2-51: Wild West Rangers, Part 2

For the penultimate episode of the season, Kimberly finds a way to save 1880’s Angel Grove.  Her teammates in 1995 try to figure out how to get her back, hindered by the villains’ antics.

Last time on Power Rangers: Kimberly was sent back in time!


Willing to Help

The quintet are uneasy on the sidewalk while Goldar gloats.  Kimberly wants her friends to hide, while William is baffled by Goldar’s appearance.  Rocko, Abraham, and Alicia listen to the brunette, but William doesn’t want to leave behind “Miss Kimmy” but she gets him to do so.

Kimberly heads towards the villains.  I half-suspect that while she wants to hide, she won’t let herself do so.  Considering how the last few times she ended up in a strange place/time her morpher didn’t work (“Return of the Green Ranger” and “Storybook Rangers”), I can’t blame her for being uneasy.

Somehow watching from the moon fortress’ balcony, Rita and Zedd are pleased about their seemingly imminent victory.

It turns out that Kimberly can morph, soon saying, “Time for a showdown.”

Among the Z-Putties are some who are ‘dressed up’ in western garb.  Needlenose is grumpy.  After some taunting, Goldar has the Z-Putties attack the Pink Ranger.

One-Eyed Bulk is bending the bars in the jail, but can’t quite fit through the gap he’s made.  Doc Skullovitch strolls by, having somehow escaped off-screen, and willingly helps out his partner-in-crime.  He spots the ongoing fight first, his friend soon lifting up his eyepatch to get a better look.

Goldar is upset.  Having a plan, Kimberly teleports away.  Doc Skullovitch is confused, but One-Eyed Bulk wants to become famous by finding out who the Pink Stranger is.  The duo quickly flees from a pair of Z-Putties.

When Kimberly arrives in the Command Center, Alpha 5 is understandably confused.  Removing her helmet, Kimberly starts in on the info dump.  Zordon mentions the time stream and the time hole before Kimberly resumes her explanation.  Alpha confirms some things and does have the Power Coins.  There’s a mention by Kimberly about Rita having the Green one… which makes Zordon not warning the teens about there being one all the odder, since Kimberly’s comment means that they must have learned about it somehow.

“You already have the energy from your Pink Coin,” Zordon tells Kimberly.  “Too much Pink Energy is dangerous.”

Soon, a demorphed Kimberly is in a field with a box.  The quartet runs up to her, relieved that she’s okay.  William speaks up first about “Calamity Kim” and Alicia next.  Abraham is worried, while Rocko wants to get rid of the intruders.  Kimberly opens up the box to reveal the four Power Coins.

Both Tommy and Billy want to find out what’s happening with Kimberly.  Zordon instructs Alpha on searching for “chroniton particles”, which the blond hasn’t heard of.  I’m not sure if he’s too frazzled to link ‘chron’ with time or if there’s a chance of being something unrelated to time travel (a false cognate, so to speak).  In any case, it’s explained that they exist outside the time-space continuum.  Billy connects the dots and gets to work assisting Alpha.

Meanwhile, his identical ancestor is fretting, “I don’t know, Miss Kimmy.  We ain’t heroes.”

“When I first got my Power Coin, I thought that too,” Kimberly reassures him before telling the quartet, “You guys, you got to believe in yourself.”

After a bit of clarification on her part, they do agree.  Rocko does so first.

Heroes Forever

The viewing globe shows the criminal duo first, Zordon confirming that they’re the ancestors of the modern-day Bulk and Skull.  Over by their wanted posters, One-Eyed Bulk gets out a divining rod to find the Pink Stranger as people are ninety percent water.  Instead, he ends up falling into a water trough again.  Doc Skullovitch is blasé.

The quintet of Rangers are ruefully amused about how some things don’t change.  The image in the viewing globe changes to Kimberly with their own ancestors- or rather, their “great-great-great-grandparents”.  Zordon states that they were “the first Earthlings to use the Power Coins”.

Huh, so this indicates that they were used by aliens in the past.  Suddenly I’m wondering who were the original users of the Power Coins.  Dang it, I want all the backstories on these power sources because I just know there are some epic tales in the Power Rangers multiverse’s pasts.  Yes, pasts: unstable time loops are a thing, after all.

“How prodigious,” notes Billy.


In any case, Kimberly and the quartet have gone back to Angel Grove, which is seemingly deserted.  Also, it’s at this point I noticed that Kimberly has two small gold hoops in one ear- I never noticed before that she has multiple piercings.

Back in the modern 1990s Command Center, the quintet sees images of the Z-Putties preparing an ambush to their concern.

William and “Miss Kimmy” talk a bit more, the group hearing the minions just before the attack.  Kimberly takes point in the ensuing fight.  Rocko uses a washing tub as he fights.  Adam and Alicia have a rather shippy dance as part of them fending off Z-Putties.  William tries his best, but he’s not much better than early season one Billy in terms of fighting skills.  Kimberly continues to be a badass.

Goldar briefly teleports in to gloat.  I’m not sure where he goes.  The group is surrounded by Z-Putties when the White Stranger rides in, Alicia pointing him out to Kimberly’s relief.  He’s a badass and greets Kimberly, even dipping her briefly.

Billy has a plan to get Kimberly back but it entails using their communicators.

Goldar and more Z-Putties beam in before the six back in 1880.  The group morphs to the White Stranger’s confusion.  The quartet’s uniforms have white-hued Western modifications (because of course they do).  Even without a morpher, the White Stranger is a badass… and his cowboy hat has green trim, interestingly enough.

The quartet are better at fighting now, in yet another indication that being bonded to a morpher boosts the user’s abilities.  One Z-Putty gets ‘tweeting bird’ sound effects after hitting a post… which is both hilarious and makes the rumored snit over what Disney did to season one somewhat hypocritical.

The White Stranger tosses his hat into the air, fights off a Z-Putty, and then catches his falling hat.  Kimberly defeats a handful of minions.  The group faces off against Goldar and Needlenose, but the latter then uses his paralyzing spores on the White Stranger.  Kimberly pulls him back behind the group to give him time to recover.

Goldar gloats about his impeding victory.  But the Rangers are faster shots, the duo somehow getting sucked into a time hole.  I’m not sure if it’s the same one or a new one.  Kimberly checks on the recovering White Stranger.  The group demorphs, delighted by the victory.  Abraham, Alicia, and William even start dancing.

A Foregone Conclusion?

Lord Zedd and Rita yell at Goldar to the amusement of Baboo and Squatt.  Rita is annoyed, but Goldar suggests that his boss can supersize Needlenose, left behind on Earth for that purpose.  Lord Zedd likes that idea so much that he apparently claims it as his own.

Billy is using his own communicator as well as Adam’s and Alicia’s (the color-coding gives it away).  Zordon warns the group about Needlenose’s return.  Tommy and Rocky opt to go as Billy’s not done yet.

Needlenose is confronted by the morphed duo in a field.  Lord Zedd uses a BBomb8 to supersize the monster.  The Red Dragon and the White Tiger show up, a split screen being used for their shift into their warrior modes.  There’s a “pins and needles” pun made, which can’t exactly count as a reference to “On Fins and Needles” but it’s still humorous.

Zordon expresses worry so the others morph so that the other Thunderzords can join the battle.  I don’t think that’s the standard Thunder Megazord that’s formed, but I could be wrong.  Kimberly’s Firebird does the final attack to blow up the monster.

A cranky Rita yells at the three underlings.  Lord Zedd shows up to worry about his wife.  When Goldar states what happened, he too blames the trio of minions.

The Rangers are worried about Kimberly back in the Command Center, demorphed.  Billy has a plan but it has to be gotten right on the first try or it won’t work at all.  Of course, it goes smoothly and Kimberly arrives, wearing a straw hat that she gives to Tommy.

In prison suits, Doc Skullovitch and One-Eyed Bulk are sweeping.  Ernie is amused as the White Stranger walks off.  The quartet are pleased about having been heroes.  William is happy to think about ‘Miss Kim’ while the White Stranger is more wistful.  The quartet does a toast to the Pink Ranger just before the White Stranger rides off on his white steed.

Kimberly’s identical ancestor arrives in a carriage, instantly intrigued by the White Stranger, who tips his hat to her.  A silhouetted White Stranger goes “To the Pink Ranger!  Yee-haw!” as his horse rears and whinnies.


Unlike last time, Kimberly was solidly the focus on the episode.  She figures out a way to save Angel Grove of the past and rallies her friends’ ancestors, getting a chance to show that she can be a team leader.  She’s brave, clever, and compassionate.  So far the show has ‘let’ her be a fierce warrior in her own right, but I have heard things which make me worry about season three.

Billy/William plays second fiddle to her.  Yes, Tommy and the White Stranger are brave badasses who get Kimberly’s heart (and her ancestress’s) fluttering.  But William didn’t want to leave her behind, he quickly has multiple affectionate ‘nicknames’ for her, and Kimberly reassures him.  They simply exchange the most lines of dialogue and developed the closest thing to a friendship.  They certainly interacted more than Adam and Marissa, which the show tried to claim was a budding time-crossed romance, is what I’m saying.

In the present, Billy’s the one who figures out a way to get Kimberly back.  And I almost want to say that there’s something passive-aggressive about not using her boyfriend’s communicator to get her back.  I’m sure it could be hand-waved as the White Power Coin not being one of the core ones, but… I don’t know.

Not that I should be shipping them, all things considered.  I’m just explaining why it’s hard for me not to.  I do get that Tommy and Kimberly find each other attractive but I don’t know.  I’m finding it tricky to muster interest, possibly due to knowing they break up later on.  It’ll be interesting to see what kind of chemistry Tommy and Kat have in future seasons.

Either Zordon moved into the Command Center between the 1770s and 1880, or the Rangers could have gone there for aid back in the “Return of the Green Ranger” trilogy.  Also, I have to wonder if there were other times that the Rangers’ ancestors used the Power Coins after this.  Plus, does this mean that Jason’s, Trini’s, and Zack’s ancestors moved to Angel Grove at a later date?  And are they ‘just’ identical ancestors or is reincarnation a thing in the Power Rangers multiverse?


Next time on Power Rangers: The villains make an evil clone of Billy.


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