy are looking for her.  Pulling over, Lucas wants to ‘make a call’.  Holly turns on the radio; turning it off, Lucas is not okay with this situation.

Going to a phone booth (an acute reminder that this was filmed and set in 2001), Lucas uses it as a cover to contact Trip via the morpher’s hologram system.  Trip checks out the address and realizes that Doctor Michael Zaskin lives there.  Explaining the situation, Lucas is not okay when told to stay with the girl while his teammates check on the scientist.

Cyclobots have showed up to capture Holly but Lucas is a badass before getting back in the car.  Buckling up, he takes off before minions stand back up.  Holly is snarky, worried about her dad, and then snarky again.   I suspect she’s hiding her fear behind her remarks.


They’re silent as they drive outside of Silver Hills.  Klawiox beams in before them, causing Holly to scream.  The mutant leaps onto the car.  Lucas has a plan, though.

Protecting People

Nadira and other Cyclobots are in the warehouse with the tied-up Doctor Zaskin.  The quartet has arrived, morphing off-screen to fight the minions when Nadira has them attack.

Lucas zigs and zags the car until Klawiox is thrown off.  Pulling over, they get out of the car.  Lucas tells the young girl to get to safety while he fights the mutant.  Holly watches from a bush as they fight.  Soon Lucas has to morph, the sequence seen.  It seems like this season doesn’t show off the morphing sequence as often as most.

Briefly covering her mouth, an awed Holly watches the fight continue.  Lucas is a badass, but Klawiox is a tough foe.  Holly comes to Lucas’ defense, offering up her teddy Theo in exchange for leaving him alone.  The mutant tosses the teddy into the air and uses his arm blaster to set it ablaze.  Out of anger, Lucas gets his second wind to fight the mutant.

He does take a moment to check on Holly, who’s saddened but holding up.  He lightens the mood by joking that she’s his bodyguard.

The quartet has continued to fight Cyclobots in the warehouse.  Jen unties Doctor Zaskin, but Nadira manages to grab the scientist as a hostage as she tries to escape.  But Eric arrives to shoot her in the shoulder and to be his usual snarky, grumpy self.

Nadira opts to teleport away.  Eric is surprisingly gentle when he checks on the scientist.  Doctor Zaskin thanks the quartet before leaving with the Silver Guardians.  Eric doesn’t speak to the other Rangers, but at least he doesn’t insult them… baby steps, people, baby steps.

Lucas continues to fight Klawiox as an impressed Holly watches on.  She jumps up and down repeatedly and claps when the mutant is weakened by an explosion.  The other Rangers show up, worried about Holly (but she’s fine).

Exposing his mutant DNA, Klawiox supersizes.  Circuit sends for the Time Fliers while Alex sends the ‘Shadow Winger’ via an artificial eclipse.  The Shadow Force Megazord is formed to take on the mutant.  But it soon ends up on the ground.  However, the Q-Rex comes to their rescue.

“Looks like I have to bail you out again!” Eric goes from a ridge.  He has the Q-Rex go into Megazord mode, continuing to be his snarky self.  Wes is worried while Eric’s arrogant.  Klawiox soon ends up back in action figure mode.

Later, Eric is speaking to Mister Collins in the latter’s office.  He fibs that the Silver Guardians alone rescued the scientist but is honestly reassuring about the villains not getting any data from Doctor Zaskin.  Eric brings up that Doctor Zaskin was unharmed, but Mister Collins is dismissive about.  Quietly Eric leaves.  This scene highlights that Eric does care about helping and protecting people, which is a key tenet in being a Power Ranger.

Lucas drops off Holly, the duo bonding a bit.  She reassures him that him being the Blue Ranger is “our secret”.  Also, Lucas has gotten her a new teddy bear.  Holly hugs it and Lucas, then giving him a kiss on the cheek.  Doctor Zaskin is relieved and overjoyed to see his daughter again, them going inside happily.  The quartet comes over to tease Lucas about him having a heart.


Clearly this was a Lucas-centric episode, where he ended up bonding with the young girl who needed protection from the mutants who had captured her father.  Both he and Holly can be sardonic, but they also care a lot- including about each other by the episode’s end.  I doubt they’ll interact again, but then again, they won’t need to.  I’m amused by the historical joke of the teddy bear being named Theo.  On a meta level, it’s also funny given how the Blue Jungle Fury Ranger has that name.

I wonder if Doctor Zaskin was convinced somehow to not tell Mister Collins about the other Rangers coming to his rescue.  Maybe he was told by Eric not to in order to reassure the boss that the Silver Guardians can and should be further upgraded by obtaining Ranger technology, not that they need it to be competent.

There wasn’t a lot of it, but it was made clear that the Zaskins have a close bond.  Mrs. Zaskin wasn’t seen or mentioned- I kind of doubt this is a single-parent household, given how intensive the doctor’s work must be.  Maybe she was worrying over at the Silver Guardians’ headquarters after getting a call at work about her husband’s kidnapping?

Eric basically stole the show for me in his few scenes.  He continues to be rather like Lucas, actually: very prickly to those he doesn’t know/like, but does have a soft side and is readily willing to do the right (i.e., heroic) thing.  Hopefully the other Rangers will pick up on the similarity sooner rather than later.  Wes continues to doubt Eric’s capabilities as a Ranger- both out of concern for his friend and about Eric’s motivations.  Yet Eric does have ethics… and he’s starting to realize just how callous his new boss can be.

Going by the fact that this episode lacked a ‘next time’ segment, I’m trusting that “The Legend of the Clock Tower” is indeed the next one.


Next time on Power Rangers: Katie travels back in time- further, I mean.



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