16-11: Pushed to the Edge

After a disguised Camille gets advice from Lily, the villainess revives Jellica.

Last time on Power Rangers: Theo was mentored in focus, Jungle Fans, and levitation by Master Swoop.


A Change of Pace

In the throne room, Carnisoar is battling an unarmored Dai Shi as Camille watches on.  When Dai Shi gets felled, Camille steps in when Carnisoar taunts him as the Sky Overlord’s actions are abusive, not training.  However, Dai Shi backs Carnisoar, who approves and then kicks out Camille.

Carden flies in, wanting revenge on the Power Rangers for Bai Lai.  Carnisoar agrees to this.

Civilians scream and run away from Camille in Ocean Bluff.  Not wanting the attention right now, she shapeshifts into a blonde in normal garb.  Kudos to Holly Shanahan and the crew for making her not look like LeeLee, as seen below.  She then hacks up Flit, who wants her to eat so he can eat.  The implications of this are kind of gross.


Arriving at JKP, Camille scares away some ladies at a table and is cranky at a nervous and pigtailed Fran.  When the brunette is offended, Camille uses her super-long tongue to grab a slice of pizza while the other woman isn’t looking.  Although she did see something, Fran dismisses it as needing a new glasses prescription.

When she heads over to where Lily is, the blonde can tell that something’s up with Fran.  When Fran states the issue, Lily dismisses it as the customer just having a bad day and switches tasks with her.  Approaching, Lily doesn’t recognize Camille… but the other woman awkwardly does.

Giving her a free slice of pizza, Lily is sympathetic and thinks that the other woman is a good person.  When Camille admits that her boss thinks she’s useless, Lily suggests that she needs a new boss.  When Lily turns around to grab another slice, Camille darts away.  Fran is suspicious of that strange customer but Lily’s confident things are fine.

The trio leaves when their morphers beep.  Fran is grumpy and echoes their platitudes.

Returning to the villains’ headquarters, Camille heads off to the chamber/hallway with the secret drawer that contains the Overlords’ bracelets.  She takes one out so she can get a new master.  Camille heads in the outdoors, following the bracelet’s vibes or something.

Carden and some Rin Shi are attacking Ocean Bluff.  Lily takes on the monster while the guys fight the minions.  Theo uses his new Jungle Fans and Casey uses his Strike Cruiser.  As Lily wields her Jungle Bo against Carden, the theme song plays.  When Carden explodes, Lily goes, “Bye-bye, birdie!”

Casey and Theo give her kudos, but then Carden supersizes.  The Jungle Pride Megazord is created for the downtown battle.  Theo calls upon the Spirit of the Bat to combine with and soon Carden has been destroyed.

It’s Jelly Time!

On a beach, Camille has found “the burial place of the Sea Lord”.  Convincing herself that Dai Shi will approve, she goes into her armored mode.  Flit briefly emerges to panic about how this is a bad plan but Camille swallows him back down.  Going underwater, she breaks through the force field protecting it and uses the life talon to revive Jellica, who thanks Camille.  The other woman admits that she wants the Sea Overlord’s aid.

Dai Shi and Carnisoar are fighting in the throne room when Jellica enters to their confusion and annoyance, respectively.  Camille shows up to be smug.  Carnisoar explicitly says that this is a “careful what you wish for” situation.  It turns out that Jellica wants Camille as her student, attacking Dai Shi with her tentacles to pressure her into accepting so that she’ll leave him alone.  Camille goes to check on the kneeling Dai Shi as Jellica starts to plot.

Lily and Theo are playing hoops in casual uniforms (Theo’s winning but Lily’s optimistically sure she could get the lead) while Casey is weight-lifting.  It’s apparently later the same day- in any case, Lily has a feeling that she met that one odd customer before.  RJ, who’s in dark purplish hues, comes over to alert the trio that there’s trouble at the harbor so they run to grab their ‘formal’ uniforms.  They vine-swing into the holes and there’s a three-way split morphing screen.

Suddenly it’s dark out as a giant Jellica appears out of the ocean.  The Jungle Pride Megazord is formed, but Jellica’s slime protects her from their attacks.  ‘Caressing’ the Megazord, Jellica introduces herself.  As the trio falls out of the cockpit, the sky lightens back to daylight.

They land in a puddle out in some wilderness.  A normal-sized Jellica shows up with Camille and Dai Shi.  Casey and Theo get trapped in some fast-hardening slime, while Jellica zaps the still-free Lily into her unmorphed mode.  Going into her armored mode, Camille gets out her daggers to the guys’ panic.

To Lily’s confusion, Camille won’t attack her and even defends her from Jellica.  Lily goes to check on her, but Camille is prickly.  A furious Jellica wants to destroy Camille… so it’s Dai Shi’s turn to save her.  Ending up in the nearby shallows of the ocean, Dai Shi and Jellica fight.  Claiming he’d be a worthy student, Dai Shi uses a lion spirit attack.  Camille is pleased and it turns out that Jellica had this planned out as she wanted Dai Shi to demand to be her student, not ask.  She does concede that Camille is “strong” but that Dai Shi has more potential for evil.

Dai Shi kneels before Jellica.  Carnisoar arrives to be an oddly graceful loser before flying away.  Dai Shi asks Camille to stay at the temple while he’s away continuing his training.  So… the villains’ headquarters is a temple.  Okay then.  That seems odd to me.

Lily is trying to use the Jungle Mace to free the guys to little avail.  Camille, in her armored mode, arrives to free them.  The guys are confused why she helped them.

“I always pay my debts,” she states, briefly shifting into her civilian disguise.  The trio powers down and Camille states that they’ve even now before being dismissive of Lily to her hurt.  Camille goes invisible to leave.

Lily is sadly wiping down tables when Theo shows up to point out she’s been doing the same table for ten minutes.  After making a joke, Theo suggests hoops but in a contrast to the earlier scene Lily claims that he’d just win anyway as she’s moping.  Theo’s worried and does his best to be reassuring, briefly backtracking when he’s a bit too open about how much he cares for her sunny attitude.  He does his best to cheer her up.

RJ shows up with the “Tropical Tofu Terrific-ness”, his latest pizza which has paper umbrellas on it.  Casey shows up as well.  Theo is the cheery one for once before the quartet toasts using their pizza slices.


I think one of the episode’s morals is that you shouldn’t let people who take advantage of you change your attitude towards others.  This is best seen with Theo’s pep talk with Lily at the end, but I think there are elements of it in how Camille acts after Lily’s advice.  Neither woman lets others’ behavior dictate their own for most of the episode and when they do, it’s shown as being wrong (Camille is compelled to ‘let’ Jellica teach her to protect Dai Shi, while Lily’s mood is miserable when she lets Camille’s insults get to her).

Camille is loyal to Dai Shi, but it’s strongly implied that’s partially due to her crush on him.  Dai Shi is largely dismissive of her at this point.  In contrast, Theo is supportive of Lily (who seems to be oblivious to his crush on her).

You know, I’ve just realized how extra-weird the interactions between Camille and Flit are if you consider their actors’ roles in Mystic Force as a cute if offbeat couple after they meet late in the season.  No wonder my brain kept me from making that connection before.

Fran is tiring of her co-workers’ frequent disappearances, but they are currently unaware as, well, they’re not around to hear her grumblings.

I’m not sure why Jellica is called an Overlord instead of an Over-lady.  I suppose ‘the three Overlords’ is simpler to say than ‘two Overlords and the Over-lady’.  Heck, maybe the guys didn’t want her to have that special treatment due to it making her seem more important than them or something.  Or maybe Jellica is fine having a more masculine title.

On a final note, I suspect Lily was righter than Camille claimed about her judgment.  Camille was having an extra-bad day and did need advice from a friendly person.  Plus, she’s motivated by positive emotions at this point- loyal and affection to Dai Shi- unlike most villains who crave power for themselves.


Next time on Power Rangers: Casey is mentored by the elder Master Finn, making RJ feel left out.


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