MM2 Full Summary

Time to discuss season two as a whole!

The season finale had the villains create an evil Billy from an art project.




Fittingly it’s Billy’s color this time.  This second half kicked off with “The Power Transfer” wherein Jason, Trini, and Zack were replaced by Rocky, Aisha, and Adam respectively.

The team-centric episodes were “The Power Transfer” two-parter, “Lights, Camera, Action”, “Scavenger Hunt”, “A Reel Fish Story”, the “Rangers Back in Time” two-parter,

Bulk and Skull nearly got character development in “When is a Ranger Not a Ranger?” but then they got magical amnesia.  The duo continues to focus on unmasking the Rangers to gain fame and fortune, without realizing that maybe the Rangers don’t want to be unmasked.

The villains got the main plot in “The Wedding” trilogy of episodes as Rita came back to make Lord Zedd her husband via a love potion.  Since then, the villains have been a reasonably competent team, though of course they haven’t achieved any real victories.

Adam is as introverted as Zack is extroverted.  Both are loyal friends who have a romantic side.  He was the focus in “Goldar’s Vice-Versa” and “Mirror of Regret”, both of which highlight his insecurities (another trait shared with his predecessor).

Aisha is extroverted and girly, with less restraint than Trini as showcased in “Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire”.  She and Kimberly shared “Forever Friends” along with a one-off character.

Billy continues to be the brains of the team although he’s now a good fighter, and is increasingly genre savvy due to his experiences.  “The Great Bookala Escape” had him bond with the titular alien, while he and Kimberly shared the finale.  He and Kimberly continue to be close friends, might be growing closer due to being the only ones of the original five left.

Kimberly is interested in feminine things, but like Aisha she’s also intelligent, brave, and a good fighter.  The girls’ friendship was emphasized in “Forever Friends” as well as their link to Shawna (who was promptly never mentioned again because Reasons).  She and Tommy shared “Best Man for the Job” as well as the “Storybook Rangers” two parter and the first half of “Wild West Rangers”.  Her heroics were the center of the latter half, while she basically shared the finale with Billy.

Rocky is fun-loving but got the least nuance of the new trio as he was featured only in “Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun”.  He’s largely just there in episodes.

Tommy is basically the main hero at this point as even in team-centric episodes he gets the most attention.  The “Return of the Green Ranger” trilogy centered on him.  He shared the spotlight with Kimberly in “Best Man for the Job”, both halves of “Storybook Rangers”, and “Wild West Rangers, Part 1”.  His relationship with Kimberly has been remembered by the writers and that will presumably hold true going into season three.

Barely any character development has taken place.  There’s been a lot of emphasis on battles and the villains’ scheming.  I wouldn’t go as far to say as the show is coasting along, but it’s definitely paying less action to its characters and more on its action sequences and flashy plots (even if it’s reusing them from just a few episodes ago).

That’s not to say I disliked this season, but it was weak regarding character development even for Tommy.

Before beginning season three, I’ll watch the 90s movie.  Yay!


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