2-47: Best Man for the Job

Rita tries to drive a wedge between Kimberly and Tommy during the school elections.

Last time on Power Rangers: The two Tommys teamed up to save the day.


Election Time

The hallways of Angel Grove High are covered with posters about the upcoming student elections.  Billy manages to talk Tommy into running for school president (with himself as the campaign manager), the blond doing a title drop.  Heading down the stairs, Bulk talks to Skull about his own run for the position.  As always, it ties back into their goal to discover the Power Rangers’ identities.  Aisha similarly convinces Kimberly to run for president.  Kimberly and Tommy agree to not let the campaign negatively influence their friendship.

Pleased, Lord Zedd wants to turn them against each other and then dismisses Rita as a girl, leading the duo to butt heads.  Corralling the three minions, Rita gives them a magic rope that’ll make the duo super-competitive.

Kimberly and Tommy are walking in the park, oblivious to Baboo and Squatt hiding nearby.  After tripping over the rope, both do become aggressively competitive and lash out at each other.  Back in the moon fortress, Goldar and Zedd have a chat about the latter’s planning.

Billy has posters of Tommy to hang up, just as Tommy finishes defacing one of Kimberly’s.  Tommy and Kimberly are still butting heads to the worried confusion of Billy and Aisha.  Skull and Bulk, both dressed up, campaign for the latter.  Rocky and Adam are vaguely concerned about the duo actually managing to reveal their secret identities.

Rita is laying a trap for Tommy, sending down an envelope with his name on it to his locker.  Billy tries to get through to Tommy, but after reading the note the brunet bolts.  Luckily, he handed it to Billy, who reads it out loud to his concern.

Tommy gets ambushed by Goldar and Z-Putties in the park.  Morphing, he takes on the minions as the White Ranger theme song plays.  Goldar taunts him.

Genre Savvy

The other Rangers confront Kimberly about her attitude shift at her locker.  When their communicators beep, Zordon alerts them that Tommy needs aid in the park.  Morphing, they go there where Tommy is outnumbered b7y the Z-Putties.  Rocky goes to check on him first.

While still sniping at each other, Kimberly and Tommy remain badasses.  They end up yelling at each other to Goldar’s confusion (I guess he underestimated the spell’s strength?).  Goldar punches Kimberly’s helmet while two Z-Putties grab ahold of Tommy.  Goldar grabs Saba, who’s not happy about it.

Getting free, Tommy takes on his former captors.  Billy realizes the issue but he and the others are still fighting the other minions.  Bumping into each other, Tommy and Kimberly get distracted from the goal by yelling at each other.  Goldar uses Saba against the group.


They retreat to the Command Center, where they’re helmetless.  Tommy and Kimberly continue to snap at each other.  Aisha, Billy, Rocky, and Adam are all a mix of concerned and annoyed.

Proving he’s the smart one, Billy inquires, “Zordon, is it possible that Kimmy and Tommy are under a spell?  That might explain why they’re acting so irrational.”

Thinking that’s a good idea, Zordon has Alpha run a scan which confirms the theory.  The duo must smell some roses to break the spell.  I suspect the roses were enchanted somehow.  Convinced to do so for the team’s sake, they become much calmer after smelling the flowers.  Apologizing to each other, they make amends.

The alarms blare, with the viewing globe showing Rita with Saba in the park.  Billy suggests that Alpha could build an electromagnet to retrieve Saba since the talking sword is made of metal.  The robot agrees to it.  Tommy stays behind while the others return to the park.

After they teleport in, Rita taunts them and calls upon the Tigerzord.  After it goes into warrior mode, the Rangers call upon their Zords.  For once we skip over the ‘transformation’ bit and I feel like the Megazord creation sequence is faster than usual.

Alpha warns Tommy that the electromagnet has a limited range.  With it, Tommy returns to the park.

The two Zords duke it out in a mountainous area but there are some skyscrapers around.  I’m not sure where they went or why.  I have a bad feeling this scene lost its context during the switch from Super Sentai to Power Rangers.  Rita and the minions are relatively confident that they’ll be victorious.

Tommy sneaks behind them as the Tigerzord continues to hold the upper hand in the fight.  He uses the electromagnet to rescue Saba to Rita’s anger.  The Tigerzord ends up nearing the villains as the White Ranger theme plays again, so they teleport away.

Back in the moon fortress, Rita yells at the minions.  She and Zedd aren’t too happy with each other either.  But at least Rita enacted a plan whereas Zedd did not.

At the Gym and Juice Bar, Kimberly is wrapping up her speech as Mister Kaplan stands off to the side.  Instead of doing a speech, Tommy vouches for Kimberly.  Skull shows up as a patriotic-hued one-man-band; Bulk has on similarly hued garb.  As Bulk does his speech about the Power Rangers, Skull stumbles around in the background.  The crowd of students applauds regardless.  Kimberly and Tommy shake a hug, pleased with each other.

Later on, Mister Kaplan announces the election results: Kimberly Hart won the election.  When Bulk demands a recount, the principal reveals that Bulk only got one vote.  Evidently, Skull voted for Kimberly because of her speech.  Mister Kaplan is just exasperated with the duo.

Tommy has a rose for Kimberly.  The other Rangers are pleased for her as well.


On the one hand, yay for Kimberly becoming school president.  On the other… it feels like the Doylist reason for Tommy bowing out was otherwise he’d ‘have’ to win as the main protagonist.  Also, it would have been nice to have seen more of Kimberly’s speech to have a better grasp of why she’d make the better president.  I mean, both Tommy and Kimberly had to be talked into running by Billy and Aisha respectively.  I’m guessing Rocky and Adam were off chilling elsewhere for most of this subplot?

I wonder what the rest of Angel Grove made of the Zord versus Zord battle.  At the time I didn’t think of it, but I’m guessing the previous episodes likely convinced a number of people that the Green and White Rangers were in fact different people.  Even if that was clearly not the Rangers’ intent at the time.

Although this episode was mostly about Tommy and Kimberly, Billy got in several good moments.  He quickly pieced together that something magical had to be wrong with his friends and he came up with the idea for how to rescue Saba.

Tommy and Kimberly still come across more like good friends than dating.  They’re close but there just doesn’t seem to be any romance between them.  I’m trying here, I really am, but I just can’t see them as being romantically involved.  Not helping is that Billy seems closer to Kimberly despite being Tommy’s campaign manager.  I suspect the Doylist reason was to have a gender divide, as that also answers why Rocky and Adam were shunted aside.

Just five episodes left!


Next time on Power Rangers: Half the team gets trapped by Rita’s latest scheme.


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