SG6-8: The Other Guys

Two scientists end up saving the team.

Last time on Stargate SG-1: The team visited Jonas’ home world again.


Things Get Complicated

There’s a lake, a Stargate, and a pyramid seen to set things up.  Within the last one, the Jaffa guy Her’ak bows before Lord Khonsu to receive his mission.  Evidently Khonsu works for Anubis, and commands Her’ak to capture SG-1, bringing them back alive from their currently vulnerable location.

On another planet, there are some ruins.  Two guys in desert camos are studying a set of ring transporters, as it’s become increasingly obvious that they have a standardized size.  There’s a third guy who’s supposed to be working on the power cell, but he’s awed by SG-1’s presence.  His spirits aren’t dampened when it’s pointed out that the trio is being ‘baby-sat’ by them.

Jack attempts to talk hockey with Teal’c; when the Jaffa reveals that he supports the Canucks, Jack ends that line of conversation.  The trio of scientists tries to look busy when the duo comes over.  Jack continues to be grumpy, while Felger (the fanboy) is awed by Sam’s intelligence and makes a crack about how SG-1 can soon go back to saving the world for a seventh time.

Teal’c corrects him, “Eighth.”

“What, you’re counting?” goes an incredulous Jack.

Raising an eyebrow, Teal’c just smirks.

Over by the Gate, Sam radios Jack about having gotten an important message from Hammond.  Jonas is nearby.  Jack and Teal’c head out, after the former gives instructions to Felger.

Later on, Felger is worried about SG-1’s tardiness, while the bespectacled Coombs snarks on Felger’s “butt-snorkeling” before mockingly mimicking him.  The duo gets into an argument over Star Trek (Coombs is a fan, Felger isn’t).  The third guy tries to get them to focus on their work, but then a ship that the scientists recognize as an Alkesh flies overhead.  Felger tries to radio Jack, but he and the others are under attack.  When Felger tries to resume contact with Jack, he fails.

The battle is seen, with the quartet outnumbered.  Felger dashes off, the other two heading after him.  From a ridge the trio witnesses that SG-1 has been captured by the Jaffa.  Felger wants to do something, Coombs countering that they should follow protocol.  Having read the team’s mission reports, Felger knows their refusal to leave their people behind.  Coombs tries to argue that they’re the ones being left behind.

However, Felger has a plan involving the ring transporter before the ship leaves the planet’s orbit.  The third guy (Meyers) leaves to get the information to SGC.  It turns out that the remaining two scientists’ full names are Jay Felger and Simon Coombs.  They manage to beam aboard the ship: Coombs curls into a ball on the floor while Felger hides his eyes behind one arm while firing randomly… into the empty beaming chamber.  Once they realize this, Coombs worries that Felger’s firing alerted the Jaffa to their presence.  They leave the chamber.

Down under the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Walter has his glasses on his head as he informs Hammond on the Gate having been activated.  Hammond enters the room as Meyers comes through.  Short of breath and stressed out, the scientist manages to get out the gist of what happened to SG-1.

“Where are Professors Felger and Coombs?”

“They used the rings at the ruins to go up to the ship to rescue SG-1.”

“They did what?”

The duo is currently crawling through a spacious air vent.

SG-1 is chilling in a cell.  Sam comments on Jonas not smiling despite it being his first time being captured by a Goa’uld.  Jonas wants to try an escape, but Jack predicts what’ll happen next.  A door slides up and some Jaffa enter the space.  Jack is blasé.  Her’ak is dismissive towards Jack and Sam, as well as upset at the Shol’va (AKA Teal’c).  Jack squeezes his friend’s shoulder.  However, Her’ak doesn’t know Jonas.

“He’s new,” Jack informs him.  He continues to be snarky; Her’ak soon exits after the reveal of who they’re going to.  After the Jaffa leave, Jack asks for Sam’s honest opinion but Teal’c is the one to tell him that “the resume gag” needs work.

Now in a hallway, Felger is confident while Coombs is still upset.  The commentary points out how Felger attempts to be sneaky while Coombs just walks down normally.  They initially go the wrong way.

A bird call is heard, confusing the quartet in their cell.  Felger is whispering, with Jack soon recognizing the voice. Part of the wall is somehow removed to reveal him.  Jack demands, “What are you doing here?”

“Stand easy,” Felger replies.  “We’re here to rescue you.”

“Did he say ‘we’?” Sam asks.  I’m half-surprised they didn’t go for a Star Wars reference; maybe they didn’t make to mix the franchises, given the Star Trek references being made?

“That’s right.  I have Coombs with me.”

A shocked and angry Jack reveals that SG-1 deliberately let themselves get captured as part of their mission.  The duo is awkward, particularly as the ship is currently in hyperspace.  Coombs promptly blames Felger.

It’s revealed that Khonsu is an undercover Tok’ra once the duo has joined SG-1 in the cell.  Sam acts as the good cop since Jack is being prickly.  More clarification is given on what the plan was supposed to be- as Khonsu has key information about Anubis that needs passed along directly to them as it’s too risky to send an intermediary.

A pair of Jaffa show up, both actually Tok’ra.  The spokesman for the duo is Dol’ok.  Coombs and Felger end up peeking their heads over the shoulders of Sam, Teal’c, and Jonas (Jack is off to the side).  Jack wants Dol’ok to hide the scientists until everything’s been sorted out.  After the two pairs leave, Jack remains grumpy.

Khonsu speaks to Her’ak via what is basically high-tech facetiming about how to proceed.

Felger and Coombs are hidden behind crates in the cargo hold by Dol’ok.  While Felger is grumpy about not getting to rescue/assist his heroes, Coombs is grumpy at Felger for getting them into this mess.

Layers of Trickery

Beaming takes place between the ship and the pyramid.  SG-1 is led by Jaffa through the space to an impressive chamber to be contained within a force field.  Jack tests it out to realize it’s electric.  Her’ak makes to silently leave, serene due to the knowledge that his master will be coming soon.  The quartet is left alone in the chamber.  Jack uses finger-quotes to emphasize his grumpiness over the situation.  Sam points out that they don’t have a choice.

Coombs is certain that he’s going to die, while Felger is confident that they won’t.

“Oh, come on, Felger.  We might as well be wearing red shirts.”

“I don’t get that.”


Their burgeoning squabble gets silenced when the door opens.  The two Tok’ra spies are killed by other Jaffa, one of whom calling the bodies Shol’va.  Luckily for the scientists, the Jaffa leave without noticing them.  Upon emerging from their hiding spot, Coombs freaks out.  Felger is concerned about what else the Jaffa have planned since they’re at least partially aware of the Tok’ra being around.  Coombs focused on Felger using the word “hinky”, presumably since he can’t handle right now the idea of the Jaffa being onto the Tok’ra here.

Having dressed up in the armor of the dead Tok’ra, the duo beams down to near the Stargate.  Somehow they manage to survive being undercover.  Coombs and Felger snap at each other as they travel through the woods.  One Jaffa finds them and is suspicious.  This is just too much for Coombs so he vomits, just off-screen as he leans forward.  Felger takes advantage of this distraction to zat the Jaffa.  Coombs freaks out some more but Felger is calm since he only used the zat once (and this is a situation where self-defense is critical).

Khonsu is on his throne when Her’ak shows up with other Jaffa warriors.  Using his staff weapon on Khonsu, Her’ak reveals to the crowd that Khonsu is a Tok’ra.  Stating that Anubis is their one true god, Her’ak uses his staff weapon on the prone Khonsu, killing him.  Giving a big speech (the main thing plot-wise is that Anubis is coming), Her’ak then sits down on the throne.

SG-1 is brought to the throne room, where Her’ak states that Khonsu is dead.  Jack is dubious, given the track record of the symbiotes’ survival in the past.  Her’ak does a metaphor about how once Khonsu’s betrayal had borne fruit for Anubis, he was no longer needed.

“Are you calling us fruit?” Jack demands before trying to escape with Teal’c.  It’s to no avail and Her’ak uses a torture prod on Jack in an effort to gain information.  When he’s snarky, it’s used on him again.  Sam states that all they knew was that Khonsu had information for them and thus they needed to make contact with him.

Jack is snarky about Her’ak merely being “the warm-up band”.  The Jaffa counters, “No matter what you have endured, you have never experienced the likes of what Anubis is capable of.”

“You ended that sentence with a preposition.  Bastard.”

The quartet gets dragged off back to their cell.  Felger and Coombs, still disguised, are both unnerved in the background.

Dare to be Badass

Walter and Hammond are worried in the control room, as somebody managed to get word to SGC about Khonsu having been murdered due to being found out as a Tok’ra.  Meyers wants to help rescue SG-1 and his two friends.  The general points out that the planet is “heavily guarded” and that’s why the mission was planned out the way it was.  Therefore, SG-1 will have to escape “on their own”.  The commentary admits this scene was added to fill out the requisite amount of time for the episode.

In a bit of irony, the show then cuts to Felger and Coombs sneaking through the pyramid, freaking out and arguing with each other.  They end up in a rather spacious chamber.  Felger wants to find and use a weakness of the pyramid, as they’ve found the control room.  It turns out that Felger reads the Goa’uld language better than Coombs does.  They start to mess with the crystals.

The quartet is worrying within their force field.  Sam frets, “This is not good.”

Felger contacts them over the intercom, leading Jack to state, “No, this is not good.”

“Don’t be mad, sir,” Felger replies.  “Are you all right?  Is everyone else with you?”

“Yeah,” Jack says.  “Where are you?”

“We’re inside the pyramid, sir.  We’re hiding in a control room.”

Sam has an idea, so the duo starts to do stuff with her advice.  Jack wants weaponry so Felger leaves to obtain some from a nearby space while Coombs continues to work with the crystals.

Jack is annoyed, but the force fields does come down.  He double-checks that it is down before stepping out.  As the quartet nears the entrance, Felger comes in with an armful of zats.  Jack remains annoyed with Felger’s disobedience, but the scientist has a plan.  Coombs chimes in from over the intercom that it is their plan.  Explaining the plan, Felger also info-dumps on the number of Jaffa and the size of their cannons.  But he has faith in them, making SG-1 slightly awkward.  Jack just goes, “Right.”

The group ends up in a darkened hallway, lit with torches.  Coombs uses the radio to give directions for getting out of the pyramid from the control room.  Sam tries but fails to use a thingy while Coombs has trouble recoding the gizmo.  Felger is awed by this whole situation to Jack’s bafflement.  However, the scientist then accidentally jinxes things, with Jaffa heard approaching, although he denies that it’s his fault.

The group manages to escape just as the Jaffa enter; Coombs succeeds in his task.  While the quintet is in the woods, Coombs makes to leave the control room jubilantly… but there are Jaffa just outside the door so he shuts it again in despair, going to hide on the other side of the console.

There are quite a few Jaffa by the lake near the Stargate.  Jack starts planning; Felger is fine with hiding, with the colonel handing him a radio.  The quartet leaves, with Felger shrinking further into the foliage.  Sam and Jonas take on Jaffa on the forested path.  Jack attacks by the lake with his zat.  Teal’c emerges out of the water to attack a Jaffa because he’s awesome like that.

Coombs contacts Felger via radio as the Jaffa’s efforts start to crack the door.  In an understatement, Coombs goes, “I think I need a little help.”

Jack is zatting more Jaffa, while elsewhere Sam and Jonas are doing the same.  One of the big guns is taken out by Teal’c once he’s gained access to a different one.  He continues to take out more of them.

The quartet gathers near the Stargate as a panicky Felger dashes over.  Jack is annoyed but Felger states the issue.  Coombs is worried about himself and who’ll take care of his cats if he dies.  Felger doesn’t want to leave without him and Jack concurs that they won’t leave anybody behind.

He and Teal’c get ringed in by Coombs.  Just beforehand, Jack tells the others to give them five minutes but shrugs as to what to do next.  Coombs hears the racket on the other side of the door.  Jack breaks down the door with a heavy object and tells the other man, “Let’s go home.”

“Oh, thank God.”

The trio rings in, the others already by the wormhole.  More Jaffa appear to attack.  Jack does an expansive shrug before leaving through the wormhole last.  Her’ak, in the lead, is very annoyed.

Back under the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, the two scientists are suited up before a crowd (I spot Siler amongst them).  Coombs has on a bow tie and Felger a normal tie.  Hammond gives a speech; he, Sam, and Jack are in their dress blues.  The duo is receiving the Air Force Civilian Award for Valor.  Jack is both annoyed and grateful, calling them “true heroes”.  They’re proud of themselves.  From the crowd, Meyers gives them excited double thumbs-up.

Up to this point, I had thought this was actually happening… but then Felger gets enthusiastically snogged by Sam.  Felger and Coombs are actually working in lab, wearing white lab coats, with a bit of friendly sniping.  I suspect that they’ll get along better from now on, given the bonding of this traumatic but heroic experience.


I suspect that this episode is part of the reason why they decided to have a scientist on the spin-off: so that these sort of antics and whining could be in every episode.  Early on in the commentary, Martin Wood admits that Peter (DeLuise) usually gets the funny scripts so he’s glad to have gotten this one.  And this was a very funny episode, largely due to Coombs and Felger’s antics but also in part to how SG-1 reacts to them.  Well, Jack got in some good one-liners against Her’ak, who managed to hold his own (an impressive feat in itself).

There are some serious undertones.  Anubis is a serious threat who shouldn’t be underestimated by the heroic factions.  SGC and the Tok’ra are having trouble safely communicating information to each other.  Her’ak might return as a threat as he’s a fairly competent foe.  Basically, Anubis and his underlings are more competent villains than the system lords.

It’s a fairly light-on-content director’s featurette this time; it is pretty amusing with the crew (and Amanda) lamp-shading Sam’s “black widow” status of the show as it’s unusual for a guy to survive, including a fake death from Martin Wood causing Amanda to claim “I still have the power!”


Next time on Stargate SG-1: The three factions against the Goa’uld must unite to survive, let alone thrive.


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